ALD/ALE 2022 Tuesday Morning

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Session Tuesday, June 28, 2022
10:45 AM 11:45 AM
Plasma-assisted ALD of IrO2 for Neuroelectronic Applications
Atomic Layer Deposition (Ald) on 5-Aminosalicylic Acid for Delayed and Targeted Drug Release Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Atomic Layer Deposition Enables Dimensionless, Biocompatible Encasings for Medical Implants Pro-Longing Their Lifetime
High ALD Equipment and Precursor Demand and 5-Year Forecast Due to Continued Semiconductor Device Scaling and Fab Expansions
High-k Gate Dielectrics for ScAlN Barrier HEMT Structures
Ultra-thin High-κ Dielectrics Growth by ALD on MoS2
Fabrication of a MOSFET Based on ZnO Using an Atomic Layer 3D-printer
Theoretical Understanding on the Chemical Principles of Atomic Layer Deposition
A Study of Area-Selective TiO2 Deposition Using First Principles Based Thermodynamic Simulations
Chemistry of Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Co using CoCp2 and Nitrogen/Hydrogen Plasma
Adsorption Mechanics of Trimethyl Metal Precursors on AlN, GaN and InN
Atomic Layer Processing Approach for Achieving Abrupt Epitaxial Interfaces on AlN
Surface Modification for Atomic Layer Etching of TiAlC Using Floating Wire-Assisted Liquid Vapor Plasma at Medium Pressure
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