AVS2004 Wednesday Morning

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Session Wednesday, November 17, 2004
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Angle-resolved X-ray Photoelectron Imaging of Heterogeneous Polymer Samples
Detection of Small Chemical Changes on Liquid Crystal-Aligning Polymer Surfaces using Multivariate Data Analysis of XPS Spectra
Identifying Surface Chemical Changes with XPS Spectral Imaging and Multivariate Statistical Analysis1
Algorithm for Improved XPS-Imaging
Chemometric Techniques for Two-way, Three-way and Higher-order Image Data
Maximum Likelihood Principal Component Analysis of ToF-SIMS Spectral Images
AXSIA Analysis of TOF-SIMS Spectral and Image Series Data1
ToF-SIMS as an Important Tool for Fuel Characterization: A Chemometrics Study
A Chemometrics Analysis of ToF-SIMS Spectra of Monolayers on Scribed Silicon
Study of Confluent Cell Culture Monolayers by XPS and SIMS
Modeling of Bacterial Attachment Using Lewis Acid-Base Models of Colloidal Adhesion
Deconstruction the Cell-Biomaterial Interface
Supramolecular Structure of Adsorbed Collagen Layers and Influence on Endothelial Cells Behavior
Using Thin Films of Fibrillar Type I Collagen to Investigate a Signaling Mechanism that Mediates Growth Arrest in Smooth Muscle Cells
Engineering of Functional Three Dimensional Cell Structures by Inkjet Printing
Nanofabrication of a Novel Cell Array on Ultrathin Hydrophilic Polymer Gels Utilizing Electron Beam Irradiation and UV Excimer Laser Ablation
Evaluation of PDMS as a Model Substrate to Investigate Effects of Substrate Compliance on Cell Behavior: Interplay of Surface Chemistry and Substrate Mechanics
Characterization of Surface Order and Structure of Thiolated Single-stranded DNA Oligomers on Gold by XPS and NEXAFS
Detection of DNA Hybridization by Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy
XPS and SIMS Characterization of Oligonucleotide Immobilisation via Patterned Plasma Polymerized Interlayers
Molecular Recognition in 2D Binary Mixtures of DNA-Base Molecules Studied by STM
Formation of ssDNA Brushes with Controlled Length and Spacing on Gold
Coverage and Stability of ssDNA on Gold: Effects of Temperature and Displacement by Alkanethiols
Biomolecular Immobilization in a Sugar Polyacrylate Hydrogel
Structural and Magnetic Properties of Ultrathin Co Film Grown on Pt(100)
Structure and Magnetic Anisotropy of Ultrathin Co Films on Au(111) Vicinal Substrates
Growth and Magnetic Properties of Co Quantum-Platelets on Si(111) Surface
Ferromagnetic Stability in Fe Nanodot Assemblies on Cu(111) Induced by Indirect Coupling through the Substrate
Exploring New Magnetic Properties in Coupled Magnetic Nanostructures
Self-assembled Ferroelectric/Ferrimagnetic BaTiO3-CoFe2O4 Nanostructures
Artifically and Self Organized FePd(001) Nanoparticles: Fabrication, Magnetic and Magneto-Photonic Properties
Properties of Magnetic Wires, Dots, and Dot Chains Fabricated via Epitaxial Growth
Integration Challenges for 45nm Strained Si Devices
45nm Node Architecture: The Driving Force of the Ion Implantation and Activation Processes Challenges
Taking SOI and Low-k Dielectrics Into 130nm and 90nm High-Volume Microprocessor Production: Challenges, Processes, Extendibility
Beyond Planar Bulk CMOS: Manufacturing Issues in the 3rd Dimension
The Nanotechnology Research Institute
Massive Self-Assembly for Integrated Carbon Nanotube Circuits
Surface-Programmed Assembly of Carbon Nanotubes on Silicon Oxide Surfaces for Integrated Circuit Applications
Recent Lithography Results from the Digital E-Beam Array Lithography (DEAL) Concept
Monomer Based Thermally Curable Imprinting Lithography
Charge Interactions in Ferroelectric Substrates: the Basis of Ferroelectric Nanolithography
Nanoscale Patterning in Application to Novel Materials and Device Structures
Fabrication of Nanopatterned Polymer Brushes by Scanning-Probe and Electron-Beam Lithography
Thermal Control in Dip Pen Nanolithography
Chemomechanically Scribing Silicon with an AFM in a Read/Write Fashion
Self-assembled Monolayers in Organic Electronic Devices
AFM Study of β-7T Oligothiophene Films on Mica: Humidity-Dependent Mechanical Properties and Structure
Fabrication of High Performance O-TFT Devices with Long Term Stability by using Atmospheric Plasma Treament and Passivation Layer
Pentacene Thin Film Transistors
OMBD of Organic Semiconductors on Metal Surfaces: Structural and Electronic Properties
A Soluble Photopatternable Pentacene Precursor for Use in Thin Film Transistors
Electronic Polarization at the Pentacene - Gold Interface
Planar Molecular Networks Built by 1D and 2D Polymerization
UHV-STM/XPS Studies of ACA Molecular Assemblies on Ag(111)
Growth, Characterization and Application of Plasma-Assisted Nano-Coatings
Plasmas Technologies in Microfluidics for Novel Bioanalytical Systems
Fabrication of 7nm High Aspect Ratio Nanocolumns by Low Energy Neutral Beam Etching using Ferritin Iron-Core Mask
Deposition of Nanocomposite Layers for Ultralow Dielectric Applications
Nano-Scale Pattern Transferring By Plasma Etching
Crucial Role of Side Wall Deposition during Synthesis of Spatially Separated Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanofibers by C-PECVD
Catalytic Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Ultrasharp Vertically Aligned Silicon Nanocones and Their Characterization
Gas-Phase Synthesis of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Hot-Filament-Assisted Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition and Its Analysis by Mass Spectroscopy
Langmuir Probe Measurements of Change in Plasma Parameters with Change in Chamber Geometry in Electronegative Plasmas
Modeling of a Commercial Dual Frequency Magnetically Enhanced Capacitively Coupled Plasma Reactor with Rotating Static Magnetic Field
Control of Uniformity in Multifrequency Capacitively Coupled Plasmas Considering Edge Effects1
Potentials and Fields in a 300-mm Dual-Frequency Capacitively Coupled Plasma Reactor
Time and Position Resolved Characterization of ICP and Double-ICP Sources
Comparison of Fluorocarbon Gases and NF3 for Plasma Chamber Cleaning with Transformer-Coupled, Toroidal Source
Scaling of Low-pressure Ionized Metal PVD Reactors1
Production of Meter-scale High-density Microwave Plasmas for Giant Materials Processing
Extraction of a Directional Ion Beam with Controlled Energy Using a Pulsed Plasma
Particle-in-Cell Simulation of Ion Extraction Through a Grid
The Chemistry of Au Clusters Supported on Titania: Early Steps Towards Understanding the Mechanism of Propene Epoxidation
Surface and Subsurface Oxidation of Ni(100) and Ni(111) Studied by Medium Energy Ion Scattering
Thermodynamics of Pd(111) Oxidation from 10-7 to 25 Pa: An In-Situ Photoemission Study
Oxidation of Pt(111) by Gas-Phase Oxygen Atoms
Thermodynamically Controlled Self-Assembly of Oxide Nanostructures*
STM/AFM Study of WO3 Cluster Growth on Highly-Oriented Pyrolitic Graphite
Surface and Interface Analysis of MgxZn1-xO for Cubic, Hexagonal and Intermediate Phases by X-Ray Photoelectron and Rutherford Back Scattering Spectroscopies
Novel Stages of Growth of Metal Oxide Nanodots: Cu2O on SrTiO3(100)1
Surface Stability of Epitaxial SrRuO3 Films
Effect of Polarization on Reactivity of BaTiO3 (100)}
Atomic Structure Determination of β-SiC(001)-(3x2): Experiment and Calculations
Identification of Si and Ge on the Hydrogen-Terminated Ge/Si(001) Surfaces for Observation of Intermixing
The Surface of Silicon-on-Insulator: Structure, Stress, and Three-Dimensional Nanocrystals
Si Epitaxial Growth on Br-Si(100): How Steric Repulsive Interactions Dictate Overlayer Development
Vacancy Induced Nano-Wire Structure of Ga2Se3 on Si(100)
STM Study of Silicon Surfaces at P-N Junctions Prepared by Low-Temperature Processing
Hydrogen Interaction with a Si(113)-3x2 Surface
Application of the Simplified Bond-Hyperpolarizability Model to Bulk Second- and Third-Harmonic Generation in Semiconductors
Second Harmonic Generation from Metallic Quantum Wells on Si(111) Surfaces
Spectroscopic Second Harmonic Generation on Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Surfaces and Interfaces
Optical Properties of Uranium and Thorium-Based Thin Films as Highly Reflective EUV Mirrors
Determining Physical and Chemical Properties of Sputtered Uranium and Thorium Thin Films Useful as Extreme Ultraviolet Reflectors
Mechanical Characteristics of Optical Films: Their Origin and Evaluation
Improved Optical Heterodyne Detected Transient Grating Method by using a Thin Film Grating
Infrared Emission from Zinc Sulfide Doped with Rare Earth Fluorides
Spectrally Stable Optical Coatings Using Closed Field Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
Multilayered SiNx/SiO2 AR Coatings with Cylindrical Cathode by Unbalanced Compressive Magnetron Sputtering
Analysis of a Combined Sputtering and Plasma-Heating-Evaporation Process of Magnesium Fluoride by using Plasma Emission Spectroscopy and Energy Resolved Type Mass Spectrometry
Silicon-rich Nitride Characterization for Polysilicon Gate Patterning
Film Stress and Discharge Properties of MgO protective layer of AC-PDP
Ultra Cleaning Techniques and Their Use in Vacuum Technology
Contamination Control in PECVD Processes
Pressure Compensation for a Radiation-Induced Current Caused in a Vacuum Gauge Cable in the SPring-8 Storage Ring
Development of Horizontal NEG Coating Cathode for Long Accelerator Beam Tubes
Slip Fluid Model of a Holweck Vacuum Pump in the Viscous and Transition Regime
Solid State Lighting
Growth of AlGaN-based UV LEDs Emitting at ~280 nm by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition
Surface Chemistry and Film Growth during ZnO Atomic Layer Deposition
Efficiency Limitations of Solid-State Sources used in General-Lighting Applications
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