ICMCTF2010 Tuesday Afternoon

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Session Tuesday, April 27, 2010
1:30 PM 2:30 PM 3:30 PM 4:30 PM
NiAl(CrZrHfSi) High Temperature Overlay Coating for Gas Turbine Engines
Effects of Substrate Surface Roughness and Microstructure on the Properties of dc Magnetron Sputter Deposited NiAl-Hf and NiAl-Cr-Hf Coatings
Formation of High Temperature Multifunction Coatings on the Basis of Spherical Al Particles
Platinum Group Metal-Containing Bond Coats
High-Temperature Behavior of Magnetron Sputtered Si-B-C-N Materials Far Above 1000°C
Oxidation Behavior of Si-Doped Nanocomposite CrAlSiN Coatings
TaNx Diffusion Barrier on Cobalt Cemented Tungsten Carbide
Advanced High Temperature Coatings for Turbine Blade Applications: A REVIEW
Hard and Decorative Coatings Based on Nanocomposites Consisting of Dielectric Matrixes Embedded with Metal Nanoparticles
Ag Solid Lubricant Transport in CrN-Ag Nanocomposite Coatings
Adaptive VN/Ag Nanocomposite Coatings in the 25 to 1000°C Temperature Rante
Ag -T i(C, N)-Based Coatings for Biomedical Applications: Influence of Composition and Structure on the Mechanical/Tribological and Biological Behaviour
Plasma Spray Deposition of Optical NanoComposites Coatings and Preforms
The Synthesis of Metal Oxides by Reactive Cathodic Arc Evaporation
Mechanical and Tribological Behavior of TiCN Coatings Deposited by Large Area Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc
Double-Brittle Transitions in Micropillar Compression
Yield Strength, Deformation, and Fracture of Coherently Strained InGaAs Superlattice by In-Situ Micropillar Compression
Analysis of the Mechanical and Tribological Properties of the Multilayer Ultrathin Films for MEMS Applications
3D Finite Element Study of Scratch Tests Conducted on Coated Systems with Orthotropic Elastic-Plastic Material Properties
Scratch Resistance of Platinum Coatings
Fundamentals of Adhesion of Thermal Spray Coatings: Adhesion of Single Splats
Evaluation of Ti Cold Spray Splats by Indentation and Ball Shear Testing
Adhesion of Composite Structured TiTaBN Coatings Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering
High Temperature Testing of Transition Metal Nitride Materials
High-Precision Determination of Residual Stress of Polycrystalline Coatings Using the Optimised XRD-sin2ψ Technique
Boron Containing Coating Systems for Hot Forming Tools
Femtosecond Laser Spectroscopy of Spins: Magnetization Dynamics in Thin Magnetic Films with Spatio-Temporal Resolution
In-Situ XRD Observations of Rapid Reactions in Nanoscale Ni-Al Multilayer Foils Using Synchrotron Radiation
XRD In-Situ Study of Time and Thickness Dependence of Crystallization of Amorphous TiO2 Thin Films and Powders
Resistive Switching Characteristics of IGZO Thin Films for Nonvolatile Memory Applications
Characterization of Duplex Layer Structures Produced by Plasma-Assisted Low Temperature Nitrocarburizing Treatment of Austenic Stainless Steel 316L
Adaption of Chromium Interlayer Thickness to Cemented Carbide Substrates' Roughness for Improving the Adhesion of HPPMS PVD Films and the Cutting Performance
Effect of Process Duration on Structure, Chemistry, and Mechanical Properties of Borided Low Carbon Steels
Effect of Plasma Nitrocarburizing on Properties of AISI 4340 Steel Submitted to Different Heat Treatments
Duplex Plasma Technology for Aluminum
Plasma Modification of Al2O3 for Improved Adhesive Strength in Composite Materials
Improvement of the Cavitation Erosion Resistance of UNS 31803 Stainless Steel by Duplex Treatment
Low Temperature Plasma Carburizing of AISI F51 Duplex Stainless Steel
Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of Duplex Treated AISI301 Stainless Steel
Improvement of Press Dies Used for the Production of Diamond Composites by Means of DUPLEX-PVD-Coatings
Effects of Post Deposition Annealing on Resistive Switching Characteristics of SrZrO3 Thin Films
Surface Energy of Carbon Fullerenes and Nanotubes
Growth Mechanisms of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) by RF or DC PECVD at Low Temperature
Silver Vanadate Nanorods: Synthesis, Characterization and Performance
Fabrication of Nanodevices from Horizontally Grown Silicon Nanowires Using a Thin Aluminum Film as a Catalyst
Characterization and Optical Properties of Cu2O Nanowire Arrays Growth by PAM Template
Size Reduction of One-Dimensional ZnO Through the Addition of NaOH into Zn(NO3)2/(NH4)2CO3 Mixture
Selective Growth of ZnO Nanorods for Gas Sensors using Ink-Jet Printing and Hydrothermal Processes
Engineering Nanostructured Devices for Bioadhesive Drug Delivery
Freeform Plasma Generated Maskless Cell Patterning for Tissue Engineering Applications
Surface Modification of Polyurethane and Silicone for Therapeutic Medical Technics by Means of Electron Beam
Modification of the Surface of Polymer Implants by Deposition of Multifunctional Bioactive Nanostructured Films (MuBiNaFs) With and Without Stem Cells
Nanotechnology for Improving Regenerative Medicine
Osteoblast Growth Affected by Micro-arc Oxidized β-titanium Alloy
Development of Surface Modification Techniques for the Covalent Attachment of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) on PECVD Silica-Coated Titanium
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