ICMCTF2018 Monday Afternoon

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Session Monday, April 23, 2018
1:30 PM 2:30 PM 3:30 PM 4:30 PM
Mechanical and Optical Properties of Nanoscale Transparent Metal Oxide Multilayers
Structure and Properties of Nanocluster Composite Arc Coatings for Hot Die Forging
New Insights in High Temperature Properties and Oxidation Behaviour of AlCrSixN Coatings
Magnetron Sputtered High-temperature Hf-B-Si-X-C-N (X = Y, Ho, Mo) Films with Controlled Optical Transparency and Electrical Conductivity
Holistic Design of Multifunctional Nitrides, Oxides, and Oxynitrides
Improved Mechanical Properties and Thermal Stability of Ti-Al-N through Alloying with La-borides
Thermal Evolution of Nanometallic Multilayers
Nanostructured TiAlN/TaN Multilayer Coatings Deposited by DC Magnetron Sputtering: Effect of Bilayer Period
The Relationship between Mechanical Property and Phase Composition of Cr-Al-C Coating
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ta-Si-N Coatings Prepared by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
Five Typical Mistakes during the Nanoindentation of Coatings
Optimisation of Antimicrobial Silver Nanocomposite Coatings on Orthopaedic Grade Cobalt Chromium Alloys and the Related Simulator Analyses in Knee Surgery
Structure and Properties of Novel Hydrophobic Cr-Ag Antibacterial Coatings Deposited by Closed-field Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering
Thin Film Metallic Glass : A Lubricated Coating on Medical Needle for Reducing Fracture Toughness and Damage of Phantom Materials
Biocompatibility and Antimicrobial Performance of a Durable Super-hydrophobic Surface Modified Stainless Steel
Immobilization of Carboxylic Acid Groups on Polymeric Substrates by Plasma-enhanced Chemical Vapor or Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Deposition of Acetic Acid
Coatings Deposition by RF Magnetron Sputtering of Loosely Packed Hydroxyapatite Powder Target
Advanced Medical Biosensing Systems with Soft/Stretchable Materials and Assemblies
Cyclic Voltammetry Study of Electrolytic Plasma Processing of Porous Ti
Corrosion and Degradation Behavior of dahp pre-treated PCL Composite Coatings on Pure Magnesium
Controlling the Chemomechanical Effects in Sapphire by Ion-implantation
Magnetron Sputtering of Refractory Metal Thin Films on NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Sheets
Quantitative In Situ SEM MEMS High Cycle Fatigue: the Critical Role of Oxygen on the Nanoscale-Void-Driven Nucleation and Propagation of Small Cracks in Ni Microbeams
Role of Microstructure on the Interface Stability of Copper Thin Films on Brittle Substrates
Mechanical Reliability of Barrier Films for Flexible Electronics
Molecularly Grafted, Structurally Integrated Multifunctional Polymer Thin Films with Improved Adhesion
Thin-film Adhesion Characterization by Colored Picosecond Acoustics
Imaging Thin Film Adhesion with Picosecond Ultrasonics
Mechanical Property Evaluation of Zr-Ti- Fe Thin Film Metallic Glasses
Mechanical Properties Measurement of Submicron Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloys Thin Films
Effect of Bias Voltage during Deposition by Deep Oscillation Magnetron Sputtering of AlN Films for Acoustic Biosensors
Modification of Niobium Surface Properties by High-temperature Nitrogen Plasma based Ion Implantation Aiming Aerospace Applications
High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering Coatings for Extreme Environments
Reactive High-power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering of Al-O-N Films with Tunable Composition and Properties
Fabrication of Ti BC N Coatings using a Superimposed HiPIMS and MF Deposition System
Effect of Peak Current on the Ti-Cu Thin Film Deposition by High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputter Deposition
Deposition of Ag-Cu Thin Film on Flexible Substrate using High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering
Preparation of Anatase TiO2 Thin Films by Reactive HiPIMS
Vapor Phase Nanoparticle Synthesis, Guiding and Self-assembly
On the Synergies Between Coating and Tool Material Substrate: A Strategy to Optimize Coated Tools Performance in Cold Forming
Deposition of ta-C Coating by Arc Ion Plating for Machining of Al Alloys
Laser Structured High Performance PVD Coatings for Injection Molds
Effect of Layer Sequence on Wear Behavior of AlTiSiN Hard Coatings
Structural, Mechanical, and Cutting Properties of AlCrN Coatings Deposited by Arc Ion Plating
Physical Properties and Cutting Performances Relation to Coating Conditions of AlCrN Coating Deposited by HiPIMS and Cathodic Arc
Nanoscale Multilayer PVD Coatings to Serve in Demanding Environments
From the Atomic Interaction to Thermodynamic and Mechanical Properties of Materials
Molecular Dynamics Study of Titanium Oxynitride Surface Properties
Distribution of O Atoms on Partially Oxidized Metal Surfaces According to Ab-initio Calculations, and the Consequences for Sputtering of Individual Metal Oxides
First-principles Study of Adsorption and Diffusion of Oxygen on the Surface of TiN, ZrN, HfN and the Effect of Al on Oxidation Resistance of TiN Coatings
Metastable Phase Formation of Pt-X (X= Ir, Au) Thin Films
From Plasmas Towards Surfaces: How Plasma Simulation Supports Materials Development
Numerical Estimation of Intrinsic Stress in Physical Vapor Deposited Thin-Films
Modeling of UHMWPE Surface Texture for Reducing Wear on a Knee Prosthesis
Perturbation Analysis Of Glassy Alloy Film Formation
First Principles Study of the Nb-Al Intermetallic System
Multi-step Modification of TI-Alloy and Stainless Steel Surfaces for Icephobic Applications
Design and Characterization of Super-low Ice Adhesion Surfaces
Icephobic Nanocomposites for Aeronautics
Development of Hydrophobic/icephobic Poly (Dimethylsiloxane) Based Composite Coating for Application in Ice Protection
Correlation Between Room Temperature Characteristics and Ice Adhesion
Impact Dynamics and Icing Behavior of Supercooled Water Microdroplets on Surfaces of Different Wettabilities Ranging from Superhydrophilic to Superhydrophobic
Quasicrytalline Coatings by HVOF to Improve the Ice Accretion and Durability in Aerostructures Components
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