AVS2015 Session EW-TuM: Exhibitor Technology Spotlight Session

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 10:20 AM in Room Hall 1
Tuesday Morning

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10:20 AM EW-TuM-8 Ask the Experts Special EW Session
Gerardo Alejandro Brucker (MKS Granville-Phillips Division, Longmont)
The presentation will include a primer on the principles of vacuum technology including: vacuum generation, gas flow and pressure measurement along with discussion of the most interesting questions and challenges raised by the AVS audience throughout the years. Learn the differences between direct and indirect pressure measurement. Understand the advantages of thermal versus pressure based mass flow controllers. If you are new to the vacuum industry or are interested in hearing what your colleagues are doing with vacuum technology this is a great opportunity to learn some new and interesting tricks." After the spotlight presentation, be sure to visit the Ask-the-Experts booth (#439) where you will find a wide group of international experts who volunteer their time to answer vacuum process and technology questions from the conference attendees. Over the many years that the event has been hosted by the AVS, there have been many interesting questions asked by the AVS community and answered by a wide range of experts. The goal of this presentation is to bring awareness to this sponsored event and to discuss some of the most interesting questions fielded by the general AVS audience during the last few conferences.
10:40 AM EW-TuM-9 The Nano Probe Station for Your 2D Characterization Needs: The First Low Temperature MultiProbe SPM-NSOM System Integrated with Raman
Aaron Lewis (Nanonics)
The Nanonics CryoView MP is the ideal SPM platform for studying mechanical, optical, electrical, thermal and chemical nanoscale properties of 2D materials at low temperature. Materials such as graphene, hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN), dichalcogenides (e.g.) MoS2, etc. The CryoView MP is uniquely suited to conduct studies in dynamics, photoconductivity, electrical conductivity, and other phenomenon of such materials. Very sensitive and stable tip-sample interaction control through the tuning fork feedback mechanism allows for high resolution SPM measurements. The open optical access allows for a variety of optical integrations including near-field, Raman, TERS and fluorescence measurements. Multiple online probes allow for a variety of measurements including MFM, EFM, SSRM, KPM, SThM, and NSOM. The CryoView MP opens up many new possibilities for exciting research in your 2D materials.
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