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Session Friday, October 19, 2007
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Tools and Platforms for Single-Cell Biology
Reversible Biofunctionalization and Catalytic Activity of a Metabolic Pathway Enzyme in Reusable BioMEMS Devices
SPR Microscopy and its Applications to High-Throughput Analyses of Biomolecular Binding Events and their Kinetics
Studies of Electroosmotic Mobilities, and Protein Adsorption in Plasma Polymerised Microchannel Surfaces
Attomolar Toxin Detection with Semi-Homogeneous Assays
Affinity Capillary Electrophoresis and Other Separations on a Microfluidic Format
Dual Magnetic-/Temperature-Responsive Nanoparticles for Microfluidic Separations and Assays
Rapid Analysis of Species Separation in Multianalyte Integrated Micro/Nano Fluidic Chips using Multivariate Image Analysis
High Throughput Pharmacological Screening using Cell-Based Biosensors
Electrical Properties of High k Dielectrics Improved by Atomic Scale Nitrogen Depth Profile
Effect of Annealing Temperature on the Chemical Composition, Chemical Depth Profile,and Film Morphology of High-k Gate Dielectrics by AR-XPS and AFM
Suppression of Ge-N Bonding at Ge-HfO2 and Ge-TiO2 Interfaces: Deposition on Nitrided Ge Surfaces, and Post-Deposition Annealing at 800°C
Effect of Strain Localization and Percolation on Defect States by Controlled Nitrogen Incorporation in Hf Si Oxynitride Alloys
A Comparison of the Nucleation and Growth of HfO2 Thin Films Deposited by ALD Using TEMAH and TDMAH Precursors
Material Characteristics and Electrical Properties of Hafnium Silicate Films Synthesized by Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition
Band Alignment in Metal/Oxide/Semiconductor Stacks
Thermal Stability of Rare Earth Oxides as High-k Gate Dielectrics
Diffusion of La-based Layers on HfO2/SiO2/Si Dielectric Stacks
Physical and Chemical Properties of Hf-based High-κ Dielectrics on Ge(001) for CMOS Applications
High-Efficiency Spin Injection through the Depleted Edge of a Magnetic Semiconductor
Spin Injection in Organic Spintronics
Edge Emitting Spin-Lasers
High Frequency Nanoscale Spin Transfer Devices
Low Resistance Synthetic Antiferromagnet Coupled Spin Valves
Fabrication Technology for Magnetic Random Access Memory
Beyond Fe-MgO-Fe: Alternative Barriers and Systems
High Frequency Magnetic Properties of Amorphous and Crystalline CoFeB
Stencil Lithography - Quick & Clean Surface Patterning at Mesoscopic Scales
Nanopatterning of Functional Polymers by Thermal Dip-Pen Nanolithography
Shadow Edge Lithography for Wafer-Scale Nanomanufacturing
Conformal Intermediate Layers for Anti-Adhesive Coatings on Metal Molds
Nanoscale Electron Beam Induced Etching (EBIE)
Atomic-Scale Device Fabrication in Silicon
Advances in Atom Beam Nanolithography: A New Exposure Tool, Masks, and Resists
Resonances in Secondary Electron Yields from Capped Multilayer Mirrors
Miniature Machines for Nano-Scale Research and Manufacturing: A New Model for Equipment and Instrumentation
Role of UV/VUV Radiation and Ion Bombardment in the Degradation and Roughening of Photoresist Polymers
About the Surface Roughness Generated by Plasma Etching Processes
Influence of Plasma Etch Processing Parameters on Morphological and Topographic Transformations of Advanced Photoresist Materials
Effect of Charging on Twisting of Extremely High Aspect Ratio Features in Plasma Etching*
Role of Additives (O2, CO and CO2) in NF3 Remote Plasma Etching of Si3N4
Measurement of Modified Layer Formation of 193 nm Photoresist during Short Time Plasma Exposure
A Study on the Oxidation Properties of W Surface by O2 Plasma and Reduction of WOx Layer by H2 Plasma in Sub 50nm Patterning Process
Model Analysis of the Ion Reflection on Surfaces and the Profile Evolution during Etching of Si in Chlorine- and Bromine-Containing Plasmas
Formation and Dynamics of Sputter Ripples on an Epitaxially Grown Au Surface
Charge Transfer Dynamics in Alkanethiolate Self-Assembled Monomolecular Films
Dynamics of Analyte Binding onto a Metallophthalocyanine: NO/FePc
Atomic Scattering as a Probe of Polymer Surface and Thin Film Dynamics
Local Electronic Properties of Molecular Assemblies at Surfaces
Reactions of Atomic Hydrogen with Self Assembled Monolayers
Misfit-Dislocation-Mediated Migration of Cu Nanostructures on Ag(111)
Subpicosecond Photodesorption and Photoreaction of CO on Pd(111)
Grating-Coupled Excitation of Surface Plasmon Polariton Waves on Single Crystalline Cu(111) using Periodic Density Patterns of Rare Gas Monolayers for Adsorbate Surface Diffusion Study
Dynamical Study of the Elastic Forces between Dislocations in a Strained Metal Film
Unravelling Molecular Contrast Formation Obtained by NC-AFM on Titania
Characterization of Para-Sexiphenyl Thin Films Grown on KCl Substrates
A Nanoengineering Approach to Regulate The Lateral Heterogeneity of Self-Assembled Monolayers
Mechanistic Aspects of Organic Thin Film Growth from Energetic Sources: Insights from Experiment and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Growth of Pentacene Thin Films from a Supersonic Source: Unexpected Behavior in the Presence of Molecular Cluster Formation
Vibrational and Structural Investigation of Ferrocene Adsorption on Au(111) Surfaces
Uncovering Molecular Dewetting: Growth and Morphology of C60 and PTCDA on Insulators
STM/STS Studies of C60:Pentacene Interface Formation
Potassium Induced Long Range Superstructure on C60/Ag (111) Surface
Thiol-Modified Diamondoid Monolayers on Silver and Gold Studied with Near-Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy
Effects of Processing Parameters on Electroluminescence of RF Magnetron Sputter Deposited ZnS: ErF3
Local Compositional Environment of Er in ZnS:ErF3 Thin Film Electroluminescent Phosphors
Fabrication and Characterization of Indium Zinc Oxide-Based Thin Film Transistors
Near IR Electroluminescent Studies Of ZnS Photonic Crystal
Conformal CVD of MgO from Mg(H3BNMe2BH3)2 and Water: A New Process for Dielectric Barrier Layers in Plasma Display Panels
Other Impurity-co-doping Effect on the Stability of Resistivity in AZO and GZO Transparent Conducting Thin Films
Sputtered In2O3 and ITO Thin Films Containing Zirconium
Electronic and Optical Properties of TiO2-based Transparent Conducting Oxide
Reactive Sputtered SnO2 as the Active Layer in Transparent Thin Film Transistors
Electron Field Emission Study of Reactive Sputter Deposited Palladium Oxide Thin Films
Preparation and Characterization of Supported Metal Sulfide Nanoclusters Using Size-Selected Deposition
Chemical States of Sn Present in SnO2 Nanomaterial Sensors
New Carbon Allotropes Produced by Hydrogen Plasma Exposure of Carbon Nanotubes
Non-Lithographic Organization of Nickel Catalyst for Carbon Nanofiber Synthesis on Laser-Induced Periodic Surface Structures
Matilda : A Mass Filtered Magnetron Nanocluster Source
Controlled Synthesis of Single and Multi-Component Metallic and Ceramic Nanoparticles Via Matrix Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation
The Characterization of Stress Induced Crystallization of Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Film Transistor with Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanofibers
Mechanical, Chemical, and Tribochemical Etching of Silicon Studied by Atomic Force Microscopy1
New Techniques for the Quantitative Determination of nm/hr Wear Rates of Materials
Nano-scale Friction and Wear of Carbon-Based Materials
Wear in MEMS-Based Microball Bearings
Microstructure and Tribological Behavior of W-DLC Coated Rubbers
Adaptive Tribological Nanocomposite Coatings
Hard Nanostructured Sulfur-Doped CHx-TiB2 Coatings for Improved Friction and Mechanical Performance
The Relation of Hydrogen to Superlubricity of DLC Films
Friction and Wear Properties of Nanocrystalline Diamond Coatings
Effects of Annealing on Anti-Wear and Anti-Bacteria Behaviors of TaN-Cu Thin Films
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