AVS2013 Session EW-WeM: Exhibitor Technology Spotlight IV

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 10:00 AM in Room Hall A

Wednesday Morning

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10:00 AM EW-WeM-7 PREVAC’s Solution for Scientific Software Needs
Mariusz Czarnecki, Jacek Latkowski (PREVAC sp. z o.o., Poland)
Time used to integrate scientific equipment and get the various compnents of a complex system operating smoothly is time wasted. PREVAC has tackled this problem with a softwarre platform that actually helps accelerate the scientific research process. RAPID SE (Rapid Scientific Environment) is a complete and versatile software environment which was developed after many year’s experience of listening to and working with research labs worldwide. It is an intuitive, user-friendly environment which allows complex and interdependent scientific equipment to be operated from a single platform. Every aspect of a complete system, from pump-down and vent routines, sample manipulation, process recipe steps and data acquisition can be quickly and intuitively managed from the core RAPID SE platform. Rapid provides the following advantages: • Real time synchronous data acquisition • Fast, real time chart data preview
 • Process automation with safety guard • Visual system state presentation • Process creation and control
 • Extendable and reconfigurable during runtime (additional modules, connections, data presentations, etc.)
 • Full system control from Graphical User Interface
 • Fully customizable user interface
 • Password protected user profiles
 • Number of configurable working mode (eg. admin, scientist, student)
 • Multi-screen support
 • Graphical system state presentation
 • Full system events log for system maintain and quick problem detection
 • Email or SMS message notification on system events and errors
 • Export collected data to various formats (real time data, archived data)
 • PLC integration (option) Examples of use: Data acquisition systems (data acquisition, system/de- vices control, failure detection and log) • Deposition systems (complete process and vacuum control, data acquisition, failure detection and log)
 • TDS (Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy Process Control) • UMS (Universal Mass Spectrometer)
 • VPC(Vacuum Pressure Control)
 • ASTS (Automation of The Sample Transfer System) • Vacuum Conditions Simulators
10:20 AM EW-WeM-8 Integrated AFM-Raman – Connecting Performance & Flexibility to Ease of Use & Reliability
Mark Wall, Mohammed Ibrahim (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

As the largest Raman instrument supplier in the world, Thermo Fisher Scientific is committed to continued innovations in Raman microscopy. The Thermo Scientific™ DXR™ family of Raman systems is known for making research performance Raman more accessible and useable by a wider number of users. This year we extend our solutions to materials science research to include an integrated AFM-Raman solution that allows multifaceted analysis of advanced materials with nanoscale resolution. Join us to briefly hear about instrument solutions for analysis of graphene and other advanced materials including Raman, co-localized Raman AFM, and TERS. Whether you’re in academic or government research or an analytical laboratory in industry the DXR family can get you there faster.

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