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  • The Schedule Overview page presents tabs with different views of the program schedule.
  • The Time Periods tab is a graphical overview of the technical program. Time periods are shown on a calendar display, with each time period showing the start and end times, number of sessions and number of papers.
  • Clicking the Time Period Code link on one of the schedule blocks takes you to a page listing the sessions during that time period. Each session has a link to display the papers in that session.
  • Clicking the Timeline link on one of the schedule blocks takes you to a page with a row for each session and columns for each presentation time. All papers are listed on the timeline. Hovering over a paper pops up a block with the full paper details. Clicking a session link in the first column takes you to that session's paper listing.
  • The Topics tab lists each topic in the program. Clicking a topic link takes you to that topic's Session page, listing all the sessions in the topic. Clicking a session link takes you to the same session's paper listing page described above.
  • The Special Events and Meetings tab shows two views of the events and meetings. There is a tab for a graphical calendar view, and a tab for a chronological list. Hovering over a calendar item pops up a more complete description, particularly useful if you're using the Weekly calendar view where the events may be quite crowded.
  • The Search Abstracts tab lets you search for any abstracts being presented in that meeting. You can search by any combination of abstract title or text, and author name or affiliation. Search results are returned on the same page so you can adjust search criteria if desired. The text meeting your search criteria is highlighted to help see exactly what was found.
  • The Mobile App tab has instructions if there is a mobile app available for that particular meeting.
  • You can see the complete program details without logging onto the website. No program schedule features require logon.

System Requirements

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On Demand
48 sessions
654 papers
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2D 2D Materials
AC Actinides and Rare Earths Focus Topic
AP Atomic Scale Processing Focus Topic
AS Applied Surface Science Division
BI Biomaterial Interfaces Division
BP Biomaterials Plenary Session: Materials and Biology for the Future of Energy and the Environment
CA Chemical Analysis and Imaging at Interfaces Focus Topic
EL Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Focus Topic
EM Electronic Materials and Photonics Division
EW Exhibitor Technology Spotlight Workshops
HC Fundamental Discoveries in Heterogeneous Catalysis Focus Topic
HI Advanced Ion Microscopy and Ion Beam Nano-engineering Focus Topic
LD Leaders in Energy and the Environment Focus Topic
LI Live Session
LS New Trends in Structural Electronic Characterization of Materials, Interfaces, and Surfaces Using Synchrotron and FEL Based Light Sources Focus Topic
MI Magnetic Interfaces and Nanostructures Division
MN MEMS and NEMS Group
MS Manufacturing Science and Technology Group
NP Nanoscale Science and Technology Plenary Session
NS Nanoscale Science and Technology Division
PS Plasma Science and Technology Division
QS Materials and Processes for Quantum Information Science Focus Topic
SE Advanced Surface Engineering Division
SM Smart Multifunctional Materials for Nanomedicine Focus Topic
SS Surface Science Division
TF Thin Films Division
UN Undergraduate Poster Session
VT Vacuum Technology Division
No special events available.
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