ICMCTF2018 Monday Morning

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Session Monday, April 23, 2018
10:00 AM 11:00 AM
Effect of Boron on the Mechanical Properties, especially Fracture Toughness, of TiN
Evolution of Structure, Residual Stresses and Wear Resistance of Multi-layered AlTiSiN-AlCrN Coatings upon Thermal Loading Revealed by Cross-sectional X-ray Diffraction and Tribological Testing
Plasma Tailoring for Controlled Compositional and Microstructural Evolution of TiB2 Coatings from Magnetron Sputtering Techniques and DC Vacuum Arc
Development of Novel Gradient C-CrAlSiN Based Cathodic Arc PVD Coatings for High Speed/dry Machining Applications
Highly Porous Scaffolds on TNZT Alloys for Bone Implant Applications
Improving Cellular Proliferation on the Ti-6Al-4V Alloy by the Formation of Crystalline Nanotubes of Titanium Oxide
Effects of Nb and Ti on the Corrosion and Biocompatibility Behavior of Zr-based and Fe-based Thin Film Metallic Glasses
Tribological Behavior of Nanotubes Grown on Ti-35Nb Alloy by Anodization
Designing Hydrogels to Enhance Biomedical Implant Performance
In-situ Mechanical Testing of Hierarchical and Gradient Nanostructures
Mechanical Properties of Molybdenum Incorporated β-Ga2O3 Nanocrystalline Films for Extreme Environment Applications
Experimental Characterization and Finite Element Simulation of Damage in Thin Hard DLC Coatings
On Recycling in High Power Impulse Sputtering Magnetrons
Electron Density at the Sheath Edge of a HiPIMS Plasma
Spatially Resolved Investigation of Transport and Redeposition Processes during HiPIMS by Means of Optical Diagnostics and In-vacuum XPS Analysis of Magnetron Targets
Time-resolved Ion Energy and Charge Distributions in Pulsed Cathodic Arc Plasmas of Nb-Al Cathodes in High Vacuum.
Investigations on the Substrate Bias Influence on Reactive High Performance Plasmas
Mechanical Pretreatment before Electroplating of Aluminium Alloy AlSi12
Microstructure Characterization and Mechanical Properties of Gradient AlCrSiN hard Coatings Using Ternary Alloy Targets
Integrated Shot Peening, Plasma Nitriding and Gradient PVD TiAlSiN Coating on AISI H13 Molds for Al Die Casting
Effect of Nano-penning Surface Texturing on Self-clean Function
Hard Coating and Surface ModificationTechnologies for Piston Ring
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