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Session Monday, April 23, 2012
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Effect of vacuum arc plasma state on the property of nitride coatings deposited by conventional and new arc cathode.
Industrial-scale sputter deposition of Cr1-xAlxN coatings with various compositions from segmented Cr and Al targets
Preparation of Superhard Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon, Nano-crystalline Diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride Films with Low Internal Stress by Means of Excimer Laser Ablation and Annealing
Ion-assisted epitaxial sputter-deposition and properties of metastable Zr1−xAlxN(001) (0.05 < x < 0.25 ) alloys
High Rate Magnetron Sputtering of Chromium Coatings for Tribological Applications
Behavior of DLC Coated Low-Alloy Steel under Tribo-Corrosion: Effect of Top Layer and Interlayer Variation
Integration of the Larco®-technology for ta-C-coatings in an industrial hard material batch system
The effect of hydrogen addition on the residual stress of cubic boron nitride film prepared by R.F. magnetron sputtering of B4C target
Reactive Deposition of Aluminum-doped Zinc Oxide films using Asymmetric Linked Dual Rotatable Magnetron
Influence of the Kind and Content of Doped Impurities on Impurity-Doped ZnO Transparent Electrode Applications in Thin-Film Solar Cells
Temperature Dependence of Electrical Properties of Ga-Doped ZnO Films Deposited by Ion-Plating with DC Arc Discharge
Doped Cadmium Oxide as a High Performance Transparent Conductive Oxide
Current Status and Future Prospects of the CIGS PV Technology
Reactive magnetron sputtering of precursors for CZTS solar cells
Investigation of resistive switching characteristic and mechanism on InGaOx film
Influence of forming process on resistance switching characteristics of In2O3/SiO2 bi-layer
Investigating the multiple high resistance states after ac and dc reset methods for resistance switching memory application
Terahertz Ellipsometry Materials Characterization
Modeling the optical properties of 2D colloidal crystals
Confocal 2D Photoluminescence Mapping of Porous Silicon
Structure, electronic properties and electron energy loss spectra of transition metal nitride films
Fabrication and characterization of a V2O5/V/V2O5 multilayer thin films for uncooled microbolometers
Gaschromic Properties of IrO2 Thin FilmsGrown by Pulsed Laser Deposition Technique
Formation of nanoscale pyramids on polycrystalline silicon by self-mask etching to improve the solar cell efficiency
Production and Characterization of Copper Indium Disulfide Thin Film
Studying matter with laser driven x-ray sources
Synthesizes of Mesoporous Tantalum Oxide Films by Sol-Gel Process for the Applications in All-Solid-State Electrochromic Devices
Fabrication and characterization of ZnO/NiTi/ZnO multilayers for optoelectronic applications
Significance of Tribocorrosion and Bio-Tribocorrosion in the Oral Environment: The Case of Dental Implants
Surface modification using PVD to apply silver-copper-mixed layers
Studies on Corrosion and Tribocorrosion Behaviour of Electrodeposited CoW-WC Nanocomposites
An Electrochemical Investigation of TMJ Implant Metal Alloys in a Synovial Fluid-Like Environment: The influence of pH variation
Fretting corrosion with proteins: the role of organic coating about the synergistic mechanisms
Optimisation of Pulsed Bipolar Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation of Magnesium Alloy for Biological Applications
Micro-textured CoCrMo Alloy for MoM joints: An Electrochemical Investigation
The effective Indenter concept, its uses in measurement analysis and its extension into the time domain
Effect of BIAS and hydrogen on arc activated high ionization N2-Ar plasma nitrided maraging steel grade 300
Requirements for Broad Acceptance of DLC Coatings for Tribological Applications in the Commercial Aerospace Market
Influence of HVOF spraying parameters on the wear resistance of Al-SiC composites coatings deposited on ZE41 magnesium alloy
Influence of deposition process parameters on durability and residual stresses in highly oriented MoS2 films
Numerical analysis of the influence of film thickness and properties on the stress state of thin film-coated piston rings under contact loads.
Numerical analysis of wear and failure zones of coated piston skirt and piston rings under scuffing conditions
Effect of chromium on the wear mechanisms of self-adaptive WSC-Cr sputtered coatings
Performance impact of honing dynamics on surface finish of precoated cylinder bores
Fiction and adhesion of Si and F incorporating diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings sliding against aluminum
Diagnostics in Low Pressure Plasmas and Characterisation of Films Properties in HIPIMS Technology
Design of new coating materials for neutron detector applications, the example TM1-xGdxN
Hierarchical ZnO Nanorod array Films with Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance
One-step hybrid pulse anodization for nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide synthesis of aluminum thin films sputtered on Si(100) substrate
Nanostructured mesoporous surfaces produced by phase separation in Al-Si thin films
Structural and Electronic Properties of Epitaxial Silicene
Carbon-Nanotube-Templated Metallic Microstructures for MEMS: Preparation and Characterization
Nanocomposite-based wear sensor materials for in-situ process control in cutting applications
Testing of mechanical thin film properties by vibrating Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS)
A New FIB-DIC Material Removal Method for Poisson’s Ratio and Residual Stress Measurement in thin films
Low temperature deformation in complex crystals
Carbon-Based Coating for Flexible Fabric Heater Prepared by Arc Ion Plating
Kinetics of Thin Film Growth and Gas-Solid Reactions using in situ High-Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
In-situ AFM studies of crack initiation in ultra-thin SiOx films on polymer substrates.
High Frequency Characterization of Screen-printed Silver Circuits with an Environmental Reliability Test
The Bipolar Resistance Switching Behavior with a Pt/CoSiOX/TiN Structure of Nonvolatile Memory Device
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