AVS2011 MoM Sessions , Monday, October 31, 2011 8:20 AM

Monday Morning

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Session Code Topic Session Name
AS-MoM AS Quantitative Surface Chemical Analysis and Technique Development - Part I
BI-MoM BI Biomolecules at Interfaces
EM-MoM EM Dielectrics for Novel Devices and Process Integration
EN+PS-MoM EN Plasmas for Photovoltaics & Energy Applications
EN-MoM EN Industrial Physics Forum on Energy I
ET+EM+SS-MoM ET Quantum Transport: From 0- to 2-Dimensions
GR-MoM GR Graphene Growth
IS+AS+SS-MoM IS In Situ Studies of Catalysis and Gas-Solid Reactions
MB-MoM MB Interfacial Aspects of Marine Biofouling
NM+MS+NS+TF-MoM NM ALD for Nanomanufacturing
NS+EM-MoM NS Nanowires and Nanoparticles I: Assembly and Devices
PS-MoM PS Advanced FEOL / Gate Etching I
SS1-MoM SS Water Films & Environmental Interfaces
SS2-MoM SS Surface Chemical Dynamics
TF-MoM TF Thin Films: Growth and Characterization I
VT-MoM VT Vacuum Measurement, Calibration & Primary Standards, Gas Flow and Permeation
Abstract Timeline | Time Periods | Topics | Schedule Overview