ICMCTF2003 Tuesday Afternoon

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Session Tuesday, April 29, 2003
1:30 PM 2:30 PM 3:30 PM
Highly Durable Thermal Barrier Coatings Made By The Solution Precursor Plasma Spray Process
Deposition Mechanisms For Thermal Barrier Coatings Made By The Solution Precursor Plasma Spray Process
On the Microstructural Development in a Class of Bond Coats for Thermal Barrier Systems
A Preliminary Study Of Magnetron DC Sputtered NiAl-Hf(0.5 at%) Films
Phase Transformation of Thermally Grown Oxide on (Ni,Pt)Al Bond Coat During Electron Beam Physical Vapor Deposition and Subsequent Oxidation
Inter-diffusion between a Platinum Aluminide Bond Coat and Superalloy Substrate in EB-PVD TBCs during Thermal Cycling
The Effects of Surface Condition of Bond Coats on the Failure of TBS Systems
Investigation on Bond Coat Surface Roughness On The Thermal Cyclic Behavior Of Thermal Barrier Coatings
Vacuum Arc Deposition by using a Venetian Blind Particle Filter
Cathodic Arc Evaporation of TiAlN Coatings and TiAlN/TiN Multilayer Coatings - Correlation Between Lifetime of Coated Cutting Tools, Structural and Mechanical Film Properties
Process Optimisation of Industrial Vacuum Arc Deposition by SimCoat Simulation
Change in Microstructures of Cr1-xAlxN and Zr1-xAlxN Films Synthesized by Cathodic Arc Method
Copper Film Deposition by a Hot Refractory Anode Vacuum Arc
Temporal Development of the Plasma Composition of Metal Plasma Streams in an Reactive Environment
Effect of Underlayer on Coalescence of Silver Islands Grown by Filtered Cathodic Arc Deposition
XPS and PL Study of EB-PVD Deposited Silicon Oxynitride Thin Films
Structure and Properties of Cathodic Arc Ion Plated CrN Coatings for Copper Machining Cutting Tools
Reducing the Macroparticle Content of Cathodic Arc Evaporated TiN Coatings
Multiscale Modeling of CVD Film Growth
Characterization of Chemical Vapor Deposited HfN Multilayer Coatings on Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools
Characterization of CVD Titanium Nitride Films Deposited as Diffusion Barriers for the Integration of Low-k Dielectric Methylsilsequiazane
Thermal Stability and Tribological Properties of TiAlN/VN Nano-Scaled Multilayered Coatings
Diamond CVD on Fine-Grained WC-10%Co using a New Growth Regime
TEM Investigation of CVD Alumina Multilayers: Influence of Process Parameters on the Microstructure
Titanium- and Silicon-based Ceramic Coatings by Chemical Vapor Deposition in a Fluidized Bed Reactor
Various Applications of DLC Including DLC-Coated Rubber Components
Investigation of DLC-Si Coatings in Large Scale Production Using DC-PACVD Equipment
A Study of the Tribological Behaviour of Three Carbon-Based Coatings, Tested in Air, Water and Oil Conditions at High Loads
Changes in Wear and Friction Mechanisms of Polycrystalline Diamond in Different Environments
Microstructural Evolution in As-deposited and Worn W-DLC Coatings Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering
The Coefficient of Static Friction of Silicon Containing Diamond-like Carbon Films
Tribological Behavior of Si Incorporated DLC Film with Humidity Change
Tribological Behaviour of DLC Coatings Operating under Different Lubrication Regimes
Diamond Like Coatings Prepared by the Filtered Cathodic Arc Technique for Minting Application
Measurement of Residual Stress by Nanoindentation*
Use of Synchrotron Radiation on the Evaluation of the Residual Stresses Along the Surface of Titanium Nitride Films Deposited onto Cemented Carbide (WC-Co) Substrates
Development of Stress in DLC Based Coating Deposited by Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc
Influence of Ion Bombardment on the Properties and Microstructure of UBM Deposited Nb Coatings.
Mechanisms of Stress Generation in Thin Ta Coatings at Elevated Temperatures
Mechanical Strength Improvement of Electrical Discharge Machined Cemented Carbides Through PVD (TiN, TiAlN) Coatings
Determination of Residual Stress Alterations in pvd Coatings and their Substrates Induced by Mechanical and Heat Treatments, Based on a FEM Supported Continuous Simulation of the Nanoindentation
Deformation Processes in TiN Thin Films on Ductile Substrates
Market Implementation of New Cathodic Arc Deposition Technologies, from Ideas to Successful Industrial Solutions
Effective Nitrogen Diffusion Coefficient During the Early Stages of Post-Discharge and Plasma Nitriding
Tribological Behavior of Coatings and Surface Treatments in Severe Die-Casting Production Conditions - Part 1: Glow Discharge Ion Nitriding
Tribological Behavior of Coatings and Surface Treatments in Severe Die-Casting Production Conditions - Part 2: Multilayer PVD LAFAD Coatings
Scale-up and Commercialization of Combustion CVD Technique
Putting Coatings Into Practice: Qualification of Thermal Spray Coatings to Replace Hard Chrome on Functional Components
Physical Powder Deposition of Solid Lubricant Nanoparticles by Electrostatic Spray Coating (ESC)
Investigation of Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENSTM Deposited Tungsten Coatings on H13 Tool Steel for Squeeze Casting
A Computational Design Approach to Engineer Surface Treatment of Dies for Resistance Against Thermal Fatigue Cracking
Structure and Properties of Nanolayer Coatings for Cutting Tool Applications
Nanocomposite Tribological Coatings with "Chameleon" Surfaces for Extreme Environment Lubrication
Study of Tribological Behavior of Surface Alloyed Pt and Hf layers on a Ti-6Al-4V Substrate1
Laser-Assisted Nanocoating for Engines
Analysis of Thermomechanical Damage from Laser Pulse Heating of Coated and Uncoated Gun Steel
Exact Positioning and Perfect Alignment of Semiconductor Quantum Dots and Nanotubes
Self-Oganized Nanostructure Formation in SiGe Films
Novel Self-organized Nanostructures in Metastable Transition Metal Nitride Layers Formed Using High-Flux, Low-Energy Ion Irradiation During Growth
Effects of the Sb2Te3 Crystallization-induced Layer on Crystallization Behaviors and Properties of Phase Change Optical Disk
Thin Films Formation and Self-Organization during Friction Under Current Collection Conditions
Formation of Stable Nanostructures in Superhard Coatings by Self-Organization due to Spinodal Phase Segregation
Nano-Crystaline FAD (Filtered Arc Deposited) TiAlN PVD Coatings for High-Speed Machining Application
Surface Response Effects in Diesel Motors
Improvement of 'Duplex' PVD Coatings for HSS Cutting Tools by Ion Mixing
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