AVS2009 Session EW-TuM: Exhibitor Workshop

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 10:20 AM in Exhibit Hall 1

Tuesday Morning

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10:20 AM EW-TuM-8 A New Ion-Trap based Vacuum Quality Monitoring & Measurement System
Ken Van Antwerp, Gerardo Brucker, Jeffery Rathbone, Stephen Blouch, Michael Schott (Brooks Automation, Inc.)
Granville-Phillips, a Brooks Automation Product Line, is introducing the Series 850 VQM vacuum quality monitoring and measurement system for 1-300amu mass range applications that is comprised of a high speed Total and Partial Pressure Ionization Gauge Sensor and High Performance Vacuum Gauge Controller. Vacuum Quality Measurement (VQM) requires the ability to measure both total and partial pressures and is linked to yield, throughput and uptime improvements in vacuum applications. The ideal VQM system must offer real-time information, should be easy-to-use and calibrate, must offer uninterrupted operation, and seamless data analysis and information delivery. The Series 850 VQM provides these features with 100amu range VQM measurements in 100ms for new visibility into the gas-specific components of a vacuum system pressure burst, high-speed leak and gas-specific monitoring and detection, no zero-blast accurate hydrogen and helium measurements, and VQM driven real-time analog, digital and setpoint relay outputs. The Series 850 VQM gauge can be easily mounted to the vacuum system by remote cable connection to the Vacuum Gauge Controller and calibrated using an automated single gas calibration system. The Series 850 VQM has a graphics display for total and partial pressure measurements, gas specific trend display, and front panel operation. The Series 850 VQM supports instrument automation through Ethernet and USB interfaces and a full set of software tools.
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