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Session Code Topic Session Name
AA1 AA Energy: Catalysis and Fuel Cells
AA2 AA Energy: Solar Energy Materials
AA3 AA Energy: Batteries and Energy Storage
AA4 AA Applications in ULSI FEOL: High-k
AA7 AA Applications in ULSI BEOL: Interconnects, Diffusion Barriers, Low-k
AA8 AA Memory Applications: DRAM
AA10 AA Memory Applications: RRAM & Neuromorphic, MIM Capacitors
AA11 AA Memory Applications: Other Non-Volatile Memories (MRAM, FeRAM, Phase Change,...)
AA12 AA Display Applications: Thin Film Transistor, Diodes, Thin Film Encapsulation for OLEDs/QDs...
AA14 AA Emerging: Optics/Optoelectronics/Metamaterials/Plasmonics
AA15 AA Emerging: Medical/Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals
AA16 AA Emerging: Others (Protective Coatings, Hardness, MEMs...)
AA17 AA ALD Applications Poster Session
AF1 AF Precursors and Chemistry: Precursor Design, New Precursors, Process Development
AF2 AF Precursors and Chemistry: Simulation, Modeling, and Theory of ALD
AF3 AF Precursors and Chemistry: Mechanisms
AF4 AF Growth and Characterization: Surface Science of ALD
AF5 AF Growth and Characterization: High Aspect Ratio/High Surface Area/Powder ALD
AF6 AF Growth and Characterization: Plasma Enhanced ALD
AF7 AF Growth and Characterization: Low Temperature ALD
AF8 AF Growth and Characterization: In-situ Monitoring and Analysis
AF9 AF Growth and Characterization: Characterization of ALD Films
AF10 AF ALD Fundamentals Poster Session
ALE2 ALE Gas-phase and/or Thermal ALE
ALE3 ALE Solution-based including Wet ALE
ALE8 ALE Integration of ALD + ALE
ALE1 ALE Plasma and/or Energy-enhanced ALE
ALE12 ALE Atomic Layer Etching Poster Session
AM1 AM Equipment Design/Modeling/Large Format/Precursor Delivery
AM2 AM Spatial/R2R/Fast ALD
AM4 AM ALD on Particles
AM5 AM ALD for Manufacturing Poster Session
AS1 AS Selective ALD by Area-Activation
AS2 AS Selective ALD by Area-Deactivation
AS3 AS Inherently Selective Processes
AS4 AS Area Selective ALD Poster Session
EM1 EM Molecular Layer Deposition
EM2 EM Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials
EM3 EM Atomic Layer Epitaxy and Doping
EM8 EM Nanolaminates
EM9 EM Ternary and Quaternary Materials
EM11 EM Emerging Materials Poster Session
NS2 NS Nanotubes, Nanowires, Nanopores
NS3 NS 2D Nanomaterials by ALD (including Transition Metal Dichalcogenides)
NS4 NS ALD on 2D Related Materials and Devices
NS5 NS ALD on Polymer Materials
NS6 NS Nanostructures Synthesis and Fabrication Poster Session
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