ICMCTF 2022 Tuesday Morning

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Session Tuesday, May 24, 2022
8:00 AM 9:00 AM 10:00 AM
Protective Sol-Gel Coatings for Steels Against Corrosion of Molten Carbonates for Concentrated Solar Power Plants
Experimental Study on Steam Oxidation Resistance at 600ºC of Inconel 625 Coatings Deposited by HVOF and Laser Cladding
Oxidation Kinetics of γ-TiAl Based Coating Materials
The Impact of Aluminide Slurry Coatings on the Oxidation and Fatigue Resistance of High-Strength Ni-Based Valve Alloys
Thermal Stability of Nanotwinned Metallic Thin Films (Virtual Presentation)
Phase Stability and Mechanical Characteristics of Sputtering (Mo, Hf)N Coatings
Evidencing Different Dislocation Types in Magnetron-sputtered Epitaxial TiN Thin Films on MgO
TiN/Zr0.34Al0.66N Multilayer Films: Growth Temperature Dependence on Structure and Mechanical Properties
Physicochemical Properties of Single Phased Tantalum Nitride Thin Films
Characterization of Hydroxyapatite Coatings Produced by Pulsed-laser Deposition on Ti6Al4V Substrates Fabricated by Electron Beam Melting
Preclinical in Vitro and in Vivo Assessment of High-Strength and Corrosion-Controlled Magnesium-Based Bone Implants
Understanding Tribological Contact in Biomedical Applications; The Role of Surface Film Formation and Its Correlation With Friction and Wear
Corrosion Resistance of Cerium Oxynitride Thin Films for Use in Implants and Prothesis
Porous Ti Under Tribocorrosion Solicitations: Some Positive Feedback and Some Scientific Benefits
Thermomechanical Stability of Hard DLC Coatings Produced by HiPIMS-DOMS
Static and Dynamic Friction Assessment Using Novel High Temperature Tribometer
Study of the a-C:H Coating Wear Behaviour in Boundary Lubricated Tribological Contacts Using Raman-Based Profilometry (Virtual Presentation)
Elaboration and Characterization of High Entropy Nitride Al-Ti-Zr-Ta-Hf (-N) Deposited by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering for High Temperature Applications
Strain-Stabilized Al-Containing High-Entropy Sublattice Nitrides
Structural and Mechanical Properties Investigation of a New TiTaZrHfW(-N) Refractory High Entropy Films Deposited by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
Photons meet Plasma – Adding Value to your Al, Mg and Ti Components
The Effect of Coating Conditions on the Life of PVD Coated Steel Rods Immersed in a Molten Aluminum Die Casting Alloy
Carbon-Based Surface Solutions for High Performance Forming Tools - A Journey from Material Research to Industrial Solutions
Reflectance Anisotropy Spectroscopy and Microscopy for the Investigation of Ultrathin Films With Micron Resolution
Combinatorial Mechanical Microscopy Using Correlated Nanoindentation Mapping and EDX
Progress in the Development of High Strain Rate Nanoindentation Experiments
Testing the Adhesion of a Sintered Ag Film on a Cu Substrate Using Laser Shocks
Transfer Learning in Characterization of Nanoindentation Induced Acoustic Events
Nanoindentation Testing to Measure Surface Free Energy in Thin Films and Engineered Surfaces
Metal-Ion-Controlled Thin Film Growth: What Have We Learnt During the Last Decade?
Predictive Kinetics-based Epitaxial Film Growth Modeling for the SiGe, Si:B and SiGe:B Systems
Growth Kinetics of Spontaneous Superlattices, and Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes Using Gas Phase Precursors (Virtual Presentation)
Engineering of Soft Materials for Stretchable Electronics
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