ICMCTF1999 Monday Afternoon

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Session Monday, April 12, 1999
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Beneficial Effects of Pt Incorporation on the Scale Adhesion Behavior of Aluminide Coatings
Alumina Scale Failure Resulting from Stress Relaxation
Oxidation Behaviour of MCrAlY Coatings with Different Al-Contents and Surface Morphologies
The Effect of Water Vapor on the Cylic Oxidation of Alloys that Develop Alumina Scales for Protection
Studies on the Transient State of Oxidation of VPS and HVOF MCrAlY Coating
Chemical Vapor Deposition of Smooth α-Al2O3 Films on Nickel Base Superalloys as Diffusion Barriers
Deposition of NiAl Thin Films from NiAl Compound Target Fabricated via Combustion Synthesis
Protective Si-Al-C-N Coatings for g-TiAl Turbine Blade Materials to Ensure Long-Time Oxdation Protection
Metallic Diffusion Coatings for Corrosion-Protection of Low-Cost Alloys in Aggressive Environments
Nanoscaled Multilayer and Compound Films Consisting of a Hard Matrix Phase and a Soft Lubricious Phase
The Effects of Substrate Bias Voltage and Thermal Treatment on the Microstructure of Arc- Evaporated CrN Coatings
Characterization of Sputter Deposited Chromium Oxide Thin Films
On the H Uptake in PVD-Alumina Thin Films
Mechanical Properties in Transition Metal Nitrides
Taylored a-C:H Coatings by Nanostructuring and Alloying
Structure and Thermal Stability of Nanocomposite DLC Films
Size Effect in Nanostructured Hard Films
Some Recent Developments in Optical Coatings
Two-Modulator Generalized Ellipsometry: Applications to Anisotropic Materials
A Web Accessible Ellipsometry Solving Engine Using the Variably Damped Least Squares Algorithm Assisted by Measured Data Point and Derivative Preselection for Improvement of Solutions
Influence of Matrix Material on the Optical Properties of Plasma-Deposited Metal/Dielectric Nanocomposite Films for Nonlinear Optical Applications.
In-situ Ellipsometry of Sputtered ZnO Films
Modelisation in Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
Magnetoplasmadynamic Accelerator Assisted Synthesis of Diamond
Combustion Flame Synthesis : Promising Technique to Obtain Diamond Single Crystals.
Effect of Minute Nitrogen Addition During Microwave Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition
Nitrogenated Diamond Produced by Introducing Ammonia into the Gas Feed in Hot Filament CVD
Silicon Carbonitride a New Hard Material and its Relation to the Confusion About C3N4
Effects of Surface Pre-treatment on the Nucleation and Growth of CVD Diamond Films
Optical and Tribological Properties of DLC Films Synthesized by Plasma Immersion Ion Processing
Investigation of Tungsten Incorporated Amorphous Carbon Films
Growth of Polycrystalline SiC Films on SiO2 and Si3N4 by APCVD
Silicon Carbonitride Thin Films - Preparation and Characterization
Nitrogenation of Diamond by Glow Discharge Plasma Treatment
Combined Cathodic Arc/ Unbalanced Magnetron Grown CrN/NbN Superlattice Coatings For Corrosion Resistance Applications
Corrosion of CrN and TiAlN Multilayered Hard Coatings in Cl Containing Atmospheres at 350°C
The Corrosion Behavior and Adhesion of Ion-Plated TiN Film on AISI 304 Steel
The Effect of Arc-PVD Metal ion Etching Pretreatment on the Corrosion Behavior of Steels
Chemical and Physical Deposition Coatings (CVD snd PVD) Exposed to Particulate Flows at High Temperature
Erosion of Coatings by Solid Particle Impact
Tribological and Thermal Evaluation of Functionally Graded Systems
Diamond-like Carbon Coatings for Space Tribology
Amorphous Carbon Coatings and Their Tribological Behaviour at High Temperatures and High Vacuum
An Investigation of the Corrosion of H13 Steel Coated with CrN; Effect of Steel Surface Preparation
New Methodologies for Measuring Film Thickness, Coverage, and Topography for Magnetic Recording Applications
Sub-100 Å Diamond-like Carbon Overcoat on Magnetic Rigid Disks
Optical Characterization of Thin Nitrogenated Carbon Overcoatings on Magnetic Disks
A Surface Analytical Approach to the Characterization of the Tribological Properties of Metal Carbides and Nitrides
Surface Roughness Development During Sputter Profiling of Semiconductor and Metal Thin Films Determined by AFM
Advancements in SIMS to Measure Surfaces and Interfaces: Sputter-Induced Surface Roughening Versus Primary Beam Bombardment Angle
Thin DLC Films: Stoichiometry Measurements using High Depth Resolution SIMS
Comparative Study of Thin Film Physical Properties for TiNx Deposited by DC Magnetron Sputtering Under Temperature Less Than 100°C onto Monocrystalline Silicon and Polycrystalline Iron Substrates
Determination of the Surface Coating Properties of Al(OH)3 Particles Used in Wastewater Treatment Using a Scanning Probe Microscopy Techniques.
Carbon Based Lubricious Top Layers on Hard Coatings Deposited with the High Ion Sputtering (H.I.S.TM) - PACVD Hybride Process Technique
a-C:HMe Coatings Deposited by the Cathodic Vacuum Arc Evaporation: Properties and Application Potential
Integrated PVD Coating Process of Hard and MoS2 Soft Coatings on Tools and Machine Parts
Successful Running with Soft Solid Lubricant Coatings
Performance of MoS2/Metal Composited Coatings Used for Dry Machining and Other Industrial Applications
Tool Coatings Deposited by PVD-Processes for the Protection Against Corrosion and Wear of the Aluminium Thixoforming-Process
Hard and Autolubricated PVD Coatings for Dry and High Speed Hobbing Machining
Development of TiAlN-Al2O3 Multilayer Coatings
Improvement of Tool Lifetime by Magnetisation of the Tool Surface
On the Use of Acoustic Emission and Motor Current to Study Performance of PVD Coated Drills
Parallel Synthesis and Screening of Combinatorial Thin Film Libraries
Combinatorial Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Oxide Thin Film and Device Libraries
Biocompatible Surfaces by Immobilization of Heparin on Diamond-like Carbon Films
Future Directions For Magnetic Data Storage Media
Applications of Magnetic Thin Films in Hard Disk Drive Recording Heads
Studies of Ferroelectric Thin Film Growth Processes and Domain Dynamics Using in Situ Analytical Techniques
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