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Session Tuesday, December 13, 2022
5:40 PM 6:40 PM 7:40 PM
Layered Iron Vanadate Electrocatalyst for Large Current Density Water Splitting
Size Dependence of the N-Doped Graphene Nanocluster on the Oxygen Reduction Reaction Activity
a New High Entropy Glycerate for High Performance Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Shape Matters, Nanostructured Materials with Unique Properties in Carbon Captureand Catalysis
Molecular Single Iron and Cobalt Catalysts Over Carbon Nanotubes for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction and H2 Production
VHF Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of SiNx
Instant Inactivation of Infectious Bioaerosols by Plasma Filter Technologies
Fabrications of High-Adhesion Copper-Coated Fiber for Antibacterial and Antiviral Filter by Ion-Beam Irradiation
Functional Coatings for Aerospace Applications – Perspectives and Sustainable Development
The Effect of Morphology in the Diffusion of Ag Inside Hard Coatings
Comparison of Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings Doped with Europium and Gadolinium Produced by HiPiMs
Reactive Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study on the Chemical Reactions Induced at the Diamond-Like Carbon/Fe Sliding Interface and Their Effects of Friction and Wear
High-Entropy Configuration Strategy for the Synthesis of Oxide, Glycerate, and Sulfide Catalysts for Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Water Splitting
Sessions | Time Periods | Topics | Schedule Overview