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Session Tuesday, October 20, 2015
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The Tri-Angular Lattice Exciton (3ALE) Model: Exciton Physics at the Atomic Scale
Opposite Dependence of Microwave-Induced vs. Field-Induced Imaging Contrast in NV- based Fluorescence Microscopy as Function of Optical Excitation
2D Materials and Heterostructures for Applications in Optoelectronics
Excitations and Ultrafast Charge Response in Bilayer Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides
Automatic Localization and Identification of 2D-Material Flakes by Spectroscopic Imaging Ellipsometry
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Systematic Hydrogen Intercalation of Epitaxial Graphene for THz Plasmonics
Determining the Optical Properties of Exfoliated 2D Molybdenum Disulfide on Various Substrates with Imaging Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy of 2D Semiconductor Monolayers
Development of Atom Probe Tomography for Studying Nuclear Corrosion Issues
Using Aqueous Solutions by Cryo-Fixation As a Matrix for Analyzing Materials in APT
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Atom Probe Tomography Investigation of TiSiN Thin Films Made Possible by 15N Isotopic Substitution
Investigating the Alternating Cation/Anion Compositions in a High-Voltage Li-Mn-Rich Oxide Electrode during First Charge-Discharge Cycle using Atom Probe tomography
ASSD 30th Anniversary Speaker: Defect Detection and Characterization in Wafer Processing and Magnetic Storage Technologies – Then, Now and (maybe) the Future.
Characterisation of Glass-To-Metal Interfaces using FIB and STEM
X-ray Structural Analysis of Self-assembled Nano-Dielectrics
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Multimodal Imaging for Physical and Chemical Surface Characterization using a Combined Atomic Force Microscopy-Mass Spectrometry Platform
Understanding the TERS Effect with On-line Tunneling and Force Feedback Using Multiprobe AFM/NSOM with Raman Integration
High Resolution CREM for Electrical Characterization of Thin Oxide Layers
Secret Ingredients in Thin-TFET: A 2D Material-based Transistor
Application of Thermodynamics to Processing Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
Stress-Directed Compositional Patterning of SiGe Substrates for Lateral Quantum Barrier Manipulation
Interlayer Tunnel FETs
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Graphene and TMD for Electronic Devices
On Smart Textiles and Vacuum: The Joys of Innovation and Discovery on Quality of Life
Ultra-dense Hydrogen and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions
Optical and Surface Properties of Semiconductor Nanowires for Solar Fuels
Engineering Surfaces and Interfaces for Photoelectochemical (PEC) Water-Splitting
Bulk and Surface Effects of Incorporating Titanium Into Hematite Thin Films to Improve Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Growth on Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite (HOPG) and Photocatalytic Properties of Pt on Iron Oxide
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Interface Design for Efficient and Stable Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
Buried, Hetero, and p-i-electrolyte III-V Photoelectrochemical Junctions with Significantly Enhanced Photocurrent Onset Potentials
X-ray Absorption Studies on the Li-S Battery Cathode Side
Ask the Experts Special EW Session
The Nano Probe Station for Your 2D Characterization Needs: The First Low Temperature MultiProbe SPM-NSOM System Integrated with Raman
Mesoscale Evolution & Temporal Analytics of Photovoltaic Energy Materials: A Degradation Science Approach
Why Structural Failure is Mesoscale: From Dislocations to Fatigue Cracks
Engineered 3D Mesoscale Battery Electrodes: Opportunities and Issues
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A Materials Genome Approach to Design of Novel Materials and Liquids for Energy Conversion and Storage
Electrical Double Layer Effects on Ion Transport in Thin-Layer Solid-State Electrolytes
Water at Ionic Liquid Interfaces Probed by APXPS
Probig the Liquid-Solid Interface of polycrystalline Pt in 1.0 M KOH using Ambient Pressure Photoemission Spectroscopy and "Tender" X-rays
Toward Ambient Pressure Electron Spectroscopy with Conventional XPS Instrumentation
Solvation and Chemistry at the Interface: Near Ambient Pressure Electron Spectroscopy Studies of Aqueous Solution Interfaces
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In situ Single-molecule Microscopy of Photoelectrocatalysis for Solar Water Oxidation
In Situ and Operando AP-XPS for the Oxidation State of Pd at Solid/Liquid Interface
In situ Characterization of Switchable Ionic Liquids by Liquid ToF-SIMS and SALVi
Expanding Roles of Materials Characterization and Metrology in Advancing Moore's Law
X-ray based Characterization of Strained SiGe on FinFETs
Atomic Scale Analysis by Atom Probe on 3D Semiconductor Structures
Preparing and Characterizing Nanoscale Topological Insulators
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”More than Moore”: Could Silicene Be the Future of Electronics?
Challenges in Measuring Strain in Nanoscale 3D FinFET Structures
Strain Measurement using Electron Beam Techniques
Magnetic Interactions at Perovskite Oxide Interfaces
X-ray Imaging of Magnetism at the Nanoscale
Complex Fluorides: A New Class of Multiferroic and Magnetoelectric Materials
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Spin-Dependent Size of Interband Hybridization Gap: The Interplay of Adlayer and Substrate States in Pb/Cu(111)
Energy Dispersion and Spin Structure of Unoccupied Electronic States of BiTeI: A Matter of Surface Termination?
Abnormal Asymmetric Domain Expansion and Skyrmion Bubble Stability in Thin Films with Strong Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction
Control and Characterization of Magnetic Domain Patterns in Complex Oxide Microstructures
Microengineering for Mechanobiology
Introducing Students to MEMS: A Practical Process for the Fabrication and Testing of Piezoresistive Cantilevers
Deflection Control of an Electroactive Polymer Bimorph Actuator by Carrier Frequency Modulation
Solder Based Self-Assembly Method For 3D Integration Using Poly-Acrylic Acid
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Mechanics and Spins in Diamond
Nano-Optomechanical Fin Resonators Designed for Sensing in Liquid Environments
Directed Magnetic Optical Resonator Microballoons for Particle Imaging Manometry in 3D Environment
Influence of Focused Electron Beam on Electrical Characterization of Advanced MOSFETs
In Situ Synthesis and Characterization of Core-Shell Nanoparticle Arrays Using Dynamic Transmission Electron Microscopy
Investigation of Nickel-assisted Growth of Silicon Carbide Nanowires
Homogeneous Nucleation and Characterization of Nanodiamonds Synthesized in an Atmospheric-Pressure Microplasma
Chemically-specific Intramolecular Imaging with Atomic Force Microscopy
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Time-Resolved Small-Angle X-ray Scattering of Detonating Composition B-3 at the Advanced Photon Source
LEEM Imaging of Growth of Au on Ge(110)
Strength and Fracture of Graphene Oxide Nanosheets
Low-Temperature Atomic Layer Deposition of Crystalline Platinum Nanoclusters on Graphene Nanoplatelets Using (Methylcyclopentadienyl)-Trimethylplatinum and Oxygen
Interconnect Patterning in the EUV Era
Challenges for the sub-32nm Pitch Self-aligned Quadruple Patterning (SAQP) at Back End of Line (BEOL)
Novel Patterning Process for the 7xnm and Beyond
Advanced Interconnect Process Techniques with EUV Photolithographic Masks and Sub-50nm Pitch Structures
Advanced Plasma Etch Techniques for Sub-50nm Pitch Contact & Interconnect Etches
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Characterization of Patterned Porous Low-k Dielectrics after Plasma Patterning and Subsequent Wet Processing/Cleaning
Cryogenic Etching of Porous Organosilicate Low-k Materials: Reduction of Plasma Induced Damage
Remote Shielded Microwave Mini Plasma Source for Sample Cleaning
Glow-Discharge Plasma Applications in the Biomedical Sciences: Frontiers and Horizons
Non-Equilibrium Plasmas in Contact with Solutions: Biological Interactions and Material Synthesis
Plasma Biomedicine and Reactive Species
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Cold Atmospheric Plasma for the Treatment of Chronic Infected Wounds
Humidity Effect on the Surface Modification and Bio-Deactivation of Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) by Surface Micro-Discharge (SMD)
Plasma Diagnostics of Dielectric Barrier Discharge within a Sealed Meat Package
Low-Temperature Plasma Surface Modification of Porous Polymeric Materials for Environmental and Medical Applications
Synthesis of Hybrid Nanoparticles - Fluorinated (Super)Hydrophobic Coatings by Atmospheric Plasma : Possibilities and Challenges
Deposition of Antifouling PMOXA-like Coatings using Atmospheric Pressure Helium Plasma Jet
Antibacterial Silicon Oxide Thin Films Doped with Zinc and Copper Grown by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition
Carbon Bridge Incorporation in Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Coatings using Atmospheric Plasma Deposition in Ambient Air
Atmospheric Plasma in Liquids
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Study of Polymer Confinement Effects in Nanocomposite Thin Films Synthesized by Initiated Chemical Deposition
Persistent Superhydrophilicity of Polycarbonate Surfaces via Nanoimprint Lithography and Atomic Layer Deposition
Enhanced CO2 Permeation Characteristics Performance On A Crack-Free Nanostructured Ceramic Membrane
Active Sites of Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Materials for Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Cerium Oxide-Induced Intercalation of Oxygen on Supported Graphene
Dissociation Dynamics of Energetic Water Molecules on TiO2(110): Combined Molecular Beam Scattering and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study
Tracking Site-Specific C-C Coupling of Formaldehyde Molecules on Rutile TiO2(110)
AVS 2014 Gaede-Langmuir Invited Talk: Models for Heterogeneous Catalysts: Complex Materials at the Atomic Level
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The Solid State Li-CoO Conversion Reaction Studied by ARXPS and STM
Imaging Water Adsorption and Dissociation on RuO2 (110) Surfaces
Surface Reaction Kinetics during Low Temperature ALD of Al2O3 Studied by Broadband Sum-frequency Generation
The Preparation and Redox Properties of Cu/Al2O3/ZnO(0001) Model Surfaces
ENDOM: A Simple Method to Deposit Nanostructures from Nanowires to Nanopores
Chemical Reaction on Photo-excited Plasmonic Nanostructures
Structured Noble Metal Nanosurfaces for Biosensing and Bioanalysis (4): TLC-SERS and In Situ Monitoring of Surface-Adsorbed Target Molecules
Growth and Intercalation of Cu and Dy on the Basal Plane of Graphite
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Surface-Mediated Self-assembly of a Flexible Nucleoside Analogue into Micron-sized Hydrogen-bonded Polymers
Nanowire Kinking during Vapor-liquid-solid Growth: Experiments and Simulations
Adsorption of Water and Bromine on Gold Nanoclusters Investigated by Neutralization in Low Energy Alkali Ion Scattering
Optical Constants Measured for Fe, Ni and Pd by Reflection Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy Spectra
FAST-ALDTM with Close Proximity (CP) Plasma for Low Temperature Applications: Nano-Composite Layer (NCL) Stacks for Flexible Substrates
Atmospheric Roll-to-Roll Spatial Molecular Layer Deposition for flexible barriers
Low Temperature, Temporal and Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition of TiO2 using Titanium Tetra-Isopropoxide as Precursor
Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition into Flexible Porous Substrates
Accurate Precursor and Reactant Delivery for Quantitative Atomic Layer Deposition
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ALD for Capacitor Technologies
Compositionally and Functionally Graded Hybrid Layer for High-Performance Adhesion
Applications for Mobile Vacuum Environments in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Experience of UHV Transportation of Critical Components
Particle Behavior in Vacuum Systems: Protection Schemes for EUVL Critical Surfaces, Speed Controlled Particle Injection, Prevention of Particle Formation during Pump Down
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Differentially Pumped Interface to Transfer Environmentally Sensitive Materials Designed with Built-in figures of Merit
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