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Session Thursday, October 22, 2015
2:20 PM 3:20 PM 4:20 PM 5:20 PM
Dielectrics Layer Deposition on 2D Materials by Functionalization with Polar Titanyl Phthalocyanine
Direct Probing of the Electronic Structure of Bilayer Homo- and Hetero-Structures and Tracking their Evolution with Interlayer Twist-Angle
In Situ Microscopy on 2D Materials: Heterostructures, Nanostructures, Novel Materials Systems
Direct Growth of Graphene/h-BN(0001) Multilayer Heterostructures for Novel Device Applications
Al2O3 on Black Phosphorus by Atomic Layer Deposition: An in situ Interface S tudy
Topological Winding Number Change and Broken Inversion Symmetry in a Hofstadter’s Butterfly
Compliant Substrate Epitaxy: Au on MoS2
Direct Synthesis of 2D van der Waals Heterostructures
Additive Printing for Flexible Electronic Devices
Digital Microassembly for High-performance Printed Electronics
3D Printed Bionic Nanomaterials
ASSD 30th Anniversary Lecture: Why Do (or Don’t) People use Chemical State XPS Imaging?
X-ray Photoelectron Spectromicroscopy: Combining Spectral and Spatial Information for Materials Characterization
Optimizing XPS Imaging Acquisition
Enhancing Chemical Contrast: Latest Trends in Hyperspectral Image Analysis
Unambiguous Molecular Identification with TOF-SIMS Imaging MS/MS
Utilizing Chemical State Mapping to Reveal Spatially Distributed Dynamics in Model Nanostructured Battery Electrodes
Microstructural and Chemical Mapping of Discharged Hybrid CFx–SVO Cathodes from Primary Li Batteries
A Novel Test Sample for the Spatially Resolved Quantification of Illicit Drugs on Fingerprints using Imaging Mass Spectrometry
Electrostatic Coating with Ligandless Copper Nanoparticles
Using Plasmonic Effects to Design Ellipsometric Targets with Sub-Angstrom Resolution
Enhanced Temperature Stability of Slanted Columnar Thin Films by ALD Overcoating
Vector Magneto-Optical Generalized Ellipsometry on Heat Treated Sculptured Thin Films: A Study of the Effects of Al2O3 Passivation Coatings on Magneto-Optical Properties
Spectroscopic Ellipsometry for Critical Dimensions Analysis
Structural and Ellipsometric Analysis of the Topological Insulator Bi2Se3
Visible Luminescence in the VLS Grown Self Ga Doped ZnS Nanostructures
Can Front-Surface Metal Mirrors Be Protected from Oxidation by Vacuum Applied Polymer Films?
III-V Nanowires for Photonics and Solar Energy Applications
Formation of Wurtzite Phase by Si Doping and its Effect on the Optical Properties of GaAs Nanowires grown on Si Substrates by a Catalyst-free MBE-VLS Technique
Nanowire Enabled 3-Dimensional Band Engineering for Efficient Next Generation Solar Cells
Effect of Internal Electric Field on the Miniband formation of Multi Quantum Well Solar Cell Structures Investigated by a Photoreflectance and a Photothermal Spectroscopy
Controlling Light Absorption with Nanophotonics
Symmetry-Breaking in Periodic Nanostructures for Enhanced Light Trapping in Organic Solar Cells
Symmetry-Breaking in Light-Trapping Nanostructures on Silicon
Accelerating Adoption of Wide Band Gap Semiconductors though Manufacturing Innovation
InGaN/GaN Nanostructures for Efficient Light Emission and White Light Emitting Diodes
Tuning Bandgap Through Cation Ordering in New PV Materials
Comparison Studies of GaN Grown with Trimethylgallium and Triethylgallium for Optoelectronic Applications
Growth Control of InGaN Alloys and Nanostructures by Migration-Enhanced, Plasma-Assisted MOCVD
GaN on Rare-earth Oxide Buffer –A New Player in GaN-on-Si Technology
Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Al2O3 on AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors
Focused Ion Beam Circuit Edit in the Nano-Device Age: A Search for the Ultimate Nano-Ion Beam
Electrical Nano-Patterning of Graphene Film by Helium Ion Beam Irradiation
Nanopores in Silicon Nitride Membranes, Graphene and CNM: Milling and Imaging Techniques at the Helium Ion Microscope
Application of Focused Helium Ion Beams for Direct-write Lithography of Superconducting Electronics
A Novel Efficient Approach for Investigating the Ion Implantation Effect on Small Volume Copper
Helium Ion Microscopy Analysis of Itokawa Asteroid Particles Obtained from Hayabusa Mission
Multi-Beam Ion Microscopy and Nanofabrication at UC Berkeley
Control of Electron Heating and Ion Energy Distributions in Capacitive Plasmas by Voltage Waveform Tailoring based on a Novel Power Supply and Impedance Matching
Spectroscopic and Beam Current Characterisation of an RF Excited Argon Plasma Cathode Electron Beam Gun for Material Processing Applications
Around the World of RF-Plasma Generation: A Brief Tour in 80 (half) Minutes
Electron Beam Generated Plasmas Produced in Fluorine-Containing Gases: Characterization of Plasma-Surface Interactions
Electron Beam Generated Plasmas Produced in Fluorine-Containing Gases: Characterizing Plasma Parameters
Microwave Plasma Source Technologies: A Fifty Year Evolution from Unwanted Discharges to Free Radical Sources, to Low Pressure and Temperature Plasma Processing, to Gem Quality Diamond Synthesis
Insights to Scaling Remote Plasma Sources Sustained in NF3 Mixtures
Evolutionary Trends in Ion Implantation
Conformal Arsenic Doping using a Radial Line Slot Antenna Microwave Plasma Source
Practical Application of Atom Probe to Analysis of Ion Implantation
Optical Emission Spectroscopy to Determine Plasma Parameters in an Oxygen Inductively Coupled Plasma
Adhesion Improvement of Carbon Nitride Coatings on Steel Surfaces by Metal Ion Implantation using HiPIMS
Surface Chemistry Related to Selective Deposition
Selective Deposition - The New Patterning Paradigm?
Area-Selective Molecular Layer Deposition: Enhanced Selectivity via Selective Etching
Nucleation and Steady State ALD of Metallic Tin Using SnCl4 and a Silyl Pyrazine Reducing Agent
Determination of the Minimum Saturating Dose during Atomic Layer Deposition of Alumina and Titania on Si(100) and Si(100)-H
Selective Growth of GeSbTe Phase-Changing Materials Utilizing Self-Aligned Confined Structure
Toward an All- Vapor Process for Area Selective Atomic Layer Deposition
Selective Deposition of ALD Metal oxides and Metal Thin Films by Fab-Friendly Surface Treatments
Matching Plasma Sources with Intended Biomedical Outcomes: Open Questions in Modeling of Plasma Surface Interactions
Plasma Processing of Biomimetic and Sintered Calcium Phosphates for Bone Regeneration and Repair
Plasma Processing of Biomaterials and Biomedical Devices
Organs on a Chip – Biointerfaces in Stem Cell Research
Effect of the Radical Species for Gene Transfection by Discharge Plasma Irradiation
Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopic Observation of Plasma-Treated Bio-Specimen
Tailoring the Growth of Organic Thin Films via Chemical Reactions at the Molecular Scale
Investigation of Initial Stages of Oxidation of Ni-Cr and Ni-Cr-Mo alloys by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy
Growth and Properties of Skyrmionic Nanowires and Thin Film
Sulfur-induced Structural Motifs on Cu(111) and Au(111) Surfaces
Surface Strain-Modulated Binding of Adsorbates on TiO2(110)
STM/STS Investigation of Organic Charge Transfer Complex TTF-TCNQ on Noble Metal Surfaces at 4.3K
Ideas Old and New Applied to Non-Ideal Surface Adsorption and Reaction
Insights into the Oxidation of Stepped Cu Surfaces using Multiscale Investigations
Reconciling Complimentary Analyses of Epitaxial Growth: Role of Transient Mobility for para-Hexaphenyl on Mica
Probing 2-DEG at InN Surface by Electrolyte-Gated Raman Spectroscopy
Surface Termination of Single Crystal Bi2Se3 Investigated by Low Energy Ion Scattering
Real-Time Imaging with Atomic-level Spatial Resolution of Silicon Oxidation
Surface Band-Bending Upon Oxidation of Wurtzite and Zincblende InAs Depending on Surface Orientation and atomic Structure
Control of Oxygen Defect Surface Injection in ZnO via Sub-Monolayer Sulfur Adsorption
Investigation of the Role of Electronic Defects and Grain Boundaries in Sputter Deposited CdS/CdTe Junctions and Solar Cells
Dynamic and Structural Stability of Cubic Vanadium Nitride
Comparison of Solution Based Aluminum Oxide Phosphate Thin Films Deposited via Spin Coating vs. a Novel Mist Deposition System
Electro-Optic Studies of Pb0.95La0.05Zr0.54Ti0.46O3 Thin Films Deposited by Chemical Solution Deposition Method
Electron Scattering at Surfaces of Expitaxial Metal Layers
Lattice Relaxation in Multilayered Si1-xGex/Si (001) Metamorphic Heterostructures
Growth Stress Evolution in Low Adatom Mobility Fe(Cr) Thin Films
Development of an Analytical Model for Langmuir-Blodgett Silica Microsphere Assembly and Investigation of Ge Back Filling of the Opal Template by Polymer-Assisted Deposition
The Determination of Porosity and Pore Size Distribution of The Al2O3 Antireflection Coating Deposited By Atomic Layer Deposition
Tuning Static and Dynamic Magnetic Properties of FeGa/NiFe Multilayer Composites
Synthesis, Characterisation and Engineering of Moisture Barrier Films Deposited in a Roll-to-Roll High Current Dielectric Barrier Discharge
Investigation on Nano-Porosity in Moisture Permeation Barrier Layers by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Thin-film Dielectrics for Chronic Nonhermetic Encapsulation of Electrically Active Neural Implants
Atmospheric Pressure Roll-to-Roll Plasma Enhanced CVD of High Quality Silica-like Bi-layer Moisture Barrier Films: The Influence of Input Energy
Use of Aluminum Oxide as a Permeation Barrier for Producing Thin Films on Aluminum Substrates
Atomic-Scale Mechanisms of Single Asperity Sliding
Investigation of Epitaxy and Friction in Model Boundary Films
Temperature Dependence of Atomic-scale Friction on Two-dimensional Materials
Single Molecule Experiments to Explore Friction and Adhesion
Effects of Humidity on the Adhesion and Friction of Carbon-Based Materials
Single Asperity Tribochemical Wear of Silicon AFM Tips Sliding on Aluminum Oxide
Molecular Simulation of Indentation as a Probe of Scanning Probe Tip Mechanical Properties
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