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Session Tuesday, October 29, 2013
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Prospects for Accident Tolerant Fuels in Light Water Reactors
Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study of Uranium Materials
Interaction of γ-U alloys with Hydrogen
The Effect of U and Fe Cations on the Reduction of CeO2 for Thermal Water Splitting to Hydrogen
Soft X-ray Investigations of Covalent Orbital Mixing in Metal Oxides
The Microstructure of Cerium Hydride Growth Centres
Multivariate Analysis of Atom Probe Tomography Data: Methods to Simplify Factor Interpretation
The Renaissance in Metallurgical Design and the Role of Atom Probe Microscopy
Atom Probe Tomography Investigations of Surface and Grain Boundary Oxidation in Ni-Cr Alloys Exposed to High-Temperature Water
Space Charge Effects in Atom Probe tomography
Atom Probe Analysis and Challenges to Study a High-k Dielectric Grown on GaN
A Correlated Micro-Photoluminescence, Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy and Atom Probe Tomography Experiment on the Same Nano-Object Containing a Set of InGaN/GaN Multi-Quantum Wells
Validation of Ultra-Trace Biological Agent Sample Matching Using NanoSIMS
Characterization of Foreign Material from Buried Interfaces in the Medical Device Industry
Forensic XPS Characterization of Surface-Modified Textile Fibers
Surface Properties and Complexity of Al-based Intermetallics
Structural Investigation of the (001) Surface of Al5Co2
Temperature-Dependence of Ag Film Roughness and Interlayer Spacings During Deposition on Complex Al-Pd-Mn Surfaces: Comparison with Periodic Substrates
Study of Quasicrystal / α - Mg Eutectic Structure in the Mg-Cd-Yb System by EBSD
Plasmonic Quasicrystal Lattices
Division Chairs, Executive Committees and Perspectives on the Evolution of EMPD
Detonation Nanodiamond Particles for Electronic and Optical Applications
High Efficiency, Durable Quantum-Dot Hybrid Light-Emitting Diodes
Semiconductor Heterojunctions: The Revolutionary Breakthrough that Enabled the Photonic and High-speed Device Industry
Metal-Atom Dimer Model of Oxygen Vacancy Behaviour in Oxide RRAM
Investigation of Sub-Gap Defect States in High-k Dielectric Materials Using Reflection Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
Atomistic Mechanism of RRAM Operations
Bipolar Selector Devices for Cross-point ReRAM
Crystallization study of SrTiO3 Thin Films Prepared on Si3N4, Al2O3 and Pt surfaces by Plasma-Assisted ALD
Superconformal Coating and Filling by Two-molecule CVD
Resistive Switching Random Access Memory (RRAM) - Materials, Device, Scaling, and Array Design
Turning CO2 into Liquid Fuel
Efficient Conversion of CO2 to Fuels using Inexpensive Cathode Materials
Power Curves of the Artificial Leaf
Transient Plasma for Green Technologies: Reduced Emissions, Greenhouse Gas Reduction, and Improved Combustion Efficiencies
Activation of CO2 using Non-equilibrium Plasma: Mechanisms and Power Efficiency
New Developments in Thin Film Technology
Picolitre Dosing of Proteins onto Biomaterials Microarrays to Monitor Cell Response in a Combinatorial Assay
Intercalation of SiC(0001) with Silicon
Imaging the Local Electronic Properties of Graphene
Tunable Optical Properties of Graphene
Purity, Structure and Electronic Properties of Graphene Studied by Low Energy Ion Scattering
Nanoscale Tribological Characteristics of Epitaxial Graphene on SiC: The Effect of Hydrogen Intercalation
Selective Adsorption of Ions to Aqueous Interfaces and its Effects on Evaporation Rates
Exploring Ion Interactions at Aqueous Interfaces
Revealing the Dynamics of Lipid Composition in Phospholipid Bilayers by Sum-Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopy
Characterization of Protein Secondary Structures at Interfaces Using Chiral Sum Frequency Generation
Order Matters – Detecting Non-Isotropic Structures in Complex Biological Samples
Aqueous Solution Chemistry Studied by Soft X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Electron Correlation Spectroscopy on Magnetic Surfaces
Probing Magnetic Interfaces and Nanostructures with Hard X-ray and Standing-Wave Excited Photoemission Spectroscopy
Imaging Magnetization Dynamics on its Genuine Time Scale
Towards Magnetic 3dim X-ray Imaging
Direct Visualization of Magnetoelectric Domains
Alphabet-Based Template Design Rules - A Key Enabler for a Manufacturable DSA Technology
Characterizing the Sensitivity of Block Copolymer Directed Self-Assembly Processes to Material and Process Variations
DSA Patterning for sub-40 nm Pitch Features
Advanced Gate Patterning Techniques for 14nm Node and Beyond
High Throughput Electrospinning of Ceramic Nanofibers
Manufacture and Characterization of Silver and Copper Nanorods Produced via Forcespun Nylon 6 Nanofibers Templates
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Analysis of Molybdenum Sulfide Structures
Nanostructures of Au on Pd3Fe(111) and Their Role in Electrochemical Oxygen Reduction
Oxygen Adsorption and Dissociation on Ag(110) and Au-Ag(110) Surfaces
Trends in Reactivity of Organic Compounds on a Model Gold Catalyst
Single Atom Alloys as a Strategy for Selective Heterogeneous Hydrogenations
Thin Film Synthesis and Oxidation: From C60 and W Precursors to Intercalation, Nanospheres and Carbides
Selective Growth of TiO2 Nanotubes on Titanium Foil by Two Step Anodization Method
Process to Functionalize Polyaniline for Avidin-Biotin Biosensing Applications
Real Time Feedback Control of Photoresist ashing in an Electron Cyclotron Resonance Plasma Chamber
Diagnostics of Inductively-Coupled Plasmas in Hydrogen Bromide : Bromine Atom and Electron Densities
Ion Energy Distribution Measurements at the Substrate Location in Continuous-wave and Pulse Modulated Plasmas
Time-resolved Optical and Electrical Diagnostics of Pulsed Plasmas Etching Processes
Optical Emission and Langmuir Probe Diagnostics of CH3F-O2 Inductively Coupled Plasmas
Non-contact Measurements of Substrate-Temperature by Frequency-Domain Low-Coherence Interferometry
Detection of Vacuum Ultraviolet in Argon-containing Inductively Coupled Plasmas
Time-resolved In Situ Quantum Cascade Laser Diagnostics Applied to Transient Molecular Plasmas
Plasma Deep Etching of Silicon, Titanium and Gallium Nitride for Microtechnology
Simulation of Bosch Process Deep Silicon Etching - A Multi-scale Approach
Titanium Deep Etching for Medical Applications
Selection of non-PFC Chemistries for Through-Silicon via Etch
Sub-22nm Node Mask Patterning for Deep Silicon Trench Etch
Reduction of Aspect Ratio Dependency in Silicon Trench Etch
Reaction Mechanism at the Sidewall of Through Si via (TSV) Etching by SF6/O2/SiF4 Plasma
Past and Present of Synchrotron Radiation, from Hard X-ray Photoemission to Soft X-ray and Back
Practical use of Photoemission with Synchrotron Radiation in Nanotechnology: From Soft to Hard X-rays
Effective Attenuation Length for Titanium Nitride, Hafnium Oxide, Silicon, Silicon Dioxide, Lanthanum Lutetium Oxide, Lanthanum Calcium Manganite, and Gold from 1 keV up to 15 keV
Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (HAXPES) Investigations of Electronic Materials and Interfaces
HAXPES Study of Full High-κ /Metal Gate Stacks Deposited on Ge Substrates
X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Magnetic/Ferroelectric Complex Oxide Interfaces
Local-Structure Determination Using Combined Fitting of EXAFS and Neutron Total Scattering Data
A Density Functional Theory Study of Stability and Reactivity of H-C=O and C-OH Surface Reaction Intermediates on Pt(111) and Effects of Water on the Intermediates
Energetics of Elementary Reaction Steps of Importance in Clean Fuels Production and Utilization on Pt(111) by Microcalorimetry
RAIRS Study on the Kinetics of NH Formation and Dissociation on Ru(0001)
Calorimetric Measurement of Adsorption and Adhesion Energies of Cu on Pt(111)
History of Surface Science at AVS
Growth and Activity of Pt-Based Bimetallic Clusters on Titania
An Atomic-Scale View of Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation on Cobalt Nanoparticles
A Comparison between Conventional- and Spatial ALD; The Effect of Pressure and Exposure Time on Film Properties
Thin-film Electronics by Spatial ALD
Roll to Roll PEALD of Mixed Oxide Films for High Barrier Applications
Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition for New Generation Solar Cells
Spatial Molecular Layer Deposition of Metalcones
The Relationship Between Moisture Ingress, Hermeticity Testing, and Internal Gas Analysis (IGA) of Hermetic Structures
Applications and Limitations of Wear-Resistant PVD Coatings
Optics Contamination in EUV Lithography: Measurement, Modeling and Mitigation
Extremely Clean Handling of EUV Reticles
Vacuum Environment Processing Studies for the Production of Commercial Thin Film Hydride Targets
HBr Gas Mixture Analysis by FTIR for Non-Destructive Quality Control of Automotive Halogen Capsule Manufacturing
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