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Session Tuesday, October 15, 1996
8:20 AM 9:20 AM 10:20 AM
Comparison of Two Models and Equations for Predicting Electron Inelastic Mean Free Paths
Quantitative Analysis of Overlapping Spectral Features
Analysis of Carbide and Nitride Films by Auger Electron Spectroscopy
101 Uses for Eigenvectors
Advanced Data Analysis Techniques in XPS Quality Control Applications
Depth Profiling in XPS and AES by Means of Partial Intensity Analysis
An ARXPS Investigation of Nitrided Gate Oxides
Depth-Profiling by Angle-Resolved XPS
Pooling Analysis of Scanning Probe Microscopy Images
Fabrication and Analysis of Neuronal Networks
Preferential Adhesion of Glial Cells to Microcontact Printed Surfaces
Electrical Characterization of Uromyces Germ Tubes Grown on Integrated Circuit Substrates
Oligo(ethylene Oxide) Effects on Bacterial Attachment to Synthetic Solid Surfaces
Endothelial Cell Interactions with Model Surfaces: Effect of Surface Chemistry and the Adsorbed Protein Layer
Cell-Surface Interactions on Thiol Modified Gold Surfaces- an In-vivo Study in Mice and with Human Whole Blood In-vitro
Influence of Self-assembled Monolayer Defect Structure on Cell Growth
Differential Expression of Neurotransmitter Phenotypes in Cortical Cell Cultures Grown on Organosilane Surfaces
Porous Bioactive Glass (45S5) Templates for the In Vitro Synthesis of Bone-like Tissue
High Quality GaN Growth by MOVPE System with Three Flow Injection Reactor
Blue-Light Semiconductor Lasers: Status and Prognosis for Practical Devices
Rapid Thermal Processing of III-nitrides
Low Energy Electron Enhanced Etching of III-N Semiconductors in a Hydrogen/Chlorine DC Plasma
Comparison of Ohmic Metallization Schemes for InGaAlN
Electronic Structure of Wurtzite GaN(0001) from Angle Resolved Photoemission
ZnO as a Substrate for GaN
Optical Spectroscopy of GaN and Related Materials
STM Investigation of Zn Pre-Exposure of the GaAs(001)-(2x4) Surface for ZnSe Growth
Computational Simulation of Epitaxial Growth: Wide Bandgap Materials
Magnetic Dichroism Effect of Binary Alloys using Circularly Polarized X-ray
Magnetic Properties of Metastable Structures
Spin Polarized Photoelectron Diffraction from Gd(0001) Films
Spin-Resolved Resonant Photoemission at Fe 2p Core: Probe of Electron Correlation Effects
Resonant Enhancement of Magnetic Linear Dichroism Photoemission from Gd on Y(0001)
Vector Magnetometry in Ultrathin Magnetic Structures with Atomic Layer Resolution by Polarized Neutron Reflection
Spin-Resolved and Circularly-Polarized Resonant Photoemission: Study of Ni Above and Below the Curie Temperature
MEM SLIGA : Multiple X-ray Mask, Sacrificial Layer LIGA for Micromechanical Actuators
Materials Issues in Ferroelectric MEMS
Materials and Processes for Micro-Hotplate Gas Sensors
SiC Grown via Reaction of Fullerenes and Silicon for MEMS
Detail Studies of PMMA Development Rate in LIGA Process
Dry Etching of Deep Si Trenches for Released Resonators in a Cl\sub 2\ Plasma
Effect of Stress Concentrations on the Mechanical Properties of MEMS Materials
The Influence of Strengthening Mechanisms on Stress Relaxation in Thin Film Metallization
Prospects for Maintaining the Historical Reduction in Cost/Productivity
Technology Deployment and the National R&D Infrastructure
Contamination Control Challenges for ULSI Manufacturing
Research Infrastructure: What Is the Role of Universities?
Key Challenges for 300mm IC Manufacturing Equipment
Nonlinearity in Stick - Slip Dynamics
Tribological Characteristics of Novel Dichalcogenide Nanostructures and Oriented Films
AFM Studies of Corrosive Tribological Wear of Single Crystals
Atomic Scale Studies of Interfacial Shear and Adhesion
The Influence of pH on Adhesion and Friction of Oxide Surfaces in Electrolytes on Nanometer Scale: A Lateral Force Microscopy Study
Electrical Resistivity and Sliding Friction Measurements of Xe/Ag(111)
Silicon Coupling Agents as Microlubricants: Reaction with Silicon
Interfacial Force Microscope Studies of the Nanomechanical Properties of Au(111)
Mechanics of Self-assembled Monolayers: Measurement and Atomistic Simulations
Dislocation Nucleation at Nano-scale Contacts
Cl\sub 2\ Plasma-Si(100) Surface Interactions Studied by Angle- Resolved X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and UV-visible Ellipsometry
Physical and Chemical Sputtering in Ion-assisted Etching in the Si/XeF\sub 2\/Ar\super +\-system
Measurements of Cl Atom - Surface Recombination Coefficients
Remote Plasma Chemical Dry Etching of Polycrystalline Silicon using NF\sub 3\/O\sub 2\ Gas Mixtures
Kinetic Study of Ion-Enhanced Polysilicon Etching using Cl, Cl\sub 2\ and Cl\super +\ Beam Scattering
On the Origin of the Notching Effect in Uniform High Density Plasmas
Competitive Mechanisms for Microscopic Uniformity during Electron Cyclotron Resonance Plasma Etching of Poly-Si in Cl\sub 2\ and Cl\sub 2\/O\sub 2\ Mixtures
The Ion-assisted Etching and Profile Development of Silicon in Chlorine
Sub Quarter-micron Polycrystalline Si1-xGex Gate Patterning in a High Density Plasma Helicon Source
Gas-Surface Dynamics and Profile Evolution during Etching of Silicon
Electron Beam Neutralization of Differentially Charged Large Aspect Ratio Features in a Cusped Field Helicon Plasma Etcher
Ultrahigh Vacuum Chemically Assisted Ion Beam Etching System with a Three Grid Ion Source
Dry Etching of InGaP in Magnetron Enhanced BCl\sub3\ Plasmas
Dry Etch Damage in III-V Semiconductors
Anisotropic Etching of InP with Low Sidewall and Surface Induced Damage in Inductive Plasma Etching using SiCl\sub 4\
Comparison of CH\sub 4\/Ar and CH\sub 4\/H\sub 2\/CO\sub 2\ Plasma Chemistries in Hydrocarbon RIE of InP-based Optoelectronic Devices
High-Density Plasma Etching of Compound Semiconductors
Plasma Etching of III-Nitrides in ICl and IBr
ECR RIE-Enhanced Low Pressure Plasma Etching of GaN/InGaN/AlGaN
Control of the Etching of III-V Semiconductors and Related Materials
Leed Intensity Analysis of ZnSe(100)-(2x2): Vacancy versus Rehybridized Structures
Bulk and Surface Photoelectron Diffraction and Holography of W(110)
Photoelectron Holographic Study of Atomic Structure of Ge Adsorbed on the Si(100) Surface*
Atomic Imaging with X-ray Holography
Structural Trends in Cu(110) Induced by Alkali Adsorption
Photoelectron Diffraction Study of Mn/Cu(001) C(2x2)
Structure Analysis of Ge Dimer on Si(001) by MEIS Blocking Profiles from Embedded Ge Layers
High Resolution XPS Studies of Ni(111)-2-butyne
The Bonding Configuration and Phase Diagram of the H/Be(0001) System
Bilayer Growth of In on Si(001)
Real Time Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Hydrogen Desorption Process on Si(111) Surface
The Effect of Asymmetric Molecular Bonding on the Chemisorption of ICI on the Si(111)-7x7 Surface
Molecularly Chemisorbed Intermediates and the Implications for Direct Dissociation and Direct Molecular Chemisorption in Gas-Surface Dynamics
Collision Induced Desorption and Dissociation of O\sub 2\ on Ag(110) and Pt(111) Induced by Energetic Xe Atoms: Kinetics, Energetics and Branching Ratios
Collision Induced Desorption and Dissociation of Chemisorbed O\sub 2\ on Ag(001)
Diffusion of Single Pd Atoms on W(110): Second-Neighbor Jumps
Mechanistic Behavior of N-alkane Chains on Metal Surfaces
Anisotropy in the Lateral Momentum of CO Chemisorbed on Cu(110) Studied by Time-of-Flight ESDIAD
Understanding Gas/Surface Interactions from Direct Force Measurements using a Specialized Torsion Balance
Adsorption of Alkali Metals on Cu(100): The Transition from Isolated Atoms to Multilayers
Monte Carlo Simulations of Nucleation in Rectangular Trenches
Monte Carlo Simulation of Thin Film Deposition by Supersonic Molecular Beams
3 Layer Formalism for the Description of Ge Segregation during SiGe Alloy Growth by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
A Monte Carlo Simulation of the Physical Vapor Deposition of Nickel
Microstructural Studies and Simulation of Films Sputtered onto Non-planar Substrates
Across-Wafer Nonuniformity of Long-Throw Sputter Deposition
Enhanced Diffusion Rates of Two-dimensional Pt Clusters on Pt(111)
Surface Smoothing with Energetic Cluster Beams
Thin Film Growth via Low Energy Cluster Deposition: A Molecular Dynamics Study
The Origin of Plumes from Laser Irradiation of Wide Bandgap Insulators at Low Fluences
Advances in Pulsed Laser Deposition Technology and Diagnostics
Heteroepitaxial Growth of Conductive SrRuO\sub 3\ Thin Films by Pulsed Laser Deposition
Preparation of Crystalline TiC/ Amorphous DLC Composite Films using Magnetron Assisted Pulsed Laser Deposition
Crystalline Alumina Deposited at Low Temperature by Reactive Ionized Magnetron Sputtering
Intense Ion Beam Treatment of Materials
Morphology/Microstructure of Cu Films Fabricated via Directed Vapor Deposition
Aluminum-Silicon Carbide Interfaces: Effects of Ion Bombardment on Electronic Structure and Chemical Interactions
Measurements and Modeling of the Angular-Resolved Sputtering Yield of Ar - Sputtered Al by 100 to 1000 eV Ar\super +\
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