AVS2004 WeM Sessions , Wednesday, November 17, 2004 8:20 AM

Wednesday Morning

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Session Code Topic Session Name
AS-WeM AS Chemometric Analysis of Spectral or Image Data; XPS/TOF-SIMS Applications
BI1-WeM BI Cell-Surface Interactions
BI2-WeM BI Oligo Nucleotide - Surface Interactions
MI-WeM MI Magnetic Nanostructures
MS-WeM MS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technologies for the 45nm Crisis
NS-WeM NS Nanoscale Patterning and Lithography
OF+EM-WeM OF Molecular and Organic Films and Devices - Electronics
PS1-WeM PS Plasma in Nanoscale Applications
PS2-WeM PS Plasma Sources
SS1-WeM SS Metal Oxides and Clusters I: Formation and Structure
SS2-WeM SS Semiconductor Surface and Interface Structure
TF-WeM TF Optical Thin Films
VT-WeM VT Contamination Control, Outgassing and Modeling
WL-WeM WL Science of Semiconductor White Light I
Abstract Timeline | Time Periods | Topics | Schedule Overview