ICMCTF1999 Wednesday Afternoon

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Session Wednesday, April 14, 1999
1:30 PM 2:30 PM 3:30 PM 4:30 PM
Elastic and Plastic Properties of Sputtered Nanostructured Ceramic Coatings Evaluated by Nanoindentation
Performance of Cemented Carbide Tools Coated with Single and Multilayered TiN/TiAlN Films Deposited by Sputtering and Cathodic Arc
Elastic and Plastic Energies in Sputtered Multilayered TiN Films Estimated by Nano-Indentation
Growth and Structural Studies of Magnetron Sputtered Si-C-N Films
Recent Advances in CVI for Refractory Composites
Characterization and Properties of MT-CVD TiCN and MT-CVD ZrCN Coatings
Wedge-shaped Ceramic Membranes for Gas Sensor Applications Produced by a Variety of CVD Techniques
The PROXI Project: Cost-effective Fabrication of Oxidic Multi-Layer Structures to be Used as Gas Sensors
Effect of Al Addition on Adhesive Strength of Al2O3 to Base Layer of Ti(C,O)
Highly Transparent and Conductive Rare Earth-doped ZnO Thin Films Prepared by Magnetron Sputtering
Defect State Modification in Doped ZnO Films
Emerging Transparent Conducting Oxides for Electro-Optical Applications
Investigations on the Function of the Blocker-Layer in Low-E Multilayer Systems on Glass
Dependence of Surface Roughness of Indium-Tin-Oxide (ITO) Thin Films on the Thickness of the Films and the Impact of the Substrate Surface Roughness on the Electrical and Optical Properties of ITO Thin Films
Infrared Emittance Modulation Devices Using Electrochromic Crystalline WO3, Polymer Conductor, and Nickel Oxide.n
Stability and Sensing Mechanism of High Sensitivity Chlorine Gas Sensors Using Transparent Conducting Oxide Thin Films
Case Studies in Scale-up of Industrial Thin Film Coating Processes
Quantum Mechanical Methods Applied to the Study of the Structure and Formation of Boron Nitride Films
Enhanced Cubic Phase Formation in rf-PECVD Boron Nitride Films
Synthesis and Characterization of C-BNFilms Prepared by Ion Beam Assisted Deposition and Triode Sputtering
A Study of Initially Grown BN Films on Silicon by Direct Negative Boron Ion beam.
The Mechanism of c-BN Deposition in Hydrogen Plasmas
The Use of Pulsed Laser Ablated Boron Nitride Interlayers for Improving the Adhesion of Cubic Boron Nitride Films
Synthesis of Carbon Nitrides Thin Films by Pulsed Laser Deposition in a Remote Nitrogen Plasma
Crystalline SiCN: A Hard Material Rivals to Cubic BN
Deposition of Carbon Nitride Films by Ionised Magnetron Sputtering
The Deposition of TiN-MoS2 and TiAlN-MoS2 Hard Coatings of Low Friction Coefficient by a Combined Cathodic Arc/Magnetron Sputter Process
Friction and Electrical Contact Transitions of MoS2 Coatings: Effect of Environment.
Effects on the Morphology, Orientation and Structure of MoS2 Co-Sputtered Composites
Chemical Characterization of Solid Lubricant Films Using a New Raman Tribometer
Coating Characteristics and Tribological Properties of Sputter-Deposited MoS2/Metal Composite Coatings Deposited by Closed Field Unbalanced Magnetron Sputter Ion Plating.
The Surface Chemistry of Extreme Pressure Lubricant Additives
Sputter-Deposited MoS2 Films for Angular Contact Bearings in Space Applications
Chemical Vapour Deposition of MoS2 Coatings Using the Pecursors MoCl5 and H2S
Nanoindentation Characterisation of Coated Systems : (P-δ) Plots, the P-δ2 Analysis & P:S2 - A New Approach Using the Continuous Stiffness Technique
Nanoscale Mechanical Characteristics of Plasma-treated Polymer Surfaces and Plasma Deposited Films
On the Application of the Work-of-Indentation Approach to Depth-Sensing Indentation Experiments in Coated Systems
Thermally-Actuated Cantilever Beam for Achieving Large In-Plane Mechanical Forces and Deflections
Contact Fatigue Simulation for Rough Coated Surfaces.
Oligocyclic Fatigue Strength in Nitrided Steels
Scratch Resistance of Clearcoats : A Comparative Study of Surface Damage by Taber and Microscratch Testing
Thermomechanical Properties of Carbon-Germanium Alloys
Finite Element Modeling of the Stresses and Fracture During the Indentation of Hard Elastic Films on Elastic-Plastic Aluminum Substrates
X-Ray Diffraction Characterization of Metal, Nitride, and Oxide Epitaxial Films and Superlattices
X-ray Stress Measurement of Ni-Al Coating Layer Prepared by Combustion Synthesis Reaction
In-Situ Analysis of Aluminum Enhanced Crystallization of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon (a-Si:H) By Using X-Ray Diffraction
Raman Microprobe Analysis of Metal-Doped Diamond-Like Carbon Films
Historical Aspects and Current Status of Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Diamond and Diamond-like Thin Films
Sputtering Target Arc Detection Using Acoustic Emission
High Frequency INPL Scanning Acoustic Microscopy - A Novel Non-Destructive Surface Analytical Tool for Assessment of Coating Specific Elastic Moduli and Tomographic Study of Subsurface Defects
Evaluation of Thermal Spray Recovered Turbine Shafts by the Advanced Ultrasonic Technique Time of Flight Diffraction
Thin Film Applications in Automobile Industry
Design Principles of Deposition Equipment for Wear Resistant Coatings: Theory and Examples of Applications
Deposition of Copper by Using Self Sputtering
PVD-INLINE System - A New Concept for High Productivity in Industrial Application
Bio-compatible Low Reflective Coatings for Surgical Tools Using Reactive DC-Magnetron Sputtering and Arc-Evaporation - a Comparison Regarding Steam Sterilisation Resistance
Study of Zinc Coatings on Steel Substrate Attained by Two Different Techniques
Novel Thin Film Interconnects
Pulsed Laser Deposition of (Ba,Sr)TiO3 Thin Films for Tunable Microwave Applications
Ferroelectric BST Thin Films for DRAM's Applications
The Influence of Excess Pb and O on the Ferroelectric Properties of Pb(Zr0.52 Ti0.48 )O3 Thin Films
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