AVS2015 WeM Sessions , Wednesday, October 21, 2015 8:00 AM

Wednesday Morning

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Session Code Topic Session Name
2D+MN+NS+SP+SS+TF-WeM 2D Mechanical and Thermal Properties of 2D Materials
AC+AS+MI-WeM AC Magnetism, Complexity and Superconductivity in the Actinides and Rare Earths
AM+EM+MS+TF-WeM AM Materials, Designs, and Applications of Additive Manufacturing
AS-WeM AS Practical Surface Analysis II: Influence of Sample Preparation and Novel Sample Prep Techniques
BI-WeM BI Biomolecules at Interfaces
EM-WeM EM Beyond CMOS: Resistive Switching Devices
EW-WeM EW Exhibitor Technology Spotlight Session
IS+AS+SA+SS-WeM IS In-situ Studies Using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and Vibrational Spectroscopy for Catalytic and Energy Materials
MN+AM-WeM MN Emerging Materials & Fabrication Technologies toward Scalable & Additive Nanomanufacturing I
NS-WeM NS Nanodiamond for Optical and Biomedical Applications
PS+2D+SE-WeM PS Plasma Diagnostics, Sensors and Control II
PS+SS+TF-WeM PS Atomic Layer Etching (ALE) and Low-Damage Processes I
SP+AS+NS+SS-WeM SP Advances in Scanning Probe Microscopy
SS+AS+NS-WeM SS Metals, Alloys & Oxides: Reactivity and Catalysis
SS-WeM SS Environmental Interfaces, Ambient Surfaces, In-Operando Studies and Adsorption on 2D Materials
TF+EN-WeM TF ALD for Energy
TF+SS-WeM TF ALD Surface Reactions and Precursors
VT-WeM VT Accelerator and Large Vacuum Systems
Abstract Timeline | Time Periods | Topics | Schedule Overview