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Session Thursday, October 18, 2007
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Creating and Probing Model Biological Membranes
Activation Thermodynamics for Phospholipid Flip-Flop in Planar Supported Lipid Bilayers Measured by Sum-Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopy
Observation of Electrical Characteristics at Cells Membrane using by Electrostatic Force Microscopy
Two and Three Dimensional Analysis of C. Albicans Biofilms with Cluster SIMS
XPS, ToF-SIMS and NEXAFS Investigation of Peptide Adsorption onto SAMs
Isolation and Detachment of Small Cell Populations from a Thermoresponsive Polymer
Surface Characterization of Ordered Nanopatterns made from Self-Assembly of Mixed Nanoparticles
Growth and Characterization of III/V Compound Semiconductors on Silicon
STM Imaging of Selective Bonding of Hf, O, and HfO2 on InAs(001)-(4x2)/c(8x2)
Materials and Process Needs for Power Electronic Integration
DFT Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Ge-O-Al Selective Bond Formation at the a-Al2O3/Ge(001) Interface
Band Alignments of Y2O3 on Different Group IV Substrates
High-k/III-V Integration: from GaN to InSb
Study of High-κ Dielectrics on InGaAs for CMOS Applications
Ferromagnetism and Dopant Ordering in Semiconducting, Epitaxial Ti-doped α-Fe2O3 Hematite
Carrier-Dopant Exchange Interactions in Colloidal Mn2+:ZnO Quantum Dots
Growth and Properties of Epitaxial Co- and Mn-doped ZnO Films
Manipulating Ferromagnetism in Co2+:ZnO by Controlling Interstitial Zinc Concentrations
Optimal Dopant Control of High-Tc Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors via Subsurfactant Epitaxy or n-p co-doping*
Formation Mechanism of Self-assembled Nanocolumns in (Ge,Mn) Epitaxial Films*
Ferromagnetism in Mn Doped Ge Thin Films
Atomic and Electronic Structure of Manganese Alloys on Ge(100) Surface
Double-Exposure Gray-Scale Technology for Improved Vertical Resolution of 3D Photoresist Structures
Manufacturing Challenges and Method of Fabrication of On-Chip Capacitive Digital Isolators
A Novel Crystallized Silicon Thin Film Transistor Based Piezoresistive Cantilever Label Free Biosensor
Divergence in N/MEMS and Semiconductor Manufacturing
Nanomechanics in Life Science
Nanomechanical Resonance of Clamped Silicon Nanowires Measured by Optical Interferometry
Electronic and Structural Properties of Ti and Pd Decorated Carbon Nanotubes
Albert Nerken Award Lecture - On Surface Analysis and Nanotechnology: A Personal Odyssey
Combined Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy & Stress Measurements to Elucidate the Origins of Surface Forces
A Hydrogen-Sensitive Polymer Nanostructure with Reversible Conductance
CO2 Sensing and CO and H2O Interactions on Mats of Gold Nanoparticle Decorated GaN Nanowires
Development of Atomic Radical Monitoring Probe for Spatial Distribution Measurements and its Application to Reactive Plasma Processes
Measurement of Absolute Density of Argon Metastables by using Laser Adsorption Spectroscopy
Gas Phase Studies of CH3OH Plasmas Using Optical Emission Spectroscopy
Measurement of the Gas Temperature Distribution in UHF-ECR Dielectric Etching System
Research at CPMI Towards Making EUVL a Success
Inductively Coupled Plasma Radio Frequency Electrical Characteristic Measurement for Deposition of CNTs.
Process Control through Diagnostics and Understanding: Multi-frequency Discharges and Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas
Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Fibrinogen Adsorbed to Low-Fouling Tetraglyme Surfaces
Interaction of Peptide Ions with Self-Assembled Monolayer Surfaces
A New Approach to Nano-Fabrication of Functional Structures : Wet Nanotechnology and Bio Nano Process
Improvement of the Adhesion of PECVD-deposited DLC Films on Metals
Polymeric Surfaces Chemical Modification by Low-Pressure Plasma Processes for Application to DNA Array Technology
Patterning of Plasma Polymers for Bioarrays
BSA Adsorption onto Oxygen Plasma PTFE Modified Surfaces
Composition and Structure Study of the AP Plasma Deposited Hydrophobic Thin Film
Influence of Surface Oxides on the Colloidal Stability, Mobility and Sorption Properties of Carbon Nanotubes in Aquatic Environments
Reactions of Sulfur Dioxide on Calcium Carbonate and Iron Oxide Single Crystal and Particles Surfaces under Ambient Conditions
pH Dependent X-ray Photoemission Studies of Hexylamine at the Aqueous-Vapor Interface
Heterogeneous Uptake of Ozone on Solid Potassium Iodide
Surface Science Investigations of Photoprocesses in Model Interstellar Ices
Monolayer Etch Pits Produced by Pulsed 248-nm Irradiation of Cleaved Alkali Halide Surfaces in 10-5 Pa Water Vapor1
The Adsorption and Desorption of H2O, H2S and SO2 on Amorphous Carbon Films
Atomic Scale Features on Air Exposed Mica Surfaces Revealed By UHV Dynamic SFM
Reactivity of n-type/p-type H:Si(111) for Photoadsorption of CH3Br
Effects of Dative Bond Formation on Si(114) Reaction Pathways
Surface Chemistry of Silicon: Making the Connection to Molecules
Liquid Methanol Reaction with H-terminated Silicon Surfaces
Dissociative Electron Attachment Induced Growth of Thin Graphite Films or Graphene on Si(111)-7×7
Adsorption Irregularities of 1,3 Cyclohexadiene and Naphthalene on Silicon(100) Investigated by STM, DFT and an Extended Frontier Orbital Analysis
CNTs on a Si(100) Surface: Dry Deposition, STM/STS, and Contacts
High Throughput Fabrication and Screening of Thin Film Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cell Applications
Atomic Layer Deposition of Alternative Energy Materials
Investigation of Bulk and Grain Boundary Diffusion of Oxygen in Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia Via Nuclear Reaction Analysis*
Thermal Stability and Oxidation Resistance of Protective Coating on Stainless Steel Interconnect for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Optimizing the Structure and Composition of Heterostructured Ceria / Zirconia Multilayers through Oxygen Plasma Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Controlling the Doping Concentration and Thermoelectric Applications of NaxV2O5 Thin Films
From Uncontrolled and Controlled Size and Shape Intercalated Nanostructures to Bulk Materials for Thermoelectric Device Applications: Old and New Materials - New Techniques
Fabrication of Multilayered Thin Film Cooling Devices
Optical Characterezation of InN layers grown by High-Pressure CVD
Computational Study of the Interfacial Structure of Aluminum/α-Alumina
Analytical Simulation of Conformal and Super-Conformal CVD on High Aspect Ratio Vias and Trenches
Computational Investigation of Surface Polymerization by Ion Assisted Deposition
Modelling, Growth and Characterisation of Stress-Balanced Thin Films on Stress-Free Virtual Substrates
Intra- and Interlayer Mass Transport Rates during Layer-By-Layer Homoepitaxial Pt(111) Growth from Hyperthermal Beams (5-50 eV)
Synthesis and Theoretical Modeling of Fullerene-like Phospho-Carbide Compounds
High-Throughput Determination of Sputtered Film Composition: The Importance of Resputtering
General Theory of Optical Reflection from a Thin Film on a Solid and its Application to Heteroepitaxy
Quantitative Direct-Observation Nanomechanical Testing in the Transmission Electron Microscope
Tribology in Full View
Atomic-scale Friction on Ultra Thin Films
A Scanning Tunneling Microscope and Quartz Crystal Microbalance Study of Heating and Wear at a Sliding Interface
Radial Breathing Mode Frequencies of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Determined by Nanoindentation with an AFM
The Importance of Nanoscale Meniscus Formation During High-Speed Sliding Contacts
Effects of Interfacial Structure on Atomic-Scale Friction Examined using MD
Surface Morphology and Surface Composition of Vacuum Fired Stainless Steel*
Monte Carlo Simulation of Temperature Programmed Desorption Including Binding Energies and Frequency Factors Derived by DFT Calculations
Temperature Programmed Desorption Measurements of the Binding Energy of Water to Stainless Steel Surfaces
Recent Advances to Enhance Space Simulation
Performance of a Unique Cryogenic Pumping System for Spacecraft-Thruster Interaction Studies
Outstanding Problems in Vacuum Gas Dynamics from an Industrial Point of View
Minimizing Contamination to Multilayer-Dielectric-Diffraction Gratings within a Large Vacuum System
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