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Session Thursday, April 15, 1999
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Subplantation Growth of Films Using Ion Beam and Ion Beam Assisted Deposition - Carbon - a Study Case
TiN-Coated Cemented Carbide Treated with a Low Energy High Current Electron Beam (LEHCEB): Micro-structural Studies and Steel Turning Properties.
Surface Hardening of Stainless Steel at Intermediate Temperatures by Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation
Three Dimensional Dose Uniformity of Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation Shown With the Example of Macro-trenches
Formation of Hafnium Nitride Films by Ion Beam Assisted Deposition
Titanium Carbide Coatings Deposited by Reactive Ion Beam Assisted, Electron Beam-Physical Vapor Deposition (EB-PVD)
On the Mechanism of Improvement of TiN-coated Tool Life by Nitrogen Implantation
Aqueous Corrosion Behavior of Molybdenum and Chromium Nitride Coatings Produced by Ion Beam Assisted Deposition
Is Carbon Nitride Fullerene-like?
Growth Kinetic Studies to the Carbon Nitride Film Formation by Reactive rf Magnetron Sputtering
Growth, Structure and Mechanical Properties of CNxHy Films Deposited by d.c. Magnetron Sputtering in N2/Ar/H2 Discharges
Sputtering and Chemical Erosion During CNx Synthesis by Ion Beam Assisted Filtered Arc Evaporation
Crystalline Carbon Nitride Growth in a Flowtube by Decomposition of Cyanogen Azide
Reactive Magnetron Sputtering of Carbon Nitride Films - Characterization of Ion Bombardment and Optical Emission Spectroscopy in a Deposition Zone
Low Energy Plasma Beam Deposition of Carbon Nitride Layers: Influence of the Deposition Parameters on the Chemical and Structural Film Properties
Investigation of the Valence Band States of Reactively Sputtered Carbon Nitride Films
Effect of Substrate Negative Bias on sp2 to sp3 Phase Transformation in Carbon Nitride Thin Film
Properties of Tungsten- and Vanadium-Oxides Deposited by MSIP-PVD-Process for Self-Lubricating Applications
Sol-Gel Derived, Nanostructured Oxide Lubricant Coatings
New, Reactive Potential Energy Function to Study the Tribology of Hydrocarbon Systems*
Influence of Humidity on the Friction of Diamond and Diamond-like Carbon Materials
Tribological Behaviour of PVD-Coated PA Plastic Material Sliding Against Metal Counterparts
Wear Behavior of Thermal Sprayed PET
Carbon Surface Modifications During Sliding Test
Improving Tribological Properties of Sputtered Boron Carbide Coatings by Process Modifications
Metal/Carbide Co-sputtered Wear Coatings
Comparison of Fretting Wear of CrN and TiN Coatings at Different Levels of Relative Humidity
Influence of Geometry and Target-to-Substrate Distance on the Properties of Cathodic Arc Deposited Chromium Nitride Coatings
Development and Testing of Various Wear-Resistant PVD Hard Coatings for Cobalt-Base Alloys
Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Spray-Coated Conventional and Nanostructured WC/Co Composites
Wear Mechanism Maps for TiN Coated High Speed Steel
Evaluation of the Wear Resistance of Multilayered PVD TiN/TaN on HSS Substrates
Comparison of the Fretting Wear Behaviour of PVD TiN Coated and Uncoated High Speed Steel at Different Testing Conditions
Depth Sensing Indentation of Thin Films: Results from the VAMAS TWA 22 Project
Determination of Coating Mechanical Properties Using Spherical Indenters
New Possibilities of Mechanical Surface Characterization with Spherical Indenters by Comparison of Experimental and Theoretical Results
Evaluation of Fracture Toughness of Ultra-Thin Amorphous Carbon Coatings Deposited by Different Deposition Techniques
Structure/Mechanical Properties Relationship of TiO2 Multi-Layers Deposited by Means of Modulated Magnetron Sputtering
Mechanical Property Measurement - Lessons Learned from the Microelectronics Industry
Effects of Composition and Structure on the Interfacial Fracture of Tantalum Nitride Films
High Temperature Nano-scale Mechanical Property Measurements
Influence of the Temperature on the Cracking Progress of Submicron Glass Films Deposited on a Polymer Substrate
Traditional Metallization Process for Decorative Coatings
Precision Cleaning Prior to Vacuum Coating
Setting up Mass Production of Decorative Coatings on Consumer Goods
Transparent Ceramic Coatings: Property Distribution on 3D Parts
The Deposition of Decorative Coatings on Temperature Sensitive Substrates Using Reactive Magnetron Sputter Techniques
Decorative Coating at Baldwin Hardware - The Solution Finds a Problem to Solve
Development of Process Controls for PVD ZrN Decorative Coatings
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