AVS2007 MoA Sessions , Monday, October 15, 2007 2:00 PM

Monday Afternoon

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Session Code Topic Session Name
AS-MoA AS Quantitative Surface Analysis II. Electron Spectroscopies: (Honoring the contributions of Martin Seah, NPL, and Cedric Powell, NIST)
EM+NS-MoA EM Semiconductor Nanostructures for Electronics and Optoelectronics I
IE-MoA IE Dynamics of Nanostructures
IPF-MoA IPF Nuclear Energy
MB+BI-MoA MB Control of Marine Bioadhesion
MN-MoA MN Materials Processing, Characterization and Fab Aspects
NS-MoA NS Nanoscale Assembly and Manipulation II
PL-MoA PL Plasmon Dynamics and Magnetoplasmonics
PS-MoA PS Plasma Processing for High k, III-V and Smart Materials
SE+PS-MoA SE Pulsed Plasmas in Surface Engineering
SS1-MoA SS Water-Surface Interactions
SS2-MoA SS Electronic and Vibrational Structure
TF-MoA TF Emerging Topics in Atomic Layer Deposition
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