ICMCTF1998 Wednesday Morning

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Session Wednesday, April 29, 1998
8:30 AM 9:30 AM 10:30 AM 11:30 AM
High-Temperature Coatings in the Utility Industry: Problems in the Past and their Resolution; New Challenges for the Future
The Characteristics of Alumina Scales formed on HVOF-sprayed MCrAlY Coatings
Parameter Studies on HVOF Spraying of MCrAlY Coatings
Advanced PVD Coating Technology for Gas Turbines: High Strength MCrAlY, Diffusion Coatings and Coatings for γ-TiAl
X-ray Determination of Stresses in Alumina Scales on High Temperature Alloys
The Significance of Phase Distribution for the Oxidation Properties of Ni(Co)CrAlY Coatings
Use of Experimental Designs to Evaluate Formation of Aluminide and Platinum Aluminide Coatings
Oxidation Resistance of Low-Sulfur NiAl and NiPtAl Coatings on a Desulfurized Ni-based Superalloy
Magnetron Sputtered Ti-Cr-Al Coatings for Oxidation Protection of Titanium Alloys
Duplex TiN Coatings Deposited by Arc Plating for Increased Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel Substrate
Low Pressure, High Density Plasma Nitriding. Mechanisms, Technology and Results.
Influence of Sample Geometry on the Effect of Pulsed Plasma Nitriding of M2 Steel
Observation of Three-Dimensional Orientational Anisotropy in an Ion Nitrided Surface Layer (m) on Stainless Steels
The Use of Intensified Plasma-Assisted Processing to Enhance the Surface Properties of Ti-6Al-4V
Microwave Plasma Technology for Processing of Materials
Dependence of Diamond-like Carbon Film Properties on Ion Energy in Plasma Deposition
PACVD Thin Flms : DLC and SiOx Coatings Obtained by Low Frequency PACVD
Deposition Processes for DLC Coatings with a Great Potential for Upscaling
Current Applications of Diamond in Vacuum Microelectronic Devices
Effects of Growth Conditions on the Growth Rate and Properties of Nanocrystalline Diamond Films Synthesized by Microwave Plasma CVD
Morphological, Topographical and Electrical Properties Relevant to Cold Cathode Electron Emission in Nanocrystalline Diamond Thin Films
The Microstructural Dependance of the Opto-Electronic Properties of Nitrogenated Amorphous Carbon Nitride Thin Films
Diamond-Like Carbon Films with Extremely Low Stress
Residual Stresses and Mechanical Properties of TiCN Thin Films Deposited by Arc Evaporation
Influence of Stress Distribution on Adhesion Strength of Sputtered Hard Coatings
Tribological Properties of TiAlN-Based Alloy and TiAlN-CrN Superlattice Hard Coatings at Elevated Temperatures
A Transmission Electron Microscope Study of the Long Range Effect in Titanium Nitride After Metal Ion Implantation
Modelling the Wear by Hard Particles of Coatings and Surface Teatments
The Effects of Substrate Pretreatment on Residual Stress and Adhesion Strength of Diamond-coated Cemented Carbide Tool Inserts
Development of a Single Pass Scratch Tester to Investigate Galling Properties of Austenitic Steels
Microhardness, Adhesion and Scratch Behaviour of Chromium Nitride Film Deposited on Tool Steel by Reactive Sputtering
The Nano-scratch Tester (NST) as a New Tool for Assessing the Strength of Ultrathin Hard Coatings and the Mar Resistance of Polymer Films
The Control of the Structure and Properties of Oxide Coatings Deposited by Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering
Microstructural Characterisation of Carbonaceous Dust Generated During the Deposition of Diamond-like Carbon Coatings
Computer Aided Analysis of Digital Transmission Electron Selected Area Diffraction Patterns
Technique for Characterization of Thin Film Porosity
Microstructural Evolution as a Function of the Atmosphere Reactivity During Plasma Nitriding of Ti
Phase Identification During Aging of Nitrided Ferrous Materials
Correlation Between Hardness and Embedded Argon Content of Magnetron Sputtered Chromium Films
Advances in SIMS for Surface and Interfacial Measurements
EELS Imaging and Analysis of Thin Films
Progress Towards Large-Scale CVD Diamond Production: Industrial Implications.
High Performance Me-CH Coatings for the Use on Precision Components
Electronic Applications and Commercialization of Diamond Thermal Spreaders
Diamond-Like Carbon Films Deposited Using a Broad, Uniform Ion Beam from and RF Inductively Coupled Ch4-Plasma Source
Technology Transfer Issues For Hard Coatings in the Cutting Tool Industry
New Hard/Lubricant Coating for Dry Machining
WC/C Coating for Automotive Components
Sulfur Source Chemistry in Low Temperature MOCVD Process for Transition Metal Disulfide Coatings
Advanced CVD/PVD Fill Techniques for Al and Cu
Studies of Grain Structure Evolution in Al Thin Films Using ADEPT (Atomistic Simulator of Deposition Processes in Three Dimensions)
Texture and Surface Roughness of PRCVD Aluminum Films
A Low Temperature Integrated Aluminum Metallization Technology ULSI Devices
Advanced Metallization Using High Pressure Technology
Precipitation Processes in Al - 0.5% Cu Alloys
Electro-Chemical Deposition Technology for ULSI Multilevel Copper Interconnects
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