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Session Thursday, November 1, 2001
8:20 AM 9:20 AM 10:20 AM
Atomic Oxygen Irradiation of Polymers: Ground Simulation of LEO Environment
Surface Oxidation on Pure Liquid InSn Alloy
Oxidation of Scandium Layers on Tungsten
Mechanism of the Activation of Mg2Ni for Hydrogen Up-Take by Surface Treatment With Liquid Water and Water Vapor
The Interaction of Organic Molecules with Oxidised Metal Surfaces: Studies by High Resolution XPS and ToF-SIMS
Characterization of Rhenium Oxide Using ESCA
Physicochemical Properties of Polysaccharide Coatings as Determinants of Protein Adsorption
Effect of Adsorbate Alkyl Chain Length and Terminal Group Chemistry on the Adsorption of Fibronectin and Albumin on Self-assembled Monolayers
Deformation of Proteins Adsorbed on Glass Surfaces as Characterized by XAS
Reversible Adsorption/Desorption of Proteins from a Thermally Switching Polymer Monolayer
Polyelectrolyte Multilayers : A New Tool to Design Targeted Biofilms
Design of Bioadhesive Polymers for Use at Mucosal Interfaces
The Role of Protein-surface Interactions in Implanted Joints
Fabrication of a Silicon-based Solid State Quantum Computer
Ratchets, Heat Pumps and Maxwell's Demon: Quantum Transport in the Non-linear Regime
Two Dimensional Electronic Properties of a Disordered Three Dimensional Conductor in the Extreme Quantum Limit
First-principles Study of Conduction Channels of Atomic Wires
Quantum Transport through One Dimensional Aluminum Wires
Probing a One Dimensional Conductor Confined Below a Charged Step Edge
Measurement of Spin Polarization using Andreev Reflection
Point Contact Spectroscopy in Magnetic Fields
Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy Probed using X-ray Magnetic Linear Dichroism
Soft X-ray Microscopy to Image Magnetic Domain Structures at High Resolution
Photoemission Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism of Ultrathin FeNi Alloy Films on Cu(111)
Imaging Magnetization in MRAM Elements with Soft X-Ray Microscopy
Imaging Magnetic Nanostructures by Spin-Polarized Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Mechanical Properties of MEMS Materials
The Beam vs. Plate Distinction for Si Strips Mechanically Loaded in Bending
Amorphous Diamond MEMS
Fabrication Techniques and Integration Processes for a New Ultrananocrystalline Diamond (UNCD) -Based MEMS Technology and Characterization of UNCD Mechanical Properties
Silicon Carbide Films by Low Temperature CVD for MEMS Applications
Thermal Characteristics of Microswitch Contacts
MBE-grown Single-crystal Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Ni2MnGa Thin Films
Stability of Alkylsilane Monolayer Films in Humid Environments
Control of Carbon Nanofiber Growth: "Base" versus "Tip" Growth Regimes
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy of GdC82-filled Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes
Using Carbon Nanotube Materials to Separate Molecular Mixtures: Predictions from Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Chemical Disentanglement of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Bundles
Electromechanical Properties of Carbon and Boron-Nitride Nanotubes
Magnetic "Smart-Wires": Magnetic and Electronic Properties of Nickel and Iron Nanotubes Grown on Polypeptide Templates
Chemical Reactivity of Carbon Nanotubes and Fullerenes
Atomic Resolution Imaging of WS2 Nanotubes
In-situ Observed Atomic Structures at Carbon Nanotube Tips under Applied Electric Field
Characterization of CVD Grown Carbon Nanotubes and Field Emission Properties
Characterization and Modification of ITO Surfaces: Use of Chemisorbed Probe Molecules as Indicators of Electron Transfer Rates and Their Use in Improving OLED Performance
XPS Characterization of Photo-Alignment of Liquid Crystals using Adsorbed Dichroic Materials
An STM , XPS and RAIRS Study of Cobalt(II) Hexadecafluorophthalocyanine (CoF16Pc) and Its Co-adsorption with Nickel(II) Tetraphenylporphyrin (NiTPP)on Au (111)
Solution-Assisted Tribological Modification of Surfaces Using an Atomic Force Microscope
Viscoelastic Properties of Thin Liquid Crystal Films
Structure of Ultrathin Pentacene Films
Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Exciton Dynamics and Interactions in Organic Thin Films: C60 and Photopolymerized C60
Optical Properties of Highly Ordered Ultrathin Epitaxial Films of PTCDA on Au(111)
Importance of Structural Order for the Low Surface Energy of Perfluoroalkyl Substituted Polymethacrylates
Chalcogenide Glasses as Nonlinear Optical Materials and Their Application in Optical Communication Systems
Crystallization Kinetics in Chalcogenide Glasses
Single Quantum Dots as Tunable Artificial Atoms
Dynamic Response of the Electro-optic Effect in Epitaxial Ferroelectric Thin Films
Two-stage Growth of Patterned Epitaxial Lithium Niobate for Photonic Application
An Advanced 300 mm Etcher with Tunable Plasma Source for the Etching of <0.15mm Poly-Silicon Gates
Plasma-Based Copper Etch Process - Additive Gas Effects
Silicon Gate Etching: Potential Strategies for Future CMOS Devices
Sidewall Passivation Mechanism of CF4 Added Polysilicon Gate Etch Process
Manufacturing Viability of the "Notched Gate" Process for sub 0.1µm Technologies
Properties of Pulsed ICPs with rf Substrate Biases1
Magnetic Field Effects and Electron Shading Damage
Effects of H2, D2, N2 and Ar Plasma on III-V Compound Semiconductor Devices
Plasma Induced Physical Damage and Contamination on the SrBi2Ta2O9 Thin Film after Etching in Cl2/CF4/Ar Plasma
Prepairing-dependent Desorption Kinetics of Hydrogen from Si(100)-2x1
In situ Measurements of the Stability of H terminated Si Surfaces and Kinetics of Oxide Regrowth in Ambient
Hydrogen and Si(001): Adsorption/Desorption Pathways and the "Barrier Puzzle"
Noncontact AFM Study for Hydrogen Termination on Silicon Surfaces
Making Organic Molecules on Cu(100) and GaAs(100)
Adsorption and Thermal Decomposition of Iodoethane on Si(100)-2x1: Kinetically-Favored Adsorbate Ordering
Are Silicon and Germanium Surfaces Chemically Similar? Reactions of Amines
The Influence of Conjugation in Attachment of π-Electron Containing Organic Molecules to the Si(001) Surface: Acrylonitrile vs. Allyl Cyanide
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of a Conjugated {C}3-oligomer on Si(100)
Peter Mark Memorial Award Lecture - Surface Preparation and Electronic Properties of d-AlNiCo
Structure, Morphology and Dynamics of High Symmetry AlNiCo-Surfaces
Tribological Properties of Quasicrystals and Quasicrystal Approximants
Surface Properties of Quasicrystals
Auger Spectroscopy and the Electronic Structure of Quasicrystals
Nucleation and Growth of Al and Ag Thin Films on Five-fold Surface of Icosahedral Quasicrystals
Accessing the Role of Net Planes in Decagonal Al-Ni-Co
Fermi Surface Evolution of Ag(111) Films Grown onto Si(111) Surfaces
Ultrathin Epitaxial Mg Films on Si(111): Quantum Size Effects
Resonant Photoemission Investigation of the Electronic Structure of Plutonium
Visualization of the Electronic Structure of Metal Surfaces with Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy
Temperature-Dependent Fermi Gap Opening in the c(6X4)-C60/Ag(100) Two-Dimensional Superstructure
Electronic Transport through Surface-state Bands
Electronic Structure of the Alkali Halide-metal Interfaces: LiCl(100)/ Cu(100)
Theoretical Analysis of Field Emission from Atomically Sharp Al Tips
Self-aligned Deposition and Patterning of Biologically-active Polymer Thin Films
Desorption and Processing of Bioactive Thin Films
Nano-scale Fabrication Using Organic Thin Films
Hot-Filament Chemical Vapor Deposition of Fluorocarbon-Organosilicon Copolymer Thin Films
Polyatomic Ion Deposition of Gradient Thin Films: A New Method for Combinatorial Materials
Plasma Sputtering Deposition of Metals on PAMAM Dendrimer Monolayer
Tribological Surface Engineering for Lubrication and Wear Resistance
Optimization of Wear-resistant Coating Architecture using Finite Element Analysis
Solution-Assisted Tribological Modification of Surfaces Using an Atomic Force Microscope
Low Frictional Force Coating of Boron Nitride - Copper Complex for Ultra High Vacuum by Magnetron Co-sputtering Technique
Aging Evaluations of MoS2-Containing Lubricants1
Diamond-Like Carbon Nanocontacts
Is the Effective Accommodation Coefficient of the Spinning Rotor Gauge Temperature Dependent?
Using Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges at Different Temperatures
Low-pressure Capacitiance Diaphragm Gage Measurements and Characteristics
Static Gas Expansion Method as High-accuracy Primary Pressure Standard
Transfer Standard for Low Rates of Gas Flow
Overview of Two CCM Key Comparisons in Low Pressure (1 Pa - 1000 Pa) - How Good are MEMS Sensors as Transfer Standards?
Some Consideration About Uncertainty on the Primary Vacuum Measurements
Performance Test of Vacuum Components and System
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