AVS1998 Tuesday Morning

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Session Tuesday, November 3, 1998
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Using a Focused Beam XPS System for Analysis of Oxides, Insulators and Beam Sensitive Materials1
Implementation and Application of a Ag Lalpha Monochromatic Source on a Magnetic Lens Based Spectrometer
The Good and the Bad About XPS Peak Fitting
Auger Depth Profiling at Extreme Low Ion Energy
Sample Preparation and Practical Surface (and Interface) AnalysisTricks of the Trade
Physical Influences on Chemical Identification using TOF-SIMS
SEM Sample Preparation Using Ion Sputtering
The Correlation Between Ion Beam/Material Interactions and Practical FIB Specimen Preparation
Use of Micro-Craters and Extended Rotational Profiling for Auger Analysis of Difficult Samples
Two-Dimensional Surface Roughness Measurements of Sidewalls of High Aspect Ratio Patterns Using the Atomic Force Microscope
Gated Ion Channel Devices within Synthetic Tethered Membranes
Interaction of Lipid Vesicles and Cell Membranes with Alkylthiol Monolayers
Stabilizing Supported Lipid Bilayers for Biomaterial Applications
Patterning Multiple Antibodies onto a Surface
Biological Applications of Colloidal Au-Amplified Surface Plasmon Resonance
Structure of Single- and Double-Stranded DNA Monolayers on Gold from Neutron Reflectivity
XPS Analysis of Oligonucleotides for DNA Microarrays
Multifunctional Molecular Multilayer Assemblies for Reagentless, Fluorescence-Based Biosensing
Gallium Nitride Structures for High Power Microwave Amplification
HfN Films Grown on GaN by Reactive MBE using Ammonia1
Investigation of Metal / GaN Interface Properties using Photoemission Spectroscopy and I-V Measurements
Mg Doping Studies of ECR-MBE GaN Thin Films
Deposition of AlN Gate Dielectrics
Progress in SiC: From Material Growth to Commercial Device Development
Critical Development Issues for Deep (10 to 100 µm) Etching of SiC
Thermochemical Stability of Plasma-Deposited Silicon Oxycarbide Thin Films Subjected to Post-Deposition Rapid Thermal Annealing
Making a Bridge to the Nanoworld
Nanotribology of Vapor-Phase Lubricants and Their Potential Applications to MEMS1
Vacuum Deposited Fluorinated Alkyl Siloxane Films for Adhesion Control in MEMS Devices
Adhesion Hysteresis of Polysilicon Beams in Controlled Humidity Ambients
Reaction/Annealing Pathways for Forming Ultrathin Silicon Nitride Films for Composite Oxide-Nitride Gate Dielectrics with Nitrided Crystalline Silicon-Dielectric Interfaces for Application in Advanced CMOS Devices
Process Mixing in Cluster Tools
Process Integration Overview: Development and High Volume Manufacturing of Microprocessor Products
Value Chain Integration
Factory Integration in the NTRS: Future Factory Level Issues and Needs
Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata
A Proposal of Atom/Molecule Switching Devices
Self-Assembled Single Electron Tunneling Devices
Quantum Transport in Metallic Nanowires Fabricated by Electrochemical Deposition/Dissolution
Conductance of Molecular Junctions
Carbon Nanotubes: Manipulation, Properties and Functional Electronic Devices
Simultaneous Study of the Formation and Conductance of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube at STM Tunnelling Gap by Transmission Electron Microscopy
UV Photoemission Study of Interfacial Electronic Structures of Organic Materials
Electronic Structure of Molecular Organic Semiconductor Metal Interfaces
Interface Dipoles and Band Bending in Organic Semiconductor Interfaces
Molecular Level Offsets at Organic Semiconductor Heterojunctions
Interface Analysis of Naththyl-substituted Benzidine Derivative and tris-8(hydroxyquinoline) Aluminum Using Ultraviolet and X-Ray Photoemission Spectroscopy
Vapor Deposition Polymerization of 4-fluorostyrene and Pentafluorostyrene
Growth and Characterization of Polyaniline Thin Films on Metal Substrates
Tapping Mode Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy of Molecular Crystals and Thin Films
Morphology and Relaxation Dynamics in Thin Organic Films Probed by Femtosecond Time-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy
XPS and ISS Studies of Cu Deposited onto Acid-terminated Self-Assembled Monolayers
Simulation of a Pulsed-Power Inductively Coupled Chlorine Plasma
Fluorocarbon Film Composition and Reactor Effluent from Pulsed PECVD of Difluoromethane, 1,1,2,2-Tetrafluoroethane, and Hexafluoropropylene Oxide
Surface Composition and Reactivities of Fluorocarbon Radicals from Pulsed Fluorocarbon Plasmas
Pitting-Free Gate Etching by Lowering Bias Frequency in Pulsed ECR Plasma with a Divergent Magnetic Field
Pulse-Power Hollow Cathode
Diagnostics of Pulsed Plasmas, and the Use of Pulsed Plasmas as a Diagnostic Tool
Pulsed Plasma Processing with Helicons
Very High Density Helicon Mode Operation in WOMBAT
An Overview of Ion-Ion Plasmas for Semiconductor Processing1
Very Uniform and High Aspect Ratio Anisotropy SiO2 Etching Process in Magnetic Neutral Loop Discharge Plasma
Microloading Effect in Ultra-Fine SiO2 Hole/Trench Etching
Selective Oxide Etching in a High-Density Plasma Reactor: Gas Phase Chemistry
Analysis of C4F8/Ar/O2 Plasma for High-aspect Contact Hole Etching using Narrow-gap RIE
Plasma Kinetics of Silicon Dioxide Etching with Fluorocarbon
Effect of Ion Bombarding Energies in Silicon Dioxide Etching
Studies of High Density Oxide Etch Mechanisms with a Physically-based Profile Simulator
The Challenge of Predictive Profile Simulators for Dielectric Etch
Control of Profile in High Aspect Ratio Contact and Via Etch
Effect of Tensile Strain on B-type Step Energy on Si(001)-(2x1) Surfaces Determined by Switch-Kink Counting
Geometry, Energetics, and Electronic Structure of the Dimer Reconstruction on the Carbon, Silicon and Germanium (100) Surfaces
An Atom-Resolved Dynamical Study of Hydrogen Diffusion on the Si(100) Surface
Ultra-high B and As Doping during Si(001) Gas-Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy: Growth Kinetics, Dopant-Incorporation, and Electrical Activation
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of B/Si(001)
Halogens Adsorbed on the Ga-rich c(8x2) GaAs(001) Surface: Adsorbtion Sites, Mobility and Overlayer Structure
The Role of Dimer-Stacking-Fault Structures in Si(111) Etching
The Structure of Ge Surfaces from (001) to (111)
Structure of Arsenic-Passivated Germanium (100)
STM of Tl Overlayers on Si(111): Structures of a "New" Group III Element
Microfabrication and Evaluation of Supported Model Catalysts
Chemisorption and Kinetic Studies of Model Low-Temperature CO Oxidation Catalysts: Au/TiO2(110)
Monte Carlo Simulations of Catalytic Reactions on Nanometer-sized Particles
Ab Initio Density-Functional Theory Study of CO Oxidation Over Ru(0001)
The Effect of Strain on the Reactivity of Metal Surfaces
In-situ Investigation of the Catalytic Reaction 2 H2 + O 2 ≥ 2 H2O on Pt(111) with Second Harmonic Generation
Suppression of Water Formation by Adsorbed Gold on Pt(335)
Isothermal Kinetic Study of the Catalytic Reduction of Nitric Oxide over Rh(111) Surfaces
Surface Species and Desorption Products from NO Exposure on Clean and (Rh,Pt) Loaded Surfaces of Highly Oriented CeO2 Characterized by SXPS and TPD
An Investigation of the NOx Storage Mechanism
Thin Film Media Requirements in Ultrahigh Density Magnetic Recording
Molecular Dynamics Analysis of Energy Modulated Deposition of Model GMR Materials
Obtaining Optical Constants of Thin GexSbyTez Films from Measurements of Reflectance and Transmittance
Process Monitoring of Hemispherical-Grained Polysilicon Thin Films for DRAM Applications
Atomistic Scale Modeling of Ion Assisted Deposition of GMR Multilayers
Thin Film Gas Sensors Based on Metal Oxides
A Study of Thermally-Defined Gas Sensing Films on Micromachined Arrays
Germanium Films and Their Application in Cryogenic Temperature Sensors
Characterization of Sol-Gel Prepared WO3 Thin Films as a Gas Sensor
Deposition, Structure, and Properties of Superlattice Thin Films
In-situ and Ex-situ Ellipsometric Analysis of Cr, CrN, Cr2N Thin Films
AlN/cBN Magnetron Sputtering: Effects on Adhesion and Phase Stabilization
Energetics of Cubic Boron Nitride Deposition
Deposition and Characterization of Ultra Thin CNx Films as a Thin-Film Disk Overcoat
Carbon and Carbon Nitride Films Prepared by Low-Energy, Isotopically-Mass-Separated, Negative C2- and CN- Ions
Investigation on Multilayered Chemical Vapor Deposited Ti/TiN Films
Chemical Vapor Deposition of Metal (Ti) and Ceramic (TiO2, TiN) Thin Films via Gas-Phase Reaction of Titanium Tetrachloride and Sodium Metal Vapor
Low Energy Ion Beam Deposition of Oriented Diamond Microcrystallites
Performance of Molecular Drag Pumping Stages in Hybrid Turbopumps
Turbodrag Pump Technologies
Pumping Mechanism of Helical Grooved Molecular Drag Pumps
Measurements Illustrating the Importance of Desorption and Molecular Residence Times on the Molecular Drag Process
Improved Design of a Multi-Groove Vacuum Pump Compressing Directly to the Air
Matching of Turbine Stages to a Drag Stage under Viscous Flow Conditions
Flow Investigation of Siegbahn Pump by CFD Methodology
Performance of a Peripheral Drag Pump
Development of New Generation Turbo Molecular Pump
Power Dissipation in Turbomoleculars Pumps at High Pressure
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