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Session Wednesday, October 20, 2010
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Exploring the Surface Sensitivity of ToF-SIMS: Measuring the Implantation Depths and Sampling Depths of Bin and C60 Ion Sources in Organic Films
A New Cluster Ion Beam for Advanced Molecular Depth Profiling of Polymers by TOF-SIMS
Nanoparticle Surface Analysis by Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) and Low Energy Ion Scattering (LEIS)
Dual Beam Depth Profiling of Organic Materials by Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry under Optimized Ion Beam Conditions
Fundamental Sputtering Yields of Nanoparticles using SIMS
SIMS: Cluster Primary Ion Sputtering - Practical Reference Data and Outlook for High-Resolution Organic Imaging
Sample Preparation of Cellular Samples for ToF-SIMS Analysis
"Wet SIMS": A Novel Molecular Imaging Technique for Biological Material Analysis
Improvement of Organic Ion Yields in Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry via Water Vapor Injection
IonCCDTM for Charged Particle Detection: From sub-keV Electrons and keV Atomic and Molecular Ions to Hyperthermal Biomolecular Ions
Interaction of Amphiphilic Antimicrobial Peptides with Phospholipid Membranes, Bacteria, and Cells
Curcumin Offers Neuroprotection by Inhibiting amyloid-β Insertion into Membranes
Nonspecific Protein Adsorption Requires Large Adhesive Domains on the Surface
Study of Adsorption and Orientation of FnIII7-10 Fibronectin Fragment on Self-Assembled Monolayers using Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Temperature Controlled Dehydration of Protein Films: Time-of-flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Study of Conformational Mobility of Proteins in Vacuum
Structure and Function of von Willebrand Factor on Glass, Polystyrene, and Tissue Culture Polystyrene
Secondary Structures of Soft- and Reactively Landed Multiply Charged Protein Ions
Analysis of Unspecific Protein Adsorption onto Polymer Materials using Radioactive Labeling, Atomic Force Microscopy and ELISA
Surface Interactions of GG-X-GG and Xn Oligopeptides with Inorganic Substrates
High-k III-V MOSFETs Enabled by Atomic Layer Deposition
Passivation of Al2O3/InGaAs(100) Interfaces by Atomic Layer Deposition and Annealing
An In Situ Examination of Atomic Layer Deposited Al2O3/InAs(100) Interfaces
Fermi-level Unpinning of HfO2/In0.53Ga0.47As Gate Stacks using Hydrogen Anneals
Valence Band Alignment in low-k Dielectric/Cu Interconnects as Determined by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
III-V CMOS: A sub-10 nm Electronics Technology?
Potential Profiles of III-V MOSCAPs with Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy In Situ
Electrochemical Performance of Nanostructured Sn Thin Films as Anodes of Thin film Li-ion Battery
Lithographically Defined Porous Carbon Electrodes
Designing Inorganic Nanostructures for Solar Cells and Energy Storage Devices
Synthesis of Rare Earth Ion Co-Doped Core-Shell Nanostructures for Improved Energy Generation Efficiency
High Figure of Merit Nanostructured Bulk Thermoelectrics from Doped Pnictogen Chalcogenide Nanoplate Crystals
Core-Shell Nanodielectrics through Hybrid Wet Chemistry/Laser Process for Embedded Energy Storage Capacitors
Characterization of Vertical InN Nanorods and InN-GaN Core-Shell Structures Grown by Merged Metal Organic Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy
Fabrication of InAs/GaAs Nanocomposites Using Ion Implantation
Material Properties of Epitaxial Graphene in RF Devices
In situ Growth, Microscopy, and Spectroscopy of Graphene Films
High-frequency Transistors from Wafer-scale Epitaxial Graphene
Graphene-on-SiC and Graphene-on-Si MOSFETs on 75 mm Wafers
Adsorption and Phase Transition of Liposomes via Attenuated Total Reflectance Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
Synchrotron Based Infrared Imaging at the Diffraction Limit
Proteins and Lipids at Liquid/Solid Interfaces: In situ Studies by Neutron Reflectometry and Infrared Spectroscopy
Biological Imaging with Coherent X-rays: The Lens-less Approach to High Resolution
Dielectric Constant and Polarization of Biomolecules Determined by Torsional Resonance Nanoimpedance Microscopy
Dynamic Observation of Phospholipid Model Cell Membranes and Particles by STM and Vibrational Spectroscopy
Studying Low-Resistance Silicide Contacts using Atom-Probe Tomography
Epitaxial Graphene Growth on Step Free Mesas: Towards Layer Thickness Homogeneity
Functionalizing Graphene for ALD using a Simple Wet Chemical Treatment
Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting by Hematite Nanorod Arrays Prepared by Aqueous Solution Growth
Polymer Molded Templates for Nanostructured Vertical Amorphous Silicon Photovoltaics
Nanocrystalline Silicon Film Growth Morphology Control through RF Waveform Tailoring
Numerical Ellipsometry: N-K Plane Analysis of Transparent Conducting Films for Solar Applications
A New Twist on Spin Devices
Thermal Stability and Switching Distributions in Nanoscale Spin Torque Transfer Random Access Memory Devices
Growth and Magnetism of Mn-nanostructures Embedded in a Group IV Semiconductor Matrix
Exchange Bias Using Ideal Antiferromagnets
Spintronic Effects in Molecular Materials: The Past, Present, and Future
Probing Induced Magnetism in Vanadium Nano-islands on Cr by Spin-polarized STM
Spatially-Resolved Study of Luminescence and Composition in III-Nitride Nanowires
Photonic Crystal Cavities and Vertical Confinement to Increase the Conversion Efficiency of a Thermophotovoltaic Cell
Unconventional and Broadband Plasmonics
Controlling Plasmon Enhanced Photoconduction in Porphyrin-Gold Nanoparticle Assemblies
From Red-Coloured Coatings to Light Trapping in Solar Cells: on the Tunability and Control of the Surface Plasmon Resonance Behaviour
Index-Matching at the Nanometer Scale
20 μs Photocurrent Response from Lithographically Patterned Nanocrystalline Cadmium Selenide Nanowires
Efficient, Single Layer Organic Light-Emitting Devices Based on a Graded Composition Emissive Layer
VUV-Induced Bond Scission and Site-Specific Nitridation in Organosilicate Glass: Bulk and Surface Effects
Real-time Measurements of Material Modifications by VUV Radiation during Plasma Etching of 193nm PR
Deciding Factors for Line-Edge-Roughness (LER) Formation and Plasma-Resistance of ArF Photoresist during Plasma Etching Processes
Smoothening of 193 Immersion Resist by 172 nm VUV Exposure
Ion and Vacuum Ultraviolet Photon Beam Effects in 193 nm Photoresist Surface Roughening: the Dependence on Polymer Structure
Polymer Surface Modification: Vibrational Sum Frequency Generation Study for Plasma Etching
Plasma-induced Mechanical Degradation of Silicon Microcantilever
Gas-phase Diagnostics for Understanding Plasma Processing to Tailor the Surfaces of Inorganic Thin Films and Nanoparticles
Wet SiO2 Etch Rate Enhancement Due To Surface Fluorination By A Remote O2/CF4 Plasma
Possible Applications of Neutral Beam Generated by Low Angle Reflection of a Reactive Ion Beam to Nanoscale Semiconductor Processing
Numerical Simulation of Neutral Beam Generation by Quantum Electrons Dynamics
Development of a Defect-Free GaAs/AlGaAs Heterostructure Etching Process Utilizing Chlorine and Argon Mixed Neutral Beam
Development of Sputter and CVD using the Hyperthermal Neutral Beam
Silicon Etching using Large Diameter Neutral Beam Source
Microwave Plasma Source for the High Flux Hyperthermal Neutral Beam
Low Temperature, Lattice-plane-free, Anisotropic and Damage-free Oxidation by Neutral Beam Technology
Structure-designable Method to form Super low-k SiOC Film by Neutral-Beam-Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition
Nanorods by Extreme Shadowing: New Pictures and New Physics
Quasi-periodic Pattern Formation on Columnar Thin Films by Ion Beam Erosion at Oblique Incidence
Shadowing Effect of Patterned Seeds in Glancing Angle Deposition
Control of Phase Formation in Metal Oxide GLAD Films
A Fan-Shadowing Model in Oblique Angle Deposition
Investigation of the Nanorod-Structuring Threshold in Glancing Angle Deposition (GLAD)
Characterization of the Chemical Signal Created by CO Oxidation on Pt/GaN Nanodiodes
Mechanistic Study of Photochemical Grafting of Alkenes to Group IV Semiconductors
Reaction of Diisocyanates at the Ge(100)-2 × 1 Surface
Multiple Time and Length Scales in Nanocatalysts Probed in a Single Synchrotron Experiment: The Combined use of XAFS, XRD, DAFS and IR
The Interaction of Oxygen with Single Crystal Stepped Copper Surfaces: a XPS and STM Study
Cu(100) Oxidation: Potential Copper-Releasing Pathways for c(2x2) to Missing-Row Reconstruction Transition
Formation, Characterization and Reactivity of Adsorbed Oxygen on BaO/Pt(111)
Molecular Vibrations at Surfaces by First-Principles Molecular Dynamics: Hydrogen-Bonded Networks of Amino Acids on Copper
Growth and Characterization of Thin Films for Organic Electronics Applications
Bio Modification of Titanium Surfaces with Grafted Sodium Styrene Sulfonate Thin Films
Probing Stability of the Molecule-Substrate Interface in Self-Assembled Monolayers by Ion-Beam-Induced Desorption
Benzene Adsorption on Self-Assembled Monolayers
Ex and In Situ Analysis of the Growth of Ultrathin Organic Films from Ethanol Solutions
Effect of Deposition Pressure on the Structural, Optical and Electrical Characteristics of Y2O3 Thin Films by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
Effect of Partial Pressure on Structural and Optical Properties of WO3 Thin Films
Effects of Deposition Temperature on Al doped ZnO Thin Film for Solar Cells by dc Magnetron Sputtering
Influence of Growth Rate on the Epitaxial Orientation and Crystalline Quality of CeO2 Thin Films Grown on Al2O3(0001) by Oxygen Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Quantitative Assessment of Sample Stiffness and Sliding Friction from Force Curves in Atomic Force Microscopy
Nanotribological Properties of Polyzwitterionic Brushes
Atomic-scale Processes in Friction and Wear: From Diamond to Graphene
Lubricin Reduces Microscale Cartilage Wear
Friction of Metallic Nanoparticles: The Influence of Particle Morphology, Orientation and Air Exposure
Modeling Materials in Contact using Molecular Simulation
Modeling Tribochemistry of DLC vs DLC in the Presence of Water
Effects of Impact and Sliding Forces on Failure Behavior of a DLC Coating
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