ICMCTF2018 Tuesday Afternoon

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Session Tuesday, April 24, 2018
1:50 PM 2:50 PM 3:50 PM 4:50 PM
Impact Analysis of Power Source Operating Parameters on Hardness, Adhesion and Film Composition of TiN Functional Coatings
Substitution of Commercially Coated Tungsten Carbide Tools in Dry Cylindrical Turning Process by HiPIMS Coated Niobium Carbide Cutting Inserts
Controlled Deposition of Alpha, Beta, and FCC Tantalum Thin Films by Magnetron Sputtering
High Power Impulse Plasma Magnetron Sputtering: Review of Critical Parameters Ensuring Successful Industrialization
Investigation of the Formation of Ni-Ti Intermetallic Layers Produced by Cathodic Arc Electron-metal Ion Treatment
Exploring the High-temperature Stability of Nanocrystalline Cu-W Coatings
Governing the Wettability Properties of the Nanostructured Surfaces of Metallic Coatings Fabricated by Thermal Annealing
Highly Efficient Light trapping by Fractal, MOCVD Processed CoO-based Surfaces on Polymers
Deposition Kinetics, Gas Phase Analysis and Film Characterization of Silicon Carbide by Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition using Vinyltrichlorosilane and Hydrogen
Hydrothermal Corrosion Behaviors of CVD Silicon Carbides and Cr-based Alloy Coated CVI SiCf/SiC Composites
Temperature Driven Microstructural Evolution of Nano‑lamellar CVD fcc‑Ti1-xAlxN
Dense, Uniform, Transparent SIO2/TIO2 Coatings Derived from a Single Precursor Source of Tetrabutyl Titanate Modified Perhydropolysilazane
Emerging Photoluminescence in Chemical Vapor Deposition Grown MoSe2/h-BN Van der Waals Heterostructure
Innovative Concepts for Advanced CVD Carbide Coatings Grown by Direct Liquid Injection of Metalorganic Precursors
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation of CVD Process for (Ti,Si)x(C,N)y Coating
Tribological Evaluation and Behavior of DLC Coatings on Steel in PE-CVD System with TiO2 Over Layer using ALD Technique
Design Principles for Binary and Multicomponent Conductive Nitrides for Applications in Electronics Plasmonics and Photonics
Tip Enhanced Optical Microscopy and Spectroscopy Based on Near Field Force Detection – a Review
Crystallite Grain Orientation Manipulation through Deposition Flux Angle and Composition in CdSe1-xTex
Durable Electrochromic Coating Systems for Advanced Smart Windows and Security Devices
From “n” and “k” to Solar Cell Functionality: The Importance of Optical Property Characterization
Titanium Oxide Coatings to Improve Cell Adhesion and Differentiation
Antibacterial Thin Films with Controlled Antibiotics Release Based on Plasma Polymer
Development of a Microfluidic Based Multianalyte Biosensor Device for Medical Diagnostics
Bactericidal Activity and Cytotoxicity of a Zinc Doped PEO Titanium Coating
Antibacterial Effects of Titanium Embedded with Silver Nanoparticles Based on Electron-Transfer-Induced Reactive Oxygen Species
Tribocorrosion and Cytotoxicity of FeB-Fe2B Layers on AISI 316 L Steel
Optical Spectroscopic study for Atmospheric Pressure Plasma by Radio Frequency Power
Physical Mechanisms for Nanoscale Friction of a-C:H/D Thin Films
Relocation Profilometry of Micro-tribology Experiments of Uncoated and DLC Coated Steel
Microstructural Design of Self-lubricating Laser Claddings for use in High Temperature Sliding Applications
Fretting Wear Behavior of Duplex PEO-Chameleon Coating on an Al Alloy
Lubricant/Coating Interactions and Their Effect on Tribological Performance: In-situ XAS Analysis of a Dynamic Lubricated Interface
Friction and Wear Mechanism of MoS2/C Composite Coatings under Atmospheric Environment
Adhesion and Mechanical Properties of Ti Films Deposited by DC Magnetron Sputtering
Tribology of New Surface Modifications for Cold Rolling Mill Rolls
Kinetic Engineering of Crystal Phases in Core-shell Nanowires: Heteroepitaxial Radial Growth of Wurtzite and Zincblende Structured AlSb Shells on InAs Nanowires
Understanding the Friction of Sub-nanometer Thick Ionic Liquids (Ils)
Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of MnxZnyFe3-x-yO4 Nanoparticles Prepared using a Co-precipitation Method
Effects of Nano Particles on the Thermal Stability and Scratch Resistances of Epoxy Coatings
Corrosion Study of Silane-functionalized Graphene Oxide Coatings on Copper
Growth of MnO2 on Carbon Materials for Electrochemical Capacitor
Fabrication of a CMOS Compatible Ferroelectric Tunnel Junction Memory
Polyacrylonitrile Nanofibers Prepared via Electrospinning for High-efficiency PM2.5 Capture Application
Performance Evaluation of Precious Metal Coatings in Precision Glass Molding
Plasma-dependent Phase Formation of TiAlN Coatings
Reactive HiPIMS Deposition of Ti-Al-N: How to Adjust the Cubic to Wurtzite Transition
AlTiN Coatings deposited by HIPIMS: A Study of Mechanical Properties, Tribological and Wear Performance during Machining of Superduplex Stainless Steel
FunMat-II – an Industry-Academia Competence Center for Research on Coating Materials for Advanced Applications
Oxygen Diffusion Pathways in High Temperature Oxidation Resistant Ti-Al-N/Mo-Si-B Multilayer Coatings
Novel ta-C Coatings with Outstanding Tunable Properties Deposited by Industrially Scaled PLD
Application-driven Cooperation Between Industry and Research Institutions: Success Factors, Obstacles and Success Stories
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