ICMCTF2013 Thursday Afternoon

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Session Thursday, May 2, 2013
1:30 PM 2:30 PM 3:30 PM
Residual Stress and Crystallographic Texture in CVD Zirconia Thin Films
The Deposition of Hydrogenated Silicon Films under Different H2 and Ar Flow Rates by an ICP CVD System
High-rate PECVD with Metal Strip Magnetron for Hard and Other Functional Coatings
Study of the Uniformity of SiO2 Films Developed in Atmospheric Plasmas
Semi-empirical Modeling of the Optical Gap of Plasma-deposited a-C:H:F, a-C:H:Cl and a-C:H:Si:O:F Films
The SiOxCyHz Hydrophobic Film with Chemical and Mechanical Properties using PECVD by Controlling the Plasma Process
Modeling Surface Processes and Kinetics of Compound Layer Formation during Plasma Nitriding of Pure Iron
Friction Reduction Through Thermal Spray Coatings on Cylinder Running Surfaces of Internal Combustion Engines
Thermal Treatment and Tribological Behaviour of Hybrid Coatings Deposited by Sol-gel Route on Martensitic Stainless Steel
Tribological Behavior of New Coatings for High Temperature Aeronautical Applications
Thick TiSiCN-based Nanocomposite Coatings for Aerospace and Automotive Applications
In-situ Real Time Solid Particle Erosion Testing Methodology for Hard Protective Coatings
Characterization and Tribological Investigation of TiSixCy Wear Protective Coatings
Effects TiN and TaN Barrier Layers on the Rmergence of Ag and Cu Particles and the Subsequent Mechanical and Antibacterial Properties of TaN-(Ag,Cu) Nanocomposite Films
Deformation Domains of Nanostructured Metallic Thin Film onto Polyimide Substrate under Controlled Biaxial Deformation
Stress Measurement in Thin Films: Micro-focus Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction Combined with Focused Ion Beam Patterning for do Evaluation
Wrinkling and Delamination of Thin Films on Compliant Substrates
Interfacial Failure in a Model Polymer-metal Thin Film Structure
Fatigue-corrosion Behavior of Flexible Optoelectronic Device Electrodes
Load Bearing Capacity of Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon Coatings on Ultrafine Grained Al Substrates
Three-dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Adhesive Failure on Coated Systems under Uniaxial Tensile Tests
Annealing Induced Structural Evolution and Optical Properties of Block Copolymer Templated Nanostructured Tungsten Oxide Films
Nitriding Duration Reduction with Improving Mechanical Characteristic and Fatigue Behavior, the Beneficial Effect of Prior Severe Shot Peening
Growth Kinetics and Mechanical Properties of Boride Layers Formed at the Surface of ASTM F-75 Biomedical Alloy
Combining Thermal Spraying and PVD Technologies: a New Aproach of Duplex Surface Engineering for Ti Alloys
Corrosion Testing by Potentiodynamic Polarization and EIS in Borided Steels
Improved Adhesion of Diamond Coatings on Cemented Carbide Tools by Surface Reconstruction via MPCVD
Hermetic and Room-Temperature Wafer-Level-Packaging Based on Nanoscale Energetic Systems
Self-Sustained Deflagration Reactions in Sputter-deposited AlxPty Multilayers
Visualizing Mass Transport in theSself-propagating Formation of B2-RuAl from PVD Multilayers
Ti/Al Multilayer Coating Releasing Heat During Slow Thermal Annealing
Fabrication and Characterization of Microstructured Thermites Derived from Electrophoretic Deposition
Effect of Surface Functionalization of Fuels on Nanocomposite Thermites
Exothermic Reactions in Spark Ignitable Green Compacts of Continuously Ball-milled Al/Ni Powders
Optimization and Functionalization of Anodized Titania Nanotubes for Redox Supercapacitor
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