AVS2014 ThM Sessions, Thursday, November 13, 2014 8:00 AM

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Session Code Topic Session Name
2D+AS+HI+NS+SS-ThM 2D Nanostructures including 2D Heterostructures, Patterning of 2D Materials 
AP+AS+MC+NS+SS-ThM AP APT Analysis of Semiconductors, Magnetic and Oxide Materials
CS-ThM CS Conservation Studies of Heritage Materials
EL+AS+EM+EN+SS-ThM EL Spectroscopic Ellipsometry for Photovoltaics and Instrument Development
EM1-ThM EM Materials for Light Management
EM2-ThM EM High-K Dielectrics for ReRAM and RAM
EW-ThM EW Exhibitor Technology Spotlight Session
HI+2D+AS+BI+MC-ThM HI Fundamental Aspects and Imaging with the Ion Microscope
MS+PS+TF-ThM MS Processes for Mesoscale Structure on Paper and Textiles 
PS1+TF-ThM PS Plasma Deposition and Plasma Assisted ALD
PS2+TF-ThM PS Atomic Layer Etching (ALE) and Low-Damage Processing
QC+AS+BI+MN-ThM QC Fundamentals and Method Development of QCM
SM+AS+BI+PS-ThM SM Plasma Processing of Antimicrobial Materials and Devices
SP+2D+AS+EM+MC+NS+SS-ThM SP Probing Electronic and Transport Properties
SS+TF-ThM SS Organic Layers on Surfaces
TF+PS-ThM TF Advanced CVD and Chemical Vapor Infiltration Methods
TR+NS-ThM TR Bridging Scales in Tribology
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