SIMS2015 Monday Morning

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Session Monday, September 14, 2015
10:00 AM 11:00 AM
SIMS Based Correlative Microscopy for High Resolution Multi-technique Analysis
Bringing MALDI and SIMS Closer Together with New Ion Beams, Matrices and Sample Preparation
Concerted Mass Spectrometry, A Proof of Principle Approach to Combining LA-ICP-MS with SIMS and TIMS for Nuclear Debris Analysis
Beyond Defect Formation: Characterization of Structural and Electronic Modifications in Graphene due to Plasma Treatment by ToF-SIMS, XPS and Raman
Small-Scale Signals With a Big Impact: Sub-Micron Heterogeneity in Environmental Materials and Biominerals as Imaged by SIMS and APT
Multi-technique Evaluation of Induced Topography while Profiling Organic Samples with Low Energy Cesium Ions
Sputtering-ionization from Free Standing Graphene
Quantitative Evaluation of Oxygen Enhancement of Sputtered Ion Yields in Copper, Aluminum and Silicon Single Crystals Studied using 18O Implant Calibration of Oxygen Levels
Effect of Oxygen Chemistry in Sputtering Simulations
Projectile Assisted Surface Chemistry: A Possible Route to Enhance Molecular Secondary Ion Yields?
Computer Modeling of Cluster Bombardment of Organic Materials: From Small Molecules to Polymers
Exploration of the Concept of Universality in Sputtering Yields due to Custer Bombardment
SIMS Isotopic Measurements of Isotopically Purified Films Deposited on Silicon
High Depth Resolution SIMS Profiling and Topography Studies of III-V Heterostructures in 3D Architecture under Low Energy Ion Beam Sputtering
Effect of Boron Concentration in High Purity Water on Electrical Properties of Silicon Devices
Assessment of Accurate Analysis in Low Dimensional or Confined SiGe Structures using Low Energy Dynamic Sims Technique
Combining Plasma Profiling ToFMS with ToF-SIMS depth profiling for microelectronic applications
'Atomic Layer’ SIMS Depth Profiling of Epitaxial Si1-xGex Films: Quantification Aspects at Low Impact Energy
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