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Session Thursday, October 31, 2013
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Fundamental Explorations of Chemical Bonding and Surface Chemistry at Graphene Interfaces
Structure-dependent Trends in Adsorption of CO, O2, and H2 on Pd and Pt Nanoparticle Catalysts
CO-induced Scavenging of Oxide-Supported Platinum Nanoclusters
Adsorption Energies of Cu Nanoparticles on CeO2-x(111) Supports Studied by Microcalorimetry
Complimentary XPS and AES Analysis of MoS3 Solid Lubricant Coatings
The Protein Resistance Properties of Hydroxy- and Methoxy-terminated Oligo(ethylene oxide) (OEO) Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMs) to Membrane Proteins
A Bottom-up Approach for Creating Biomimetic Surfaces with Defined Nanotopographic Structure and Surface Chemistry
Nanoscale Imaging of Peptide-Membrane Interactions
Development of Molecular Modeling Capabilities in LAMMPS Specifically Designed for the Efficient and Accurate Simulation of Biomolecule-Surface Interactions
Dynamic Nanomaterials for Diagnostics and Drug Delivery
Determination of Orientation and Tertiary Structure of Adsorbed Protein on Material Surfaces by Chemical Modification and Peptide Mapping
Exploring the Formation, Lifetime and Dissociation Statistics of Acid-Amine Bonds
Thiolene Reaction Applied to Different Metal Oxide Surfaces: Role of Short and Long PEG-terminated Chains on Biomolecules Solution Adsorption
Immobilization of Peptide-Based Stimuli-Responsive Biomolecules on Silica Surfaces
Microfluidic Extraction and Labeling of Methylated DNA from Small Cell Populations for Single-Molecule Analysis
Electrically Detected Magnetic Resonance of Deep Level Centers in SiCN:H Dielectrics
Effect of Hybrid Cleaning in Mitigating Low-k Damage for Critical BEOL Applications at 20 nm Node and Beyond
Cu Interconnects at 1x Node - Challenges & Approaches
Selective Deposition of Cu Film in Recessed Features using a Hollow Cathode Magnetron Physical Vapor Deposition Source
Analysis of Grain Structure and Electrical Resistivity of 17 nm Half-Pitch Copper Wires
The Role of Gas-phase Reaction during Co-CVD using Amidinate Precursor for ULSI-Cu Liner Application
Copper Reflow Modeling
Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Gold
Effect of Nucleation Layer on Electrical Properties of W-contact in Sub 2x nm Flash Devices
Electronic Structure and Defect Chemistry of II-IV-V2 Semiconductors
The Role of Native Defects in the Electrical Conductivity of Metal-Oxide Semiconductors
Electronic and Lattice Dynamical Properties of II-IV-N2 Semiconductors
Novel Nitrides and Bismides: Growth and Optical Properties
Single Crystal Growth of ZnSnN2 by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Growth and Characterization of Zn-IV-Nitride Semiconductors
Carbon Monoxide-induced Reduction and Healing of Graphene Oxide
Plasma Enhanced ALD of Hafnium Oxide on Graphene Layer with Plasma Pretreatment
Detection of Uranium and Plutonium by Graphene-Based Nanosensors
Damage-free Etching of Graphene using Oxygen Neutral Beam towards Edge State Control
Controlling the Chemistry of Graphene
Covalent Functionalization of Graphene with Fluorine by Plasma Treatment
Field Effect Control of Carrier Conduction in Helium Ion Irradiated Graphene
Epitaxial Graphene Oxide
Functionalization of MoS2 Surfaces for High-k Atomic Layer Deposition
Silicene: From Single Sheets to Multilayers
Topological Valleytronics in Monolayers of Group-VI Dichalcogenides
Controlled Scalable Synthesis of Uniform High-quality Monolayer and Fewlayer MoS2 Films
Electronic and Optical Properties of MoS2 at Monolayer Thickness
Low Energy Ion Scattering Studies of the Surface Termination and Structure of Bismuth Selenide
Electronic Activity of Silicene Boundaries, Edges, and Defects
A Large Scale Epitaxial Growth of h-BN and Graphene Hybrid Structures (BNCs) on 6H-SiC (0001) Controlled a Ratio of h-BN and Graphene by Annealing Temperature
Imaging of Biological Cells and Carbon Nanomembranes with Helium Ion Microscopy
Patterning of Sub-10 nm Optical Apertures on Single Crystal Metallic Films with the Helium Ion Microscope
Characterization of 2D Materials by using Scanning Helium Ion Microscopy
Helium Ion Microscopy of CVD-grown Films: Transition Metals and Catalytically Active Transition Metal Oxides
Helium Ion Microscopy of Blood Clot Microstructure
Formation of “Ridge” like Structures for Possible Suppression of Secondary Electron Emission on Cu and Al Surfaces
Towards SIMS on the Helium Ion Microscope: Detection Limits and Experimental Results on the ORION
Blunt Tungsten Tip Cleaning with Nitrogen Gas Reaction in Ultra-high Vacuum
Direct In Situ Probe of Electrochemical Processes in Operating Fuel Cells
Ex Situ Lift-Out of Specimens for In Situ TEM Studies
In Situ Characterization of Thermal Degradation of LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 Cathode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries: Insights from Combined Synchrotron XRD, XAS and Environmental Microscopy Studies
In Situ Measurement and Control of Interaction Forces at Electrified Softmatter | Metal Interfaces
In Situ Studies of Strain Evolution in Graphene on Ir(111) and Interplay with Magnetic Few Layer Cobalt Films
The Lithium-Induced Conversion Reaction of CoO Thin Film Battery Materials in Ultra-High Vacuum
High-throughput Quantum Chemistry and Virtual Screening for Materials Solutions
Computational Materials Design: Precious Material Free Catalyst for NO Dissociation
Computer-aided Design of Materials for CO2 Utilisation
Surface Technology Solutions: Materials Design for Aero-Engine Gas Turbine Applications
Exploring Electronic Structure in the Search for New Functional Materials
Data-Driven Discovery of Physical, Chemical, and Pharmaceutical Materials
Nanoscale Interface Between Engineered Matter and Living Organisms: Understanding the Biological Identity of Nanosized Materials
In Silico Modelling and Prediction of the Biological Effects of Nanoparticles
Quantitative Characterization of Bacterial Cell Loading with Nanoparticles
Protein-Corona: A New Gateway to Disease Therapeutics
Damage Control: Electron Beam Generated Plasmas for Low Te Processing
Numerical Simulation of Oxidation Process in Silicon by O2 Gas Cluster Beam
Ultra-low k Dielectric and Plasma Damage Control for Advanced Technology Nodes (10-nm and Below)
High Temperature Etching of GaN Preserving Smooth and Stoichiometric GaN Surface
Investigation of Surface Roughness in III-V Semiconductors After an In Situ Hydrogen Plasma Clean Prior to PEALD
Fabrication of GaAs/AlGaAs Nano-Pillars using Bio-Template Combined with Neutral Beam Defect-Free Etching
Conductive Carbon Film Formation at Low Temperature (R. T.) using Neutral-Beam-Enhanced Chemical-Vapor-Deposition
Numerical Simulation of Total Processes of Neutral Beam Etching from Generation of Neutral Beam by Collision of Ions against Graphite Sidewall to 3-dimensional Etching Profile
Controlling the Attributes of Electron Beam Generated Processing Plasmas
Time-resolved Discharge Observation of an Argon Plasma Generated by Commercial Electronic Ballast for Remote Plasma Removal Process
John A. Thornton Memorial Award Lecture - Control of Micro- and Nanostructure in Hard Coatings: Recent Advances
High Pressure and High Temperature Stabilization of Cubic AlN in Ti0.60Al0.40N
Surface Chemistry and Interaction with Polymers of TiAlNO Protective Coatings Deposited by HPPMS
Oxidation Resistant Zr/Hf-Si-B-C(-N) Films with High Electrical Conductivity
Interfacial and Inter-Diffusion Studies of Epitaxial TiN/Cu Layers on MgO(001)
The Effect of Si Alloying on the Thermal Stability of Al2O3 Films Deposited by Filtered Cathodic Arc
A Multitechnique Study of the Interfacial Reaction between TiO2 Surfaces and Molybdenum
Ordered Arrays of Solid and Nanoporous Nanostructures: Particles, Alloy Particles, Pillars, Composites - From Design to Applications
Silicone Nanofilaments as a Novel Carrier Material for Catalysts
Antibody Movement on Regular Antigen Clusters: Fab Arms are Made for Walking
Development of a Novel Single-Molecule Force Based Approach for Fragment Screening
Popping Nano-Balloons on TiO2(110) Surface with the STM Tip
Manipulating Magnetism One Atom at a Time
High-speed AFM with a Light Touch
Multimodal and Multispectral Nano-imaging: Accessing the Structure Underlying the Function of Polymers, organic Photovoltaics, and Biomaterials
Mapping Local Dipole Domains within Two-Dimensional Plastic Lattices
Stability Reversal and Superstructure Formation of Photochromic Diarylethene on Noble Metals
Transient Effects in Optical Properties of Organic Semiconductor Blends Observed in Real Time during Growth and Their Connection to Film Structure
Charge Transfer between Donor-Acceptor Molecular Networks and Metal Surfaces
Extending Crystalline Organic Nanostructures at Surfaces into Multilayer Films
Interface Formation and Nanocrystallization in Molecular Semiconductor Films
Donor-to-Acceptor Core-level Shift in Molecular Blend/Metal Interfaces
Morphology of Submonomolecular Layers of PTCDI-C8 on (16x2) Reconstructed Si(110)
Passivation of Metallic Al Surface with Monolayer Organic Adsorbates
Selenium: The Better Anchor Group for Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMs) on Gold?
Angle-Resolved Dissociative Sticking Coefficients of Light Alkanes on Pt(111) Measured with Effusive Molecular Beams
Thermal Non-Equilibrium Desorption of 13CO2 Formed by the Decomposition of Formate on Cu Surfaces
RRKM Simulation of Hydrogen Dissociation on Cu(111): Addressing Dynamical Biases, Surface Temperature, and Tunneling
Ultrafast Probing of Chemical Reactions using X-rays from a Free-Electron Laser
Dynamics of Electron Transfer and Exciton Formation at Interfaces
Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Reactions at Surfaces
The Role of Vibrationally Hot Precursors in Methane Activation on Ir(111) and Ir(110)
Vibrational Efficacy in Methane Dissociative Chemisorption Dynamics
NO Formation in Eley-Rideal Reactions with Hyperthermal N Atoms
Reactive Foil Ignition Threshold Dependence on Laser and Foil Properties
Direct Visualization of Atomic Diffusion Distances after Self-Propagating Reactions in Zr/Al Multilayers
Analysis and Modeling of Self-Propagating Reactions in Ni/Al and Ru/Al Nanoscale Thin Film Multilayers
Combustion Characterization of Blade Cast Magnesium and Manganese Dioxide
Reactive Nano Laminates with Tailored Yield
A Novel Method of Managing Joint Stress, in a Metallic Bond Made Using Reactive Multilayer Foils, at a User Selected Temperature
Comparison of Al2O3 Deposited via Prompt Inorganic Condensation vs. Atomic Layer Deposition
Static Mode CVD at Low Temperatures: Highly Conformal and Smooth Films in Deep Structures
Growth of Nanocomposite and Epitaxial Nitride and Oxide Thin Films by Magnetron Sputtering for Thermoelectric Applications
Atomic Layer Deposition of Pb(ZrxTi1-x)O3 Thin Films
Aluminum Nitride Thin Films Deposition, Properties and Applications
Atomic Layer Deposition of Tungsten Nitride Thin Films — Initial Surface Reactions
Metal Oxide Growth, Characterization and Spin Precession Measurement in CVD Graphene
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