SIMS-23 2022 Tuesday Afternoon

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Session Tuesday, September 20, 2022
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Answering Biomedical Questions Using Integrative ToF-SIMS Imaging
Evaluating Topical Product Sensitivity and Distribution Using a Multi-Modal Imaging Approach
In Situ Matrix Enhanced Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for Tissue Analysis
Investigation of Changes in the Cell Envelope of E. coli Mutants with a Deficient Conjugation Efficiency Using TOF-Sims
Nanoprojectile-SIMS in the Event-by-Event Bombardment-Detection Mode
2D/3D Ion Imaging Methods using CAMECA Dynamic SIMS Instruments
High-Resolution Peak Analysis in TOF SIMS: Resolving Satellite Peaks and sub-Peak Structures
Innovative Approach to Safeguard Saffron Authenticity Using TOF-SIMS and Multivariate Analysis
New Horizons for SIMS in the CMOS industry
Self-Focusing SIMS to Enable Boron Quantification in Small Silicon Fins
Can SIMS Still Be a Relevant and Accurate Technique for Dopant Quantification and Bulk Composition of Latest Advanced Nanoelectronic Devices?
Characterization of GaN HEMT Structures by Combined SIMS & HAXPES Approach
The Implementation of ToF-SIMS in the Development of State of the Art Ohmic Contacts to GaN
Transfer of Zirconium Oxide Nanotubes onto Zirconia-Based Ceramic Implants
Quantification of Sims Measurements by Using Ion Implanted Metallic Standards
Ion Implantation Applications for In-Line SIMS Metrology
Molybdenum Oxide Substrate Used in “Storing Matter” SIMS Technique – Determination of Relative Sensitivity Factors of 20 Elements
CsM+ Cluster Method in Dynamic SIMS: A Versatile and Practical Approach for Thin Film Electronic Materials
Probing the Human Epidermis from a Materials Science Point of View
Ambient Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Lipid Molecules from Live Cells and Tissues Using Nanomaterials
SiLC-MS (Single-Live-Cell Mass Spectrometry) Analysis in the Context of Drug Discovery
Physical Electronics Vendor Presentation: Innovation and Leadership in Chemical & Molecular Analysis Instrumentation
IONTOF Vendor Presentation: Latest News and Developments from IONTOF
CAMECA Vendor Presentation: Continuous Improvements in SIMS Technologies
Sessions | Time Periods | Topics | Schedule Overview