ICMCTF2003 Thursday Afternoon

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Session Thursday, May 1, 2003
1:30 PM 2:30 PM 3:30 PM 4:30 PM
Effect of Ion Bombardment on Properties of Hard Sputtered Films
Synthesis and Characterization of Nanolayered TiB2/TiC Coatings for Possible Elevated Temperature Applications
Study of Oxidation and Wear Behaviors of (Nb,Cr)N Thin Films Using Raman Spectroscopy
New Metastable Hard Coatings in the System V-C-Al-N
Influence of Deposition Parameters on the Wetting Behavior of Magnetron Sputtered Chromium Nitride Films
Structural and Mechanical Properties of Ti1-xAlxN Films Deposited by Reactive Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering
Relationship Between an Affinity of (Ti1-x, Alx)N Layer Toward Iron and its Cutting Performance
A Comparative Study of the Corrosion Behaviour of Hard Nitride Coatings on Iron-based Substrates
Microstructure Evaluation and Strengthening Mechanism of Ni-P-W Alloy Coatings
Elastic Properties of nc-TiN/a-Si3N4 Nanocomposites Films by Surface Brillouin Scattering
Application of Novel Compositional-spread Technique to the Synthesis of Optical Thin Films
Influence of Processing Parameters on Conductivity in Sputtered Spinel Films
Characteristics of Indium Oxide Doped with Refractory Metals
Improving the Conductance of ZnO Thin Films by Doping with Ti
Electro-optical and Structural Properties of Thin ZnO Films, Prepared by Filtered Vacuum Arc Deposition
Growth Behavior and Optical Properties of Metal-nanoparticle Dispersed Dielectric Thin Films Formed by Alternate Sputtering
Wide Gap P-type Semiconductors, LaCuOS1-xSex Epitaxial Layers
Transparent and Conductive Nano-laminates of ZnO/Al
The Effect of Bonding Characteristics on the Properties of Sputtered Si-aC:H Thin Films
Stress Control of ta-C Films without Deteriorating Hardness by Nanoscale Manipulation
Effects of Substrate Temperature on Bonding Structure and Mechanical Properties of Amorphous Carbon Films
Correlation of Tribological, Microstructural and Surface Properties of Co-a:C Films
The Study of Dynamic Balance Deposition Effect of Metal Containing Amorphous Carbon Films
Tedrahedral Amorphous Carbon as a Bio-mechanical Coating - Current Status
Deposition of Diamond-like Carbon Films on Aluminium Substrates by RF-PECVD Technique: Influence of Process Parameters
Mapping Erosion and Wear of Surface Coatings in Corrosive Environments: Some New Perspectives
Micro-abrasion Mapping of WC/Co Based Coatings
Wear Mapping of Materials and Coatings
Improved Tribological Coating Performance Through Optimised Selection of Substrate Material and Surface Preparation
Influence of a Tough Alloy Addition in the Abrasive Wear Resistance of Thermally Sprayed WC-Co Coatings
Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Cutting Performance of Superhard (Ti,Si,Al)N Nanocomposite Films Grown by d.c. Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
Monitoring Thin Film Reactions In Situ using Simultaneous X-ray Diffraction, Elastic Light Scattering and Resistance Measurements
Thermal Stability and Crystallization Studies of Amorphous TM-C Films
Physical Properties of Magnetron Sputtered ZrNx Thin Films
Deposition of Low Surface Roughness Iridium for Use in an X-Ray Microscope
Preparation and Characterization of 1-Methoxy-8-Hydroxy-9,10-Anthraquinone Films
Characterization of AgGaTe2 Films Grown by Hot Wall Technique
High Quality R.F. Sputtered Metal Oxides (Ta, Hf) and their Properties after Annealing
Pulsed Laser Deposition of Samarium Thin Films
Properties of Low Dielectric Constant Nanoporous Polymer Films and Dependence on Porosity
Extraction of Electrical Mechanisms of Low-dielectric Constant Material MSZ for Interconnect Applications
A Combinatorial Workflow for the Rapid Discovery and Optimization of Low Dielectric Constant Materials
CMP of Ultra Low-k Material Porous-polysilazane (PPSZ-M) for Interconnect Applications
Evaluation of Advanced Chemical Mechanical Planarization Techniques for Copper Damascene Interconnect
Prevention of Damage of PR Removal by E-beam Direct Patterning on HSQ Films for Interconnect Applications
A Study of Silicon Carbides Doped with Oxygen and Nitrogen
Copper Surface Protection with a Completely Enclosed Copper Structure for a Damascene Process
Process-phase-properties Relationship in Radio Frequency (rf) Plasma Synthesized Hydroxyapatite
Nitriding of Titanium Disks and Industrial Dental Implants using Hollow Cathode Discharge
Investigation of Adhesion Between a Dielectric Layer and a Polymer Overcoat using a CV Measurement Technique
Structure and Properties of Annealed Amorphous Hydrogenated Carbon (a-C:H) Films for Biomedical Applications
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