SIMS-23 2022 Wednesday Morning

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Session Wednesday, September 21, 2022
8:40 AM 9:40 AM 10:40 AM 11:40 AM
Improving Uranium Particle Analysis by SIMS using O3-
Surface Properties of Ionic Liquids: A Mass Spectrometric View Based on Soft Cluster-Induced Desorption
Ion Suppression Effect of Atrazine in SIMS and MALDI Imaging in Earthworm Samples and its Correlation to Gas Phase Basicity
Ion Emission of Molecules from Graphene and Carbon Nanotube Substrates via Large Cluster Impacts: Mechanisms of Ionization
Oxygen Enhancement of Sputtered Ion Yields: Anomalous Behavior of Electropositive Impurities (Al and B) in Cu(O) Matrices
Strategy for the Construction of Accurate 3D NanoSIMS Depth Profiling Images of Cells Despite Lateral Variations in Sputter Rate
Cs+ SIMS using a Low Temperature Ion Source (LoTIS)
Development and Characterization of a Drug Dosed Biomimetic Reference Material for a Sims Vamas Inter-Laboratory Study to Study Sensitivity and Linearity
Study of Mixed-gas Cluster Ion Beam for TOF SIMS
Properties of Vacuum Electrospray Droplet Ion Beams Produced by Capillaries with Different Inner Diameters
Effects of Reactive Gas Cluster Ion Beams on Yields and Matrix Effects in SIMS
A Novel Method for Measuring Young's Modulus Using Water Cluster SIMS
Toward the Analysis of Hydrated Biological Specimens Using Atom Probe Tomography
Identification of Organic Molecules Produced from a Surface using Laser and QIT-ToF-SIMS
Cryo-ToF-SIMS and OrbiSIMS investigations of Sr2+ Diffusion in Bone Marrow
Diagenetic Degradation of Organic Molecules in Fossils Characterized by ToF-SIMS
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