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Session Monday, November 2, 1998
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Synchrotron Based Low Z Materials Analysis
Contribution of a Fano Resonance and Pt-H EXAFS in the Pt L23 XANES of Supported Pt Particles: Application to Materials Characterization
An Investigation of the Surface Chemistry of Lubricant Additives on Steel by NEXAFS Spectroscopy
Small Area Analysis: The Synergism of FIB/TEM Instrumentation
Small Area X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy using a Spherical Mirror Analyzer
Analysis of Heterogeneous Polymer Samples using XPS
TOF-SIMS analysis of Atmospheric Aerosol
Evaluation of Ge Based Detectors for Small Area Analysis
Detection and Passivation of Surface States in InP by Thermally Stimulated Exo-electron Emission Spectroscopy
Effect of Surface Rheology on Anti-Adhesive Properties of Water-Soluble Thin Films
Probing the Local Interaction Forces with the AFM between Tertraglyme and Fluorinated Polymers and Biomolecules
Proteins at the Solid-Solution Interface: Significance, Behavior and Manipulation
Molecular Recognition Between Genetically-Engineered Streptavidin and Surface-Bound Biotin
Interfacial Influences on the Apparent Activity of Immobilized Electron Transfer Proteins
Interfacial Supra-Biomolecular Assemblies on Solid Supports
Qualitative and Quantitative Mass Spectrometric Methods for Probing Surface-Protein Binding Affinity
Biosensing Using Colloidal Au Arrays as Biocompatible Substrates and Au:Protein Conjugates as Signal Enhancing Agents
Electron Transfer of Cytochrome c on Lipid-Coated Graphite Electrode
SCALPEL: Projection Electron Beam Lithography
Fundamental Issues in Wafer Bonding and SOI
The Fundamental Mechanisms of Silicon Wafer Bonding and Layer Exfoliation
DARPA High Definition Systems Program
Field Emission Energy Distributions from Silicon Field Emitter Arrays
Effects of Oxygen on Silicon and Platinum-coated Silicon Field Emitter Arrays
Improved Performance in Thin Film Electroluminescent Phosphors by Fluxing
Overcoming Barriers to MEMS Prototyping and Production
Materials, Process, and Integration Issues in SiC MEMS
Thermally-Actuated Micro-Beam for Large In-Plane Mechanical Deflections
Development of a Micro EHD Pump Using Laser Micro-machining
Laminated Plastic Microfluidic Components for Biological and Chemical Systems
Deep Anisotropic Etching of Silicon
Application of the Footing Effect in the Microfabrication of Self-Aligned, Free-Standing Structures
Test Structure Experiments and Modeling of Very Deep Dry Etching Processes for MEMS Applications
Pattern Shape Effects and Artefacts in Deep Silicon Etching
Nanotribological Interactions: Hard and Soft Interfacial Junctions
Measuring Nanocontact Adhesion and Deformation
Adhesive Interactions and Damage Mechanisms in Scanning Probe Microscopy: A Study by Interfacial Force Microscopy
Friction and Adhesion in the Attractive Regime
Tribology and Mechanical Properties of Langmuir-Blodgett Monolayers
Deformation and Friction of Organic Monolayers
Structure-Dependent Viscoelasticity During Alkane Thiol Monolayer Growth
Lubrication Brought to Light: Optical Signatures of Nanomechanical Effects in Organic Thin Films
In-situ Investigation of the Influence of a Mechanical Load on the Orientation of Organic Monolayers with Second Harmonic Generation
Polymers for Optoelectronics
High Efficiency Three Color Stacked Organic Light Emitting Devices
Excited-State Electronic Structure of Conjugated Polymers and Oligomers: Characterization of the Luminescence and Two-Photon Absorption Properties
Gain, Amplified Spontaneous Emission and Lasing in Semiconducting Polymers
XPS and AFM Investigation of Stability Mechanism of tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline) Aluminium Based Light-Emitting Devices
A Comparison of the Change in the Valence Electronic Structure of p-sexiphenyl Thin Films upon Doping with K and Cs
The Independence of Feature Profile Evolution on Mask Charging During Chlorine Plasma Etching of Si (100)
Is Notch Formation Chemical or Physical?
Feature Evolution Simulations of Silicon Trenches
An Integrated Multi-Scale Modeling Approach to Predicting Ionized PVD Step Coverages
Notch Formation by Stress Induced Etching of Polysilicon
The Influence of Insulator Charging on Ion Scattering and Feature Evolution During Plasma Etching
Feature Profile Evolution during the High Density Plasma Etching of Patterned Polysilicon
Modeling of Finite 3-Dimensional Features in High Density Plasma Etching1
Charging Effects in Profile Evolution during Etching of Silicon in High-Density Plasmas
Effect of Residual Chlorine (Cl) Atoms for Notching Formation in a High Density Plasma Reactor
A General Predictive Semi-Empirical Feature Profile Simulator
The Physical Origin of Surface Relaxation1
Unoccupied States vs Coverage in Alkali Metals on Mo(110) by Auger Decay, NEXAFS, and Bandmapping
Auger Photoelectron Coincidence Spectroscopy of Ag and the Ag/Cu(100) Surface Alloy
Photoelectron Spectroscopy Studies of Adhesion, Alloying and Segregation in the Platinum - Tungsten Bimetallic System
Electronic Structure of Sn/Ge(111) along the √3 x √3 to 3x3 Phase Transition
Surface Electronic Structure of Wurtzite GaN(0001)1x1 Studied with Angle-Resolved Photoemission
Fermi Surface and Metallization of the Ag/Si(111)7x7 Interface
Analysis of High-Index Si(001) Surfaces by Reflectance-Difference Spectroscopy
HRPES Study of Acetylene Adsorption and Reaction with Si(100)-2x1 Surface
The Electronic Structure of Nanosized Mg Clusters on MgO Surfaces: Characterization with MIES
Scattered and Recoiled Ion Fractions From Cd- and S-Terminated CdS(0001) Surfaces
An X-ray Absorption Study of Saturated Hydrocarbons Physisorbed on Metal Surfaces
An Atom Specific Probe of the Surface Chemical Bond Using X-ray Emission Spectroscopy
The Role of Steps and Kinks in Catalytic Activity
Face Specificity and the Role of Metal Adatoms in Molecular Reorientation at Surfaces
Theoretical Studies of Surface Reactions on Metals: I. Ethyl to Ethylene Conversion on Platinum; II. Photodissociation of Methane on Platinum
Chemistry of SO2 on Ru(001): Formation of SO3 and SO4
Low Temperature STM Imaging of Furan Molecules on Pd(111)
Conformation and Orientation of Methyl Pyruvate on Ni(111)
Negative and Positive Adsorbate-Induced Reflectance Changes: Formic Acid on Cu(100)
Ordering of Chemisorbed PF3 on Cu(001)
Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition of Transparent Conducting Films of Fluorine-Doped Zinc Oxide
Effects of Layered Structure on Properties of Transparent Conductive Films of ZnO/ZnO:Al
Chemical State Effects on Doped ZnO Film Properties
Photoemission Spectroscopy Analysis of ZnO Films for Display Applications
Transparent and Conductive Multicomponent Oxide Films Prepared by Magnetron Sputtering
Improvement of Microstructure of Indium-Tin-Oxide Films by Thin Film and Surface Technologies
Work Function Modification of Indium Tin Oxide
Application of High Speed Four-Parameter Stokes Vector Spectroscopy to the Characterization of Textured and Specular Transparent Conducting Oxide Thin Films
Transparent Conductive Oxides with Improved Performance for Plastic Flat Panel Displays
Ionised PVD and Filtered Arc Deposition; Processes, Properties and Applications
Transport of a Cathodic-Arc Plasma Through a Linear-Solenoid Macroparticle Filter
Characterization of Magnetron-Sputtered Partially Ionized Deposition as a Function of Metal and Gas Species
Effects of Coil dc Potential on Ion Energy Distribution Measured by an Energy-resolved Mass Spectrometer in Ionized Physical Vapor Deposition
Modeling of Large Cluster Synthesis
Combined Monte Carlo and Fluid Sputter Transport Model in an Ionized PVD System with Experimental Plasma Characterization
Plasma Diagnostics of Magnetic Field Assisted Ionized Magnetron Sputtering
Study of Thin Films Deposited from a Copper Beam Formed in an Argon Atmosphere Capable of Condensing Nanoparticles
Novel (111)-Textured AlCu Growth by Ionized Metal Plasma (IMP) Ti Underlayer
Plasma Polymerization of Fluorine Alloyed Amorphous Carbon Coatings
Data Evaluation of Gas-Analytic Mass Spectra: Special Aspects of Getter-Assisted Helium Analysis
Long Term Behavior of an Axial-Symmetric Transmission Gauge
Ultra-high Vacuum Instrumentation Development Studies
Effect of Background Neutral Pressure on the m=1 Diocotron Mode Amplitude in a Pure Electron Plasma1
Ionization Gauge Errors at Low Pressures
Plasma Expansion in a Malmberg-Penning Trap as a Function of Background Pressure1
Outgassing Measurements of Vacuum Compatible Stepper Motors
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