AVS2014 WeA Sessions, Wednesday, November 12, 2014 2:20 PM

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Session Code Topic Session Name
2D+AS+EM+MI+MN+NS+TF-WeA 2D Properties of 2D Materials 
AS+BI+MC-WeA AS Practical Surface Analysis I
BI+MG-WeA BI Design and Discovery: Biointerfaces
EM+EN+TF-WeA EM Thin Films and Materials for Energy Storage
EM-WeA EM High-K Dielectrics for 2D Semiconductor
EN+AS+EM-WeA EN Organic-Inorganic Interfaces for Energy
EW-WeA EW Exhibitor Technology Spotlight Session
IS+2D+MC+NS+SP+SS-WeA IS In-Situ Scanning Microscopy
MN+PS-WeA MN Emerging Materials and Fabrication Technologies for MEMS/NEMS
MS+TF-WeA MS Overview: Applications and Manufacturing of Devices on Paper and Textiles 
NS+AS-WeA NS Nanoscale Imaging and Materials Characterization 
PS+2D-WeA PS Plasma Processing for 2D Materials, Coating, and Surface Modification
PS-WeA PS Plasma Diagnostics, Sensors, and Control
SD-WeA SD Process Development for Selective Deposition and Self-Aligned Patterning
SP+AS+BI+NS+SS-WeA SP Advances in Scanning Probe Microscopy
SS-WeA SS Chirality and Enantioselectivity on Surfaces
TF+EM+EN-WeA TF Thin Film and Nanostructured Coatings for Light Trapping, Extraction, and Plasmonic Applications
VT-WeA VT Accelerator and Large Vacuum Systems II
Abstract Timeline | Time Periods | Topics | Schedule Overview