ICMCTF2010 Wednesday Afternoon

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Session Wednesday, April 28, 2010
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Hot Corrosion of New HIPIMS Nanostructured and Microstructured Coatings on Gamma-TiAl
The Role of Alkali Compounds in the Corrosion of High Temperature Steels
Effect of Coating Composition on the Protective Behavior of Cr/Cr Oxide Coatings Against Metal Dusting
Development of Residual Stresses During Deposition of Protective Coatings Against Metal Dusting
Evaluation of the Protective Behavior of Al/Al Oxide Coatings Under Carburizing Atmospheres
Microstructure Evolution and Surface Characteristics of Ni-Based Coatings Under Phosphate Glasses Molding Process
High Temperature Properties of Multilayer CrAlSiN Coatings Deposited on Hot Work Tool Steel AISI H11
Colloidal Monolayer and Patterned Films Made of Titania Sub-Micron Particles Prepared by Sol-Gel Process
Centrifuge Technology: A Breakthrough in Quantitative Adhesion Testing of Optical Coatings
Mechanisms of Sub-Picosecond Pulse Laser-Induced Damage to Optical Thin Films
Synthesis, Structure, and Optical Properties of Au-TiO2 and Cu-TiO2 Nanocomposite Thin Films
Persistent Conductivity in Post-Growth Doped ZnO Films Following Pulsed UV Laser Irradiation
A Novel Cubic Boron Nitride Coating Technology: Coating Design, Deposition, Analysis, and Performance in Turning Applications
Comparative Study of Chemical Bonding Observed for Ion-Implanted BN, B4C and CNx Films With B-C-N Films
Challenges in the Industrial-Scale Deposition of Thick Amorphous and Fullerene-Like Carbon Nitride Coatings
Texture Development and Microstructure Characterization of Piezoelectric AlN Thin Films Fabricated by Pulsed Closed FieldUnbalanced Magnetron Sputtering
In-situ Stress Measurements During Growth of GaN(0001)/Al2O3(0001) by Reactive DC Magnetron Sputter Epitaxy
A Comparative Study on the Role of Solid Lubricant for Improving Tribological Properties in Turning Process
Adaptive PVD Coating for Machining of Hard to Cut Materials
Micro/Nanocrystalline Bilayered CVD Diamond Coated Tools for Hardmetal Machining
Dry Stamping Feasibility Test for Various DLC-Cotaed Dies
γ-Al2O3 Coatings for Challenging Cutting Operations
Factors Controlling the Behavior of Coatings Under Extreme Contact Loading in Dry Machining Processes
A New Hybrid Tribological Characterisation of Coating Delamination Process in Cutting Tools Wear
Applications of Nano-Scale Coatings in Tribological Systems
Evaluation of Thin PVD Coatings using Rooms and High Temperature Nano-Testing
Micro-Tribological Performance of Au-MoS2 Nanocomposite and Au/MoS2 Bilayer Coatings
Micro-Tribology Experiments on Low Friction Coatings
In Situ Accelerated Nano-Wear - a New Technique to Fill the Measurement Gap
Advancement in Nano Tribology with the Use of the Single Point Nanoscratching Technique
Designing Robust Hydrophobic Surfaces
Diagnostics of HPPMS Discharges; Sputtered Vapor Ionization, Transport and Transfer of Sputtered particles and Active Species
High Rate Copper Deposition by Gasless High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering
Spatial and Temporal Investigation of High Power Pulsed Magnetron Discharges by Optical 2D-Imaging
Characterization and Simulation of HIPIMS Discharges in Gas Mixtures
Density Measurement of Films Deposited by High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering
Time-Resolved Characteristics of Reactive HIPIMS Plasmas
Influence of HIPIMS Plasma Ionization on the Microstructure and Texture of TiN Thin Films
HPPMS (Cr,Al,V)N and (Cr,Al,W)N Thin Films for Friction Reduction Through High Temperature Activation
Low Temperature Synthesis of α-Al2O3 Films by High-Power Pulsed Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition
Tribological Properties of Cr2AlC Coatings Manufactured via DCUMS and HPPMS
Exploring the Potential of High Power Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering for the Deposition of Diamond Like Carbon Films
HPPMS – The Next Generation of Dedicated Coatings for High Precision Cutting Tools
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