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Session Monday, October 19, 2015
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Growth and FTIR Characterization of 2D Hexagonal Boron Nitride on Metal Substrates
Effect of Surface Termination on the Growth of Graphene on Cu Single Crystal Substrates
Thermally Annealed and Electropolished Cu Substrates for CVD Growth of 2D Materials: Graphene, h-BN and MoS2
In Situ Optical Diagnostics During Molybdenum Disulfide Chemical Vapor Deposition
Controlled Interfaces in 2D Materials
Obtaining Clean Suspended CVD Graphene: Comparative Examination of Few Transfer and Cleaning Protocols
Low-Energy Electron Microscopy of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Prepared by Various Methods
Atomically-Thin 2D Layers of Group IV Semiconductors
Correlative Multi-scale Analysis of Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnet
Atom-Probe Tomography of Materials with Dimensions in the Nanometer Range
Exploring Atom Probe Tomography for Energy Storage and Conversion Materials
Atom Probe Tomography of Pt-based Nanoparticles
APT & TEM Observations on Local Crystallization of NbO2 used in Switching Devices
Correlating Atom Probe Tomography with High-Resolution Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy and Micro-Photoluminescence Spectroscopy: The Case of III-Nitride Heterostructures
Quantitative XPS of Core-Shell Nanoparticles
The Satellites of the 2p Core Level of Transition-Metals
Quantitative Analysis of Advanced Commercial Glasses for Display Technologies
New Horizons in Practical Applications of Sputter Depth Profiling
ASSD 30th Anniversary Lecture: Sensitivity Factors in XPS: Where Do They Come From and How Accurate Are They?
Ar+ and Cluster Ion Depth Profiling for Quantitative XPS Inorganic Thin Film Analysis
Preservation of Chemical States in Mixed Material Surfaces when Profiling with Noble Gas Clusters
Photoemission from Complex Material Systems: Obtaining Quantitative Information
Characterizing the Dissociative Properties of Surface-Bound Biomolecules by In Vacuo XPS
Quantifying the Surface Chemistry and Overlayer Thickness of Functionalized Nanoparticles
Structure-Function Relation in Gizzard Plates of Cephalaspidean Gastropod
Photothermal AFM-IR of Bacteria on Polymer Films: Impact of Cantilever Damping on Quantitative IR Measurements
Where's Waldo? 3D Localization of Polymer Nanoparticles in Cells using ToF-SIMS
XPS and ToF-SIMS Analysis of Functiionalized Nanoparticles: Effects of Sample Cleaning and Preparations
Engineered Surfaces for Bio-Relevant Applications
Breast Cancer Tumor Metabolism Investigated with ToF-SIMS
Harvesting Energy with Optical Rectennas: Challenges and Innovations
Demonstration of Traveling-Wave Metal-Insulator-Metal Diodes for 28 THz (10.6 μ m) Rectennas
Basic Efficiency Limits for Rectenna Solar Power Conversion
Coherence Effects in Periodic Arrays of Nano-Antennas used for Energy Harvesting and Self-Imaging
Metamaterial Enhanced Rectenna for Efficient Energy Harvesting
Modeling of and Power from Nb-NbOx-based Nanorectenna Arrays
Metal-Insulator-Insulator-Metal Diodes for Rectenna Applications
Built-in Potential in Fe2O3-Cr2O3 Superlattices for Improved Photoexcited Carrier Separation
Effects of Deposition Temperature and Pre-rapid Thermal Process on Electrical and Interfacial Characteristics of Alumina on GaSb
Selective Wet Etching of III-V Semiconductors with HCl and H2O2
Border Trap Analysis and Reduction for ALD High-k InGaAs Gate Stacks
Self-LIMITING CVD of an Air Stable Silicon Oxide Bilayer for Preparation of Subsequent Silicon or Gate Oxide ALD on InGaAs(001)-(2x4)
Going Big in Two-Dimensions
2D Bipolar Devices for Novel Logic Applications: Fabrication, Characterization and Applications
Electron Transport and Tunneling in Graphene-based Heterostructures
Elevated Temperature Phase Stability of CZTS-Se Thin Films for Solar Cells
Chemical and Electrical Characterization of Polycrystalline CZTS,Se and CIGS,Se Grain Boundaries by NanoAuger and Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM)
Spin Coating Thin Film CZTS for Efficient, Low-Cost Solar Cells on Flexible Glass Substrates
Band Gap Profile of Cu(In,Ga)(Se,S) 2 Thin Films via High-Resolution Reflection Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
Spatial Atmospheric ALD of Zinc Oxysulfide Buffer Layers for CIGS Solar Cells
Deep Level Electron Traps in Epitaxial CuInSe2 Probed using Photo-Modulated X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
The Role of ZnTe Buffer Layers on the Performance and Stability of CdTe Solar Cells
The Performance and Durability of Broadband Anti-Reflection Coatings for Thin Film CdTe Solar Cells
Synthesis and Behavior of Nanostructures in Mesoscale Architectures
Ultralight Microlattices: Defining the Limits of Lightweight Materials
"Can Opto-Electronics Provide the Motive Power for Future Vehicles?"
The Convergence of Synthetic Biology and Biofabrication: Guiding Biological Function at the Mesoscale
Using Mesoscale Modeling to Design Materials that Compute: Coupling Self-Oscillating Gels and Piezoelectric Films
Hot Electron In-Situ Surface Chemistry at Oxide-Metal Interfaces. Foundations of Acid-Base Catalysis
In-situ GISAXS/GIXAS Characterization of Co1-xPtx Bimetallic Clusters under H2 and CO + H2 Mixture
Novel Surface Oxide on Pt(111) as the Active Phase for NO and CO Oxidation Studied with the ReactorSTM
In Operando Study of Dimethyl Methylphosphonate Degradation Over Metallic and Oxidized Cu(111) Surfaces via Ambient-Pressure X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Bridging the Pressure and Materials Gap between Surface Science and Catalysis: Probing the Surface of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles under Reaction Conditions
The Use of Integrated Operando, In Situ and DFT Techniques to Unravel the Steps of Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions
In Situ XPS Of Graphene-Catalyst Interactions During Chemical Vapor Deposition
Mechanism Study for Salen Ligand Homogeneous Catalyst in a Heterogeneous Catalysis System
Molecular Engineering of Dyes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells via Rational Design
Controlled Spontaneous Nanoscale Patterning of Nonstoichiometric Reconstructions for Catalysis and Light Harvesting
Developing Evolutionary Algorithms for a priori Crystal Structure Prediction and Applications towards Novel Pressure-Stabilized Materials
Peter Mark Memorial Award Lecture: Taking Control of the Nanoscale with Scanning Programming Microscopy
Directing Nanoscale Mass and Energy Transport using Cantilever-Free Scanning Probes
NSTD Nanotechnology Recognition Award Talk: Nanomaterials in Sensor and Electronics Development
FEOL Patterning Challenges for Sub 14nm FDSOI Technology
Material and Etch Interaction Comparisons for SIT Patterning
Trim Etch for sub-20 nm Technology
Laser-Assisted Dry Etch of poly-Si and SiO2 for Semiconductor Processing
Spatial Resolution Considerations for Uniformity Improvement by Gas Cluster Ion Beam Etch
Analysis of Surface Reaction Layers formed by Highly Selective Etching with Pulsed Microwave Plasma
Improvement of Gate Shoulder Retention and SiN Selectivity over Si in Spacer Process
Advanced Patterning Applications Using High Selectivity Etch Chemistry
Modeling Non-Equilibrium Plasma Jets at Atmospheric Pressure
Vacuum Ultraviolet Polymer Etching and Modification by a Remote Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet
Recent Development and Application of Low Cost and Portable Atmospheric Pressure Microplasma Generation Devices
Experimental Study of Micron-Scale, Field Emission-Driven Microplasmas
Precise Energy and Temperature Measurements in Dielectric Barrier Discharges (DBD) at Atmospheric Pressure.
Plasma-Induced Conductivity in Dielectrics: A Study of Dielectric Barrier Discharges
Fabrication of Flexible, Electrically-Conductive Features by Microplasma Reduction of Cation-Cross-Linked Polyacrylic Acid (CCL-PAA) Films
Nanoscale Chemical Imaging by Soft X-ray Spectro-microscopy and Spectro-ptychography
Imaging Single Cells in a Beam of Live Cyanobacteria with an X-ray Laser
Nanoscale Tomography and Spectroscopy with the HZB X-ray Microscope
Exploring All-optical Magnetic Switching with Resonant X-rays
Ultrafast Dynamics in Magnetic Systems
Reactively Sputter Deposited Ternary AlN-based Coatings
Mo2BC Coatings for Metal Forming: Interactions Between Tool Surface and Aluminium by Theory and Experiment
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of TiN/TiN(001) Growth
Stress Design of Multi-layered Coatings
Atomistic Guided Development of Hard Coatings and Thin Films for Severe Applications
Crystallographic Stabilization of δ-WC Thin Films by Alloying with B, using Reactive Magnetron Sputtering of W in Trimethylboron (CH3)3B
Epitaxial and Polycrystalline WNx and MoNx Films Deposited by Reactive DC Magnetron Sputtering
Phase Stability and In Situ Growth Stresses in Thin Cu/Nb Multilayered Films
Droplets in Cathodic Arc Evaporated (Al,Cr)2O3-based Coatings and the Nucleation of Dedicated Crystalline Structures
Oxygen Uptake on Rh(111)
Formation of Subsurface Oxygen and Surface Oxides on Ag(111) by Atomic Oxygen
Surface and Bulk Properties of Pure and Mixed Titania
Characterizations of Non-polar Polar Interfaces: Cr2O3 on ZnO (0001) and (000-1)
Exploring Iron Oxide Clusters and Films Supported on HOPG with HREELS and AES
Computational Materials Design®: Ionic Conduction in Rare-Earth-Metal Oxides from the First Principles-based Studies
Modeling and Characterization of Exemplar Sealing Glasses to Develop Chemistry-Structure-Property Relationships
The Effects of Embedded Dipoles in Aromatic Self-Assembled Monolayers
IR Spectroscopic studies of Molecular Thin Films exhibiting Spontaneous Dipole Alignment
Coordination-Based Molecular Assemblies as Electrochromic Materials: Ultra-High Switching Stability and Coloration Efficiencies[1]
New Approaches to the Preparation of Well-defined Metal Films on Top of Self-assembled Monolayers
N-Heterocyclic Carbenes as Novel Ligands for Self Assembled Monolayers on Gold
Improved Stability of Ag Thin Films due to Several Organic Surface Monolayers
Electronic Structures of the Biaxially-strained GaSb(111) Films
How to Repel Polymer Adsorption on Flat Surfaces?
Symmetric Attachment of Annulated Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Self-assembled Monolayers by Use of Oxazoles
History of Widely Used Vacuum Gauges and the Variations and Motivations That Occurred Along the Way: How Did We Get Where We Are?
MicroPirani MEMS Sensors for Vacuum Pressure Measurement - Looking Back and Ahead
Performance Assessment of Absolute Capacitance Manometers Used in Long-term Irradiation Studies
Analysis of Pressure Measurement Techniques from 1 kPa to 130 kPa
Comparisons between Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges with Different Types of Diaphragm Materials using Force-balanced Piston Gauge
Inverted Magnetron with Different Cathode Materials
Modern Day Challenges to Ionization Gauge Lifetimes
Photonic Realization of the Pascal: The Future of Pressure and Vacuum Metrology?
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