AVS2014 MoA Sessions, Monday, November 10, 2014 2:00 PM

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Session Code Topic Session Name
2D+AS+EM+NS+SS-MoA 2D Dopants, Defects, and Interfaces in 2D MaterialsĀ 
AC+AS+MI+SA+SS-MoA AC Theoretical Modeling of f Electron Systems
AS+BI+MC+SS-MoA AS The Liquid Interface & Depth Profiling and Sputtering with Cluster Ion Beams
BI+AS+NS-MoA BI Bio/Nano Interfaces
EM-MoA EM Nanoparticles for Electronic Materials
EN+EM+MN+NS+TR-MoA EN Energy Harvesting with Nanostructures
MC+2D+AP+AS-MoA MC Characterization of III-Vs (2:00-3:20 pm)/Photovoltaics, EUV masks, etc. (3:40-4:40 pm)
MI-MoA MI Topological Insulators/Rashba Effect
NS+EN-MoA NS Nanophotonics and PlasmonicsĀ 
PS-MoA PS Advanced FEOL/Gate Etching
SA-MoA SA Synchrotron Studies of Processes in Energy Conversion, Electronic Devices and Other Materials II
SE+PS+TF-MoA SE Pulsed Plasmas in Surface Engineering
SS+EN-MoA SS Metals, Alloys and Oxides: Structure, Reactivity & Catalysis
TF+PS-MoA TF ALD Surface Reactions and Precursors
TF-MoA TF Self-Assembled Monolayers, Layer-by-Layer Assemblies, and Hydrophobic/Amphiphobic Thin Films
VT-MoA VT Vacuum Measurement, Applications of UHV and Ultraclean Processes
Abstract Timeline | Time Periods | Topics | Schedule Overview