ICMCTF1998 Thursday Morning

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Session Thursday, April 30, 1998
8:30 AM 9:30 AM 10:30 AM 11:30 AM
High-rate Reactive Sputtering Comes of Age.
Deposition and Optimization of Amorphous Silicon Carbide Thin Film Characteristics for Tribological Applications
Engineered Thin Film Microstructures using Glancing Angle Deposition (GLAD)
Deposition of Boron Carbide Thin Film by Supersonic Plasma Jet CVD with Secondary Discharge
Magnetically Enhanced Ionized PVD using ICP.
Anode Mass Loss During Pulsed Air Arc Deposition
Deposition of Hard Crystalline Al2 O3 Coatings by Bipolar Pulsed D.C. PACVD
Titanium Nitrade Hard Coatings Deposited on Steel by Pulsed Plasma
The Simultaneous Influence of Process Parameters on the Properties of the Arc-Ion-Plated ZrN Coatings
Pulsed High Current Electron/Ion/Cluster Source for Deposition of Films and Coatings with High Adhesion
Identification of Transitions Between Erosion-corrosion Regimes for Erosion of PVD Coatings in Aqueous Slurries
Effect of MEMS Compatible Thin Film Hard Coatings on Erosion Resistance of Silicon Micromachined Atomizers
Metallic and Ceramic Coatings, Including Biomimetic Coatings for Biomedical Applications
Magnetron Sputtered Hard Material Coatings on Thermoplastic Polymers for Clean Room Applications
Application of Coatings in Various Energy Technology Systems
Wear Resistant Aluminide Composite Surfaces by Electro Spark Deposition (ESD)
Modification and Characterization of Mineralization Surface for Corrosion Protection
Tribological Fundamentals of Polycrystalline Diamond Films
Tribological Characteristics of Nanocrystalline Diamond Films
Friction and Wear of DLC-based Multilayer Nanocomposite Coatings
Tribological Behaviour of Amorphous Hard Carbon Films Against Zinc Plated Steel Sheets
Wear Behavior of Diamond-like Nano-composite Coatings
Comparison of Tribological and Mechanical Properties of DLC-Coatings Deposited with Different CVD-and PVD-Techniques
Time-dependant Changes in the Mechanical Properties of Diamond-like Carbon Films
Fretting Wear Behavior of DLC Films Produced from Methane and Acetylene
Effects of Nanoscale Morphology on the Abrasion of Steel by Diamondlike Carbon
Atomic Scale Characterization by Cross-sectional Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Secondary Electron Imaging of Nucleation and Growth of Semiconductors for Nanostructure Fabrication
Investigation of Borophosphosilicate Glass Roughness and Planarization with the Atomic Force Microscope
X-ray Diffraction and Reflection Techniques for Thin Film Analysis
The Effect of Transverse Current Injection on the Structural and Electrical Properties of Ti Films During Post-deposition Annealing in Air
Surface Morphology of Co-sputtered Alloy Thin Films
Structural and Electrochromic Properties of InN Thin Films
Superlattices of Semiconductor Microstructures: Experimental Methods of Characterisation by the Third Order Non-linear Dielectric Susceptibility
Characterization by TEM of the Crystalline and Quasicrystalline Phases Observed During the In-Situ Heating of Al-Mn Thin Films
A TiAlN Coating Texture Sets New Performance Standards
Wear and Cutting Performance of Coated Microdrills
PVD Hard Coating Applications Update
Failure Mechanisms of Multi- and Mono-layer PVD Coatings in Interrupted Cutting Processes
Investigation of New Arc PVD Coatings in the System Ti-Hf-C-N
Crystalline Aluminum Oxide Layers on Steel Workpieces
A Hard and Soft Tool Coating Reaches Out for New Frontiers
Advanced Soft Tool Coatings and Their Complex Mechanisms of Operations
Use of DLC Coatings in Lubrication Reduced Metal Forming
Optimisation of Low Dielectric Constant Flowfill Layers for Advanced Intermetal Applications.
The Effects of Plasma Treatment for Low Dielectric Constant Hydrogen Silsesquioxane (HSQ)
Enhancing the Thermal Stability of Low Dielectric Constant Hydrogen Silsesquioxane (HSQ) by Ion Implantation
Uncooled Thin Film Infrared Imaging Device with Aerogel Thermal Isolation: Deposition and Planarization Techniques
Precursor Selection for Plasma Deposited Fluorinate Amorphous Carbon Films
Properties of Low Dielectric Constant Fluorinated SiO2 Films Prepared by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
Process Development for PECVD High Temperature Nitride and Delta Nitride Films
High Temperature Sub-atmospheric CVD Ozone/TEOS Process Characterization for Shallow Trench Isolation Application
MOS Capacitor Characteristics of Plasma Oxide on Partially Strained SiGeC Films
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