ICMCTF2018 Thursday Afternoon

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Session Thursday, April 26, 2018
1:30 PM 2:30 PM 3:30 PM 4:30 PM
Effect of Pre- and Post-Coat Processing on the Fatigue Life of Coated Disk Alloys
High-temperature Oxidation Resistance of Chromium-based Coatings Deposited by DLI-MOCVD for Enhanced Protection of the Inner Surface of Long Tubes
A New Process to Produce Localized Chrome Coating and Platinum-Modified Chrome Coating for Protection against Type II Hot Corrosion
Characterization of Films Fabricated on AZ31 Magnesium Alloy by Heat Treatment and Immersion Methods
Degradation Processes of LSM Based Interconnector Coatings under the Conditions of Pressurized Steam Electrolysis
The Hot Corrosion Resistance of Hot-dip Aluminized Low Carbon Steel with Nickel Interlayer under Static Load
Target Race Track Chemistry is Different to What you Think: XPS Findings from Reactive dc and High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering Experiments
Measurement of Residual Stress on TiN/Ti Bilayer Thin Films using Average X-ray Strain (AXS) Combined with Nanoindentation Methods
Challenges and Recent Progress in the Development of Arc Evaporated (Al1-xCrx)2O3 Coatings
Steel Doctor Blade Deposited by HIPIMS-CrN for Protection Purpose
In-Line HIPIMS-TiNxOy to Produce Colorful Decorative Coatings
Property of AIP Deposited Thick TiAlN Coating and Application to Actual Steam Turbine for Solid Particle Erosion Protection
Stress Evolution during Cr2AlC Film Growth
Composition and Temperature Influence on ZrAlN/TiN Multilayer Structure: In-situ X-ray Scattering during Growth, and Transmission Electron Microscopy Studies
Self-toughening in the TiAlN System
Load Sensing Characterization of Silicon Oxide Coatings
The Mechanical and Tribological Properties of TiZrNbN and TiZrNbN-Cu Films
Investigation of Negative Bias Temperature Instability under Illumination on P-type Low Temperature Poly-crystalline Silicon Thin Film Transistors
Mechanism of Reset Process with Varying Compliance Current in High-k Spacer Resistance Random Access Memory
Improve Reliability of Complementary Resistive Switching Induced by Carbon Dopant in Indium-Tin-Oxide as The Insulator in Resistive Random Access Memory
Study on the Characteristic of Cobalt Silicide Electrode Resistive Random Access Memory
Material and Device Engineering for Gallium Oxide Electronics
The Ultra-violet Light Effect on the Off-state Current of InGaZnO Thin Film Transistor with the Different Structure
Study on the Characteristics of Device in Copper Ion Movement during Operation Process in Conductive-Bridging Random Access Memory
The Degradation Mechanism of Tungsten Electrode on HfO2-based Resistance Random Access Memory (RRAM)
In Situ Observation of Strain Transfer and Crack Formation in Evaporated and Printed Thin Films and Devices on Compliant Substrates
Comparison of Different Methods for the Investigation of Thin Film Adhesion
Electro-Mechanical Characterization of Functional Thin Film Metallic Glasses
New Pull-off Tensile Tests for Adherence Assessment in Concrete-formwork Coated and Uncoated Contacts
In-situ-squared: Combined Electro-mechanical Behavior of Thin Films with One Experiment
Mechanical Behavior of Ductile/Brittle Multilayers Studied with In-situ Straining Methods
Fracture Behavior of Nanocrystalline BCC High-Entropy Alloys
Recent Advanves in Microcantilever Bending Experiments
Temperature and Loading Rate Influence in Micro-Scale Fracture Experiments
Investigating the Local Fatigue Properties of Materials in Small Dimensions by Dynamic Micropillar Compression
Materials Design Guidelines for Improved Strength, Ductility, and Stability
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