ICMCTF2004 Wednesday Afternoon

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Session Wednesday, April 21, 2004
1:30 PM 2:30 PM 3:30 PM 4:30 PM
Results of an Evaluation of a Newly Developed Cathodic Arc Filter
Influencing the Surface Roughness of Hard Coatings using a New Designed Arc Source
Effects of Tungsten Contents on Micro-hardness and Microstructure in Ti1-xWxN Films Synthesized by Cathodic Arc Method
CVD and CVI of Pyrocarbon from Various Precursors
Progress of CVD-Diamond Coated Cutting Tools
High-rate Thermal Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Carbide
Vanadium Oxides Prepared by Liquid Injection MOCVD using Vanadyl Acetylacetonate
Atmospheric Pressure MOCVD of TiO2 Thin Films using Various Reactive Gas Mixtures
Performance and Evaluation of Chemical Vapour Deposited (CVD) Diamond Coated Cutting Tools for Biomedical Applications
Advances in High Power Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering Driven by Novel Pulsed Power Supply Technology.
Influence of Interface Preparation on the Adhesion and Sliding Wear Performance of Chromium Nitride Coatings
Reactive High Power Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering of Aluminum Oxide
Magnetic Disturbance in a Pulsed High Current Magnetron Discharge
Pulsed Magnetron Sputter Deposition of High Performance Magnesium Aluminate Spinel Coatings for Cutting Tools
Time-resolved Characterization of Pulsed Magnetron Discharges using Langmuir Probes
Argon Plasma Modelling in a RF Magnetron Sputtering System
Experimental Characterization of the Deposition Process of Silicon Suboxide Thin Films in a Radio-frequency Magnetron Reactive Sputtering System
Pulsed DC Operation of an Opposed Target Magnetron
Advances in Multichannel Ellipsometric Techniques for Nondestructive and In-Situ Characterization of Thin Films
In Situ Real-time Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Study of the Growth of Dense/porous SinX Multilayer Optical Thin Films
Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Characterization of ITO Films Prepared by Reactive MF Dual Magnetron Sputtering: Effect of Substrate Temperature
Real-time Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Study during the Growth of Nanocrystalline and Nanolaminate Nitride Coatings
In-Situ Optical Monitoring During the Growth of X-Ray Mirrors
Optical Constants of Thin Metal Films Determined by In-Situ Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and In-Situ Transmission Measurements
In-situ Characterization of Interfaces by High Energy Diffraction
Real-time Study of Crystalline Growth of Magnetron Sputter Deposition of Metal Coatings and Alloys
Structure and Property Characterizations of Ta0.1W0.9Ox Thin Films Deposited by Pulsed Laser Ablation
Various Applications of DCL Including DLC-coated Rubber Components
Semidry and Dry Drawing using Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) Coated Roller Die
Tribological Properties and Dry Machining Characteristics of PVD Coated Cemented Carbide Inserts
Improvement of Cutting Performance for TiN Coated Carbide Tools Via Chlorine Ion Implantation
Synthesis and Characterization of Three Dimensional Hybrid Structures in Amorphous Carbon Thin Films
Aluminum Nitride Coating of Aluminum Alloys via Plasma Nitriding
Dry Machining: Nanostructured Coatings for Automotive, Aerospace and Dies Industries
The Effect of the Coating Thickness Distribution on the Tool Rake and Flank on the Cutting Performance in Milling
Future Directions in Green Manufacturing and Dry Machining
Atomic Layer Processing - A Paradigm Shift in Microelectronic Device Processing
A New Generation of Filtered Arc Sources for Ultra Thin Top Coats on Magnetic Hard Disks
Mangetic Field Enhanced Plasma (MFEP) Doposition of Inner Surfaces of Tubes
The First 2 Years of Experience with Industrial Applications Deposited with the LARCĀ®-technology
Methodology for Qualification of Advanced Coatings on Functional Aircraft Components
Characteristics of Saw Cutting Edges for Advanced Coating Technologies
Precision Performance or the Coating of High End Cutting Edges
The Development of Duplex Nitrided and Closed Field Unbalanced Magnetron Sputter Ion Plated CrTiAlN-based Coatings for H13 Aluminium Extrusion Dies.
PVD Coatings by Combined Electron Beam and Magnetron Techniques
Nanochannel Fabrication and Nanocatalyst Synthesis by Use of Combining Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) with Selective Etching
Self-assembled Nanoscale Multilayer Formation during Ion Beam Deposition
Magnetron Sputtering of Max-phases in the Ti-Al-C System
Photothermal Molecular Sensing by using Metal Thin-film Nano Grating for Chemcial and Biomedical Applications
Comparative Study of Self-assembled ZnO Nanostructures using Styrene-acrylic Acid and Styrene-methacrylic Acid Diblock Copolymers
Investigation of Nanotribological Properties of Multifunctionalized Mesoporous Silica Nanosphere Films
Surface Modification and Metallization of Polymers with Excimer UV Sources and Dielectric Barrier Discharges
Room Temperature RF Plasma Processing for the Generation of Low-friction Carbon Films from Hard Carbides
Fast High-temperature Surface Processing of Metal and Ceramic Materials in Ballistic Plasmatron of Superadiabatic Compression.
Aerosol Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition of Ionic Sodium Fluoride Thin Films
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