ICMCTF2010 Tuesday Morning

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Session Tuesday, April 27, 2010
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Oxidation and Hot Corrosion of MCrAlY Alloys
Characterization of the Alumina Scale Formed on a Commercial MCrAlY Coating
Thermodynamic Investigation into the Equilibrium Phase Fractions, Phase Compositions and Phase Transformation in the NiCoCrAl System at Elevated Temperatures
Modeling Aluminum Depletion Kinetics in MCrAlY Coatings
Reactivity and Microstructure Evolution of SPS Prepared CoNiCrAlY/Talc Cermet
The Effects of Chemical Composition on the Oxidation Behavior of Platinum-Modified Aluminide Coatings
Early Stages of Oxidation of NiPtAl Coatings in Low and High pO2 Gases
Sputter-Deposited Thin-Film AlN-Based Electro-Acoustic Devices for Biosensor Applications
Enhancement of Bottom Electrode on Ferroelectric Properties and Fatigue Properties of BFO/STO Symmetrical Structure
Optical Emission Spectroscopy of Radio Frequency PVD Process Related to the AlN Film Stechiometry and Deposition Rate
The Role of Interfaces in the Strengthening and Stability of Superhard Nanocomposites
Durability of CrSiN Nanocomposite Coatings: Key-Role of Grain Boundaries and Interfaces
Advanced Modelling of Structures and Properties of Crystalline, Nanocrystalline and Amorphous Nitrogen-Based Materials
Electrical Conductivity in Si-Based Transition Metal Nanocomposite Nitrides
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Nanocomposite Ti-B-C, Ti-B-C-N, and Ti-B-C-N-Si Films Deposited by Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering
Combinatorial Approach to the Growth of Al-Cr-O-N Thin Films by Reactive r.f. Magnetron Sputtering
Design of Hard Ti-Based Nitride Coatings and Multilayer Structuring
Multifunctional NbC-Based Nanocomposite Thin Films
Strength: Size Matters in 1, 2 and 3 D
Some Unpleasant Truth About Dynamic/Oscillatory Indentation Measurement Procedures
On Hall-Petch Strengthening Below 10 nm Grain Size
The Effect of Microstructure on the Mechanical Properties of Submicron Thin Films and Nanostructured Devices
The Effect of Surface Roughness on Nanoindentation of Hard Coatings: Simulation and Experiment
Size Effects in Ceramics - The influence of Yield Stress on the Effect of Size
Dimensionality of Plasticity Size Effects- the ‘Thinness’ Effect
Mechanical Properties Extraction of Bulk Materials and Thin Films Based on Vickers Instrumented Indentation Tests
Effects of Mechanical Properties, Residual Stress and Indenter Tip Geometry on Instrumented Indentation Data in Thin Films
GDOES for Accurate Well Resolved Coatings and Thin Film Analysis
Effect of Process Conditions on Microscopic Structure and Macroscopic Properties of Zinc-Based Coatings
Thorough XPS Analyses to Investigate Thin Films Components and Improve Performances of All-Solid-State Thin Films Batteries
Chemical States in Al-Si-N Nanocomposite Thin Films as Evidenced by XPS
Recent Advances in XPS for Thin Film Analysis
Formation of CoSi2/SixNy Nanocrystals for Nonvolatile Memory Application
Microstructure of Cr/ta-C Multilayers as Studied by SAXS, TEM and EELS
Hydrogen Incorporation on the Improvement of Electrical Characteristics for IGZO TFT
Resistance Switching of MnO2 Thin Film of Nonvolatile Memory Application
Preparation of Ni-P/Al2O3 Core-shell Structure Nanoparticles by Electroless Deposition with Pd-free Surface Activation
Gadolinium-Doped Ceria Particle Films for Intermediate-Temperature Gas Sensing Applications
Carbon Onions, Some Methods of Preparation and Possible Applications
Formation and Nonvolatile Memory Characteristics of W Nanocrystals by In-Situ Steam Generation Oxidation
Fabrication and Memory Effect of Nickel Nanocrystals Formed by Co-Evaporating with Dielectric Pallets
Observation of Single Colloidal Platinum Nanocrystal Growth Trajectories
Substrate-Induced Semiconducting Graphene on Palladium
Synthesis of Graphene Oxide (GO): Effects of Processing Steps and Parameters on the Resulting GO Thin Film
Functionalization of Implant Surfaces
Corrosion and Tribological Properties of PVD and CVD Coatings in a Simulated Biomedical Environment
Comparison of Tribological and Anti-Microbial Properties of CrN/Ag, ZrN/Ag, TiN/Ag, and CrN/Cu Nanocomposite Coatings
Development of SixOy Surface Modifications for Improved Bonding in Biomedical Implants
Study of Bactericidal Efficiency of Magnetron Sputtered TiO2 Films Deposited at Varying Oxygen Partial Pressure
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