AVS2009 ThA Sessions , Thursday, November 12, 2009 2:00 PM

Thursday Afternoon

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Session Code Topic Session Name
AS-ThA AS Chemical State Depth Profiling
BI+AS+NS-ThA BI Micro and Nanoengineering of Biointerfaces I
BM+MN+MS+TF+BI-ThA BM Advances in Microfluidics for BioMEMS
EM-ThA EM Quantum Structures and Nitrides Devices
IS+AS-ThA IS In-Situ Microscopy and Spectroscopy: Surface Reactions
MI+TF-ThA MI Magnetic Thin Films: Multilayers and Nanostructures
MN+IJ+TR-ThA MN Multi-scale Interactions of Materials and Fabrication at the Micro- and Nano-scale I
MS-ThA MS Manufacturing Issues in Nanoelectronics, PV and SSL
NS-ThA NS Characterization & Imaging at the Nanoscale II
PS1-ThA PS Fundamentals of Plasma-Surface Interactions II
PS2-ThA PS Plasma Diagnostics, Sensors, and Control II
SS1-ThA SS Nucleation and Growth - Metals
SS2-ThA SS Supramolecular Interfaces by Design
TF-ThA TF Next Generation Processing
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