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Session Tuesday, October 20, 2015
2:20 PM 3:20 PM 4:20 PM 5:20 PM
Direct Capacitive Probe of Isospin Order in Graphene Bilayers
Patterning Hydrogenated Graphene via Electron Beam Irradiation
Large-Area Low-Pressure Synthesis of Single-Layer MoS2 Films and Schottky-Barrier Formation upon Metal Deposition
Accelerating the Discovery of Alternative Fuel Catalysts through Intelligent Computational Framework
Probing Massive Dirac Electrons in Bilayer Graphene
Combining Photoemission and Photoluminescence Microscopy to Study Substrate Transfer Process Effects in Chemical Vapor Deposited MoS2 Monolayers
ASSD 30th Anniversary Lecture: 30 Years (ToF-)SIMS of Organic Materials: from Monolayer to 3D Microarea Analysis
Characterization of the Buried Interface between a Bacterial-Biofilm Resistant Coating and a Silicon Catheter by using Gas Cluster ToF-SIMS and Raman Microscopy
How to Measure Reaction Rates on Surfaces?: Ambient Mass Spectrometry and XPS to Study the Rate of Organic Reactions on Functionalized Surfaces.
Surface versus Bulk Chemistry of Reverse Osmosis Membranes
Effect of Deep UV Irradiation on Polyester Family Polymers
Going beyond State of the Art in SIMS Imaging in the Life-Sciences and for Organic Devices
Can In Situ Liquid SIMS Provide Enough Signals for Biology and Environmental Research?
Fundamental Metrology for Tissue Imaging by SIMS - A Study of Cholesterol and Determination of the Argon Cluster Sputtering Yield
Control of Surface Physical Properties for Effectively Promoting and Maintaining Cell Clusters such as Stem Cell Colonies at Interfaces
Immobilized Liquid Layers for Controlled Bacterial, Fungal, and Mammalian Cell Attachment
Quantitative Characterization of Bacterial Cells Mixed with Nanoparticles
Tethered Antimicrobial Peptide WLBU2 for Capture of Circulating Bacteria and Endotoxin in Sepsis
Concentration Dependent Acceleration of hMSC Differentiation on Orthogonal Concentration Gradients of RGD and BMP-2 Peptides
How Does Plasma Surface Modification Affect Biological Responses?
Stereoscopic Tracking Reveals Responses of Barnacle Larvae to Surface Cues
New Materials Toolboxes for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Applications
Maintaining the Pace of Progress as we Approach the end of Moore’s Law: Heterogeneous Integration, New Materials, New Processes, New Architectures
More than Moore - Wafer Scale Integration of Dissimilar Materials on a Si Platform
Behavior of Layered Cathode Materials: A Route to Higher Energy Density for Li-Ion Batteries
Next-Generation Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Physico-Chemical Properties of Polyamidoamine Dendrimer-Based Binders for Carbon Cathodes in Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
The Road beyond Lithium Batteries is Paved — In Three Dimensions — With Rechargeable, Dendrite-Free Zinc
Porous Silicon Electrochemical Capacitor Devices for Integrated On-Chip Energy Storage
Investigations of Magnesium Stripping and Deposition using Operando Ambient Pressure X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Atomic Layer Deposition of Solid Electrolytes for Beyond Lithium-Ion Batteries
High Efficiency, High Capacity and Economical “Point of Use” Gas Abatement
Giving New Life to Materials for Energy, the Environment and Medicine
XFEL Movies of Molecular Machines at Work
Frontiers of Ocean Sensing
New States of Electronic Matter and their Potential for Science and Computation
The Universe in Motion: Listening to Gravitational Waves with LIGO
In Situ and Operando TEM of Thermal and Photocatalysts
Environmental TEM Study of Gold and Platinum Nanoparticulate Catalysts
Environmental Study of the Reaction-driven Restructuring of Ni-Co Bimetallic Nanoparticles
In situ Vibrational Spectroscopy Investigation of the Surface Dependent Redox and Acid-base Properties of Ceria Nanocrystals
Direct Writing of sub-10 nm Structures from Liquid with Helium Ions
Spin Hall Effect in Metallic Multilayers
Chiral Spin Textures in Ultrathin Ferromagnets
Indirect Modification of Magnetic Surface States by Organic Semiconductor Adsorbates
Transitioning into the Ga-rich Regime of Ferromagnetic Manganese Gallium Films Grown on Gallium Nitride: Structure and Magnetism
A Depth-Dependent Model for Atomic Valence in Magnetoelectric Systems
Atomic-Scale Magnetism on a Complex Insulating Surface
Substrate Induced Spin-state Locking of [Fe(H2B(pz)2)2(bipy)] on Au(111)
Entrepreneurial Environment for Implantable and Wearable BioMEMS
MEMS Sensors Make Up the Frontline of Wireless Health Solutions: Tremendous Growth Prospects
GC-MS to GC-NOMS: A Step Towards Portable Analysis
Label-Free Biosensing Platform Integrating a Nanofluidic Preconcentrator with Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors
Microparticle Patterning Using Multimode Silicon Carbide Micromechanical Resonators
Research Opportunities at the Cornell Nanoscale Science and Technology Facility, a member of the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure.
The CNST NanoFab at NIST is Open for Business
The Molecular Foundry: A Knowledge-Based User Facility for Nanoscale Science
User Opportunities at the Center for Nanoscale Materials: From Hybrid Nanomaterials to Tailoring Nanoscale Interactions
Using EMSL Capabilities to Advance Your Research
From Neutron Nanoscience to Direct-write Nanofabrication at the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences
Subnanoscale Exciton Dynamics of C60-based Single Photon Emitters Explored by Hanbury Brown Twiss Scanning Tunneling Microscope
Low-Damage Etching Process for the Fabrication of GaAs based Light-Emitting Devices
Surface Plasmon-Mediated Selective Deposition of Au Nanoparticles on Ag Bowtie Nano-Antennas
Broadband Light Trapping in Nanopatterned Substrates for Photovoltaic and Photonic Applications
In Situ Visualization of Intercalation-Driven Nanoparticle Phase Transitions using Plasmon-EELS
Pulsed Laser-Induced Self-Assembly of Noble Metal Nanoparticles and an EELS Characterization
Flexible, Adaptive Optoelectronic Camouflage Skins Using Concepts Inspired by Cephalopods
Controlled Deposition of High Quality Nanocrystal Multilayer Structures for Optoelectronic Applications
Efficient Coupling of Visible Light to Thin Film Waveguides; FDTD Field Model Results for Nanometer Scale Graded Index/Waveguide Structures.
Low-Damage Etching Technology for Nitride Semiconductor Devices
Limitation of Surface Defects in GaN Deep Etching
In Situ Monitoring of GaN in Process Plasma
Thermodynamic-aided Selection of Non-PFC Plasma Chemistries
Enhancing Selectivity for Self-Aligned Contact Etching by Employing Dual Fluorocarbon Etch Gas Processes
Pushing the Limits of Dielectric Etch with Novel Fluorocarbon Etch Gases
First-Principles Theoretical Investigation on Mechanism of New Transition Metal Etching Process using Oxygen and argon Neutral Beams and Ethanol Gas
Generalized Approach for Selecting Viable Plasma Chemistries in Patterning Magnetic Metals
Short- and Damage-Free Process for Patterning Magnetic Tunnel Junctions for High-Density Application
Realistic Plasma Etch Simulation for High Aspect Ratio Contact Hole using Graphics Processing Units
Validation of Inductively Coupled Plasmas Sustained in Halogen Chemistries
Enhanced SiN Etching by Hydrogen Radicals during Fluorocarbon/Hydrogen Plasma Etching; Molecular Dynamics Simulation Analyses
Plasma-induced Surface Roughening and Ripple Formation during Plasma Etching of Silicon
Feature Scale Modeling of Semiconductor Processes
Pattern Loading in Etch through Profile Simulation
Plasma Modeling of a Magnetized Inductively-Coupled Plasma Reactor
Strategy for Tuning the Average Charge State of Metal Ions Incident at the Growing Film during HIPIMS Deposition
Study of High Power Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering Under Differing Magnetic Field Configurations
Reactive High-power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering and Pulsed Magnetron Co-sputtering of Multifunctional Films
Target Poisoning in Mixed Ar, N2 and CH4 Atmosphere, in Processes Using Different Target Materials for HIPIMS/DC and DC Cathode Modes.
Structure and Properties of Cr2O3 Coatings Deposited using DCMS, PDCMS, and DOMS
Strategy to Tailor the Composition of Silicon Oxynitride Thin Films Deposited by Reactive High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering using Nitrous Oxide as a Single-source Precursor
Phase Changes Observed on AlCr Composite Cathodes due to the Exposure to Cathodic Arc Plasmas in N2 and O2 Atmospheres
Optimization of Linear Scanning Magnetron Array Performance
Correlation of Microstructure of Deposited Thin Films with Discharge Characteristics by Modulated Pulsed Power Magnetron Sputtering (MPPMS)
How does Absorbed Hydrogen Drive Olefin Hydrogenation on Pd?
CO Oxidation over Pd Catalysts Supported on Different Low-Index Surfaces of CeO2: A Combined Experimental and Computational Study
In Situ Adsorption and Decomposition Studies of Dimethyl Methyl Phosphonate on Molybdenum Oxide Surfaces and Nanoparticles
Adsorption of Sterically Hindered Sulfur Containing Molecules on a Heterogeneous Model Catalyst
Metal Nanoparticles on Thin Film Oxide Supports: Interaction and Reaction of Metals with Hydroxyls
Dynamics of Isolated Surface Complexes Formed Between a Chemisorbed Chiral Molecule and a Prochiral Reactant
Density Functional Theory Study of CO Assisted Water Dissociation
Crystalline Growth of Ice - Studying the Transition from the First Wetting Layer to Multilayers with Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Photoemission of Electron from Diamond Into Water: Enabling Novel Electrochemical Reduction Reactions
STM Tip-Induced Desorption of TMAA from TiO2(110): Model Study of a Photocatalytic Process
Ultrafast Time-resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Photocatalytic Surfaces
Surface and Interface Properties of Photoelectrocatalysts for Solar Fuels
Improving Hematite-Based Solar Water Splitting by Surface Modification with Sn, Ti, and FeOOH
Metalation of a Polypyridine Macrocycle on Au(111): Preparation of a Water Reduction Catalyst on a Solid Substrate
Chiral Selective Chemistry Induced by Natural Selection of Spin-Polarized Electrons by DNA
Creating Enantioselective Surfaces; Templating and One-to-one Interactions
Single-Molecule and Single-Active-Site Studies of Stereocontrol by Chemisorbed Chiral Molecules
ALD ZnO for Rapid Synthesis of Cu-BTC MOF Thin Films and Patterns
Reactions During Atomic Layer Deposition on and in UiO-66-NH2 Metal Organic Framework Crystals
Selective ALD Growth of Pd@Pt Core Shell Nanoparticles and its Application in PROX Reactions
Thermal and Plasma ALD on Semiconductor Nanowires
Capacitive Deionization for Water Desalination Using Charge Storage in Manganese Oxide Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition
Magnetoelectric Effect in Multiferroic Nanocomposites of Atomic Layer Deposition Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 Coupled with Templated Mesoporous CoFe2O4
Ultralow Density Metal Oxide Foams by Atomic Layer Deposition on Sacrificial Carbon Nanotube Matrices
The Structure and Optical Properties of ALD W:Al2O3 Nanocomposite Films
The Evolution of Cryopumps
Simulation of a Large Linear Jet Mercury Diffusion Pump with the Test Particle Monte Carlo Method
Monte-Carlo and Angular Coefficients Simulations of Complex Vacuum Systems Equipped with NEG Pumps
Simulation of Steady-State and Impulse Pressure Profiles in Front-End of A1-Beamline at Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source
APS-Upgrade Storage Ring Vacuum System Design using SynRad/MolFlow+ with Photon Scattering
Simulation and Measurement of Radioactive Radon in the KATRIN Main Spectrometer
Degassing of the Kicker Magnet in J-PARC RCS via New In Situ Baking Method
Uncertainty of UHV Flowmeter Standard Related to the Gas-Surface Interaction
Investigation of the use of Viton as Certified Reference Material for Outgassing
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